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  • Vehicle Noise Measurement Kit with PTB Type Approval
    Showcase Product

    Vehicle Noise Measurement Kit with PTB Type Approval

    By Cirrus Research plc

    The CK:261S is a complete noise measurement kit containing a Class 1 Sound Level Meter that has been designed to meet the requirements of ISO 5130-1982 & §29 StVZO for the noise testing of motor vehicles. ...

  • Multi-Point Correlator
    Showcase Product

    Multi-Point Correlator

    By Gutermann AG

    The highly sensitive multi-point correlator for maxiumum convenience: Small, stainless steel sensor-transmitters, attractive Android app with fully automatic filtering and GPS-based automated geolocation and mapping for ...

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  • Acostix (TM)

    NEC Acostix is fully protected Excel based design software. The basic version design acoustic enclosure walls, design rectangular attenuators, design ...

  • Electrochemical Noise Measurement for Corrosion Applications

    Presents a state-of-the-art review on electrochemical noise as it is applied to corrosion today. Many diverse industrial applications for ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Sebakmt UK Ltd

    Sebakmt UK Ltd

    Founded in 1951 as a commercial agency for industrial installations, Dr Herbert Iann soon expanded his enterprise by producing and developing ...

  • SoundEar A/S

    SoundEar A/S

    SoundEar’s vision is to develop and design noise measuring devices that do not require special previous knowledge or need to be accompanied by thick ...

  • Cirrus Environmental

    Cirrus Environmental

    Cirrus Environmental provides a range of noise measurement instruments, software and support packages that enable our customers to effectively ...

  • HS Engineers

    We are the manufacturers of Acoustic Enclosures, Room Acoustic Treatment, Audiometric Booths, Sound proof Rooms, Noise Test Chambers, Conveyor ...

  • SGS - Climate Change Programme

    SGS - Climate Change Programme

    Our services can help you whether you are eligible for the EU Emission Trading Scheme (ETS), have a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project or ...