Noise Monitoring Equipment available in Bhutan

  • icListen - Model LF - Smart Hydrophone

    The icListen LF is ultra-low noise and is mostly used for earthquake and tsunami monitoring but is suitable for low power deep-water projects.

    By Ocean Sonics Ltd. based in Great Village, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA). from icListen Smart Hydrophones Product line

  • Summit - Eco-Friendly CCTV Inspection System

    24 volt battery system, absorbent glass mat batteries. Amp hour battery monitor. 4000 Watt inverter - runs equipment and roof top air conditioning. Silent operation, no generator noise or emission. Significant energy cost savings versus a generator based system

    By Cues Inc. based in Orlando, FLORIDA (USA). from Custom Vehicles Product line

  • Vibra-Check - Model VM2800 & VM3800 - Vibration Meter

    The economical and compact Vibra-Check™ Vibration Meter is an ideal tool for obtaining spot measurements of machinery vibration. All three useful measurements are possible. Displacement, velocity, and acceleration modes allow a user to perform basic vibration analysis. The robust high temperature accelerometer sensor has a removable magnetic ...

    By Metrix Instrument Co., based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Portable- Vibration Meters Product line

  • PCE - Model 322 A - Noise Meter

    Our professional PCE-322 A noise meter is suitable for taking measurements in the industrial sector, health and safety sectors, and to control internal environments such as those with noise contamination. The noise meter internal memory of 32,000 values makes it possible to be used for long periods of time and to save data. The data of the noise ...

    By PCE Instruments UK Ltd based in Southampton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Permalog+ - Leak Noise Loggers

    Permalog+ Leak Noise Loggers, used in conjunction with a MOSAIC Mesh Network or ROADRUNNER Mobile & Handheld data collection platforms, are today’s most powerful tool to protect precious resources and guard against costly and damaging water leaks.

    By Datamatic LTD based in Plano, TEXAS (USA). from Automatic Meter Reading System Product line

  • QUEST - Noise Pro DLX Noise Dosimeter

    The NoisePro DLX offers innovative features not previously available on Quest noise dosimeters. It has four virtual dosimeters, so you can monitor for compliance against different standards - or log up to four different events. Noise data from the DLX model can be logged at selectable intervals from 1 second up to 1 hour. Advanced software, ...

    By 3M Detection Solutions based in Oconomowoc, WISCONSIN (USA). from Environmental Monitoring Rental Catalog For Noise Monitors Product line

  • Model 381-NMS - Permanent Noise Monitoring System

    An Integrated Hardware & Software System with Digital Communication and an Open Interface for Long Term Noise Monitoring Applications. The Model 831-NMS permanent noise monitoring system is designed for long term monitoring around airports, industrial facilities, motorsport complexes, wind farms, mining operations, and within the general ...

  • Oxygen Generators

    The GCS oxygen system, an on-site PSA oxygen generator, is specifically designed to meet central pipeline and other oxygen needs. GCS can supply our GCSO series of oxygen systems with capacities up to 2000 SCFH (56Nm3/h),which can be customized for larger central pipelines as a single unit, duplex skidded, or multi-unit oxygen system.

    By Gas Control Systems, Inc (GCS) based in Sparta, MICHIGAN (USA). from Other Products Product line

  • Premium

    Norsonic - Model Nor1506 - Portable Noise Monitoring Terminal

    The weatherproof case Nor1506 has been designed to protect the sound-measuring instrument from heavy weather such as rain and snow.

    By Norsonic AS based in Lierskogen, NORWAY. from Environmental Monitoring Product line

  • Premium

    Noise Monitoring Terminal Plus Type 3639E

    Noise Monitoring Terminal Plus Type 3639 E is a powerful, modular noise monitoring terminal that is optimised for outdoor use, in all climatic environments, in industrial, urban and rural conditions, with a custom-designed enclosure. The unit is intelligent and can be left unattended as part of an environmental noise monitoring system for ...

  • Premium

    Casella - Model CEL-62x Series - Digital Sound Level Meter

    The CEL-62x Series of Integrating Digital Sound Level meters can be used for the measurement of all workplace noise parameters to comply with workplace noise legislation, e.g. EU, OSHA and ACGIH.  Use the CEL-62x Series to carry out occupational noise assessments or machinery noise tests as well as to assist with the selection of hearing ...

    By Casella based in Kempston, UNITED KINGDOM. from Noise Monitoring - Sound Level Meters Product line

  • Model SV 104IS - Noise Dosimeter

    The SV 104IS is the intrinsically safe version of the revolutionary personal noise dosimeter, the SV 104. Both instruments offer a new approach to occupational health and safety noise monitoring presenting features such as 1/1 octave band real-time analysis and audio events recording functions which are a new quality in an instrument of this size. ...

    By Svantek Ltd. based in Warszawa, POLAND. from Noise Dosimeters Product line

  • BRUSH - Air Cooled 4-Pole Turbogenerators

    Simply foundation design. Minimum number of individual power station components. All generators are factory tested, reducing the on site testing and commissioning time. Modular construction giving a fine balance between flexibility and standardization of components for fast economic construction. Fully developed system readily adapted to any ...

    By Brush Group based in Loughborough, UNITED KINGDOM. from Generators Product line

  • Cirrus - Environmental & Airport Noise Monitors

    Cirrus Research plc has a range of Permanent and Portable Noise Monitors, Sound Level Meters and Noise Measurements systems that can be used for the measurement and monitoring of environmental noise.

    By Cirrus Research plc based in Hunmanby, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Premium

    Norsonic - Model Nor1530 - Compact Noise Monitoring Terminal

    The Nor1530 noise monitoring terminal is a robust, cost efficient solution for your outdoor noise monitoring.

    By Norsonic AS based in Lierskogen, NORWAY. from Environmental Monitoring Product line

  • Premium

    Norsonic - Model Nor137 - Vehicle Noise Meter

    The Nor137 Vehicle Noise Meter is specially designed for in-the-field stationary vehicle noise test measurements in accordance with ISO 5130 or similar national standards. For use in connection with an external rpm detector unit.

    By Norsonic AS based in Lierskogen, NORWAY. from Sound Level Meters Product line

  • SVAN - Model 971 - Sound Level Meter

    SVAN 971 Class 1 Sound Level Meter is an extremely small instrument with options for 1/1 & 1/3 octave analysis. The instrument brings unprecedented state of the art technology to a SLM of this size.The user interface makes both configuration and measurement easier than ever before. For those who don't have time to work with measurement ...

    By Svantek Ltd. based in Warszawa, POLAND. from Sound Level Meters Product line

  • Pulsar - Model 81CA & 82CA - Noise Level Meter

    Both the Model 81CA & 82CA Noise Level Meter is the ideal instruments for those who do not want an instrument with 1:1 Octave Band Filters when the HML method (High, Medium and Low), is an established and accepted method of calculating hearing protection requirements. All hearing protection (PPE) should be supplied by the manufacturer with ...

    By Pulsar Instruments plc based in Filey, UNITED KINGDOM. from Assessor Range Product line

  • 01dB - Model DUO - Smart Noise Monitor

    01dB introduces DUO Smart Noise Monitor. Totally modular, DUO provides its users with the most complete offering to upgrade from sound-level meter to monitoring station without changing equipment. DUO has a metallic profile allowing fast and secure anchoring, a rubber grip for better handling, a screen that is perfectly legible in direct sunlight, ...

    By ACOEM based in Limonest, FRANCE. from Monitoring Stations Product line

  • Pulsar - Outdoor Measurement Kits

    Noise Level Meter Outdoor Kit - Weather Protection For Your Sound Level Meter. Pulsar Instruments Plc offer the option of converting your hand held instruments into either short term or longer term semi-permanent noise monitors. Environmental noise monitoring usually takes place outside and the sound level meter is therefore subjected to various ...

    By Pulsar Instruments plc based in Filey, UNITED KINGDOM. from Noise Measurement Equipment Product line

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