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  • Search Dosimeter Radiometer
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    Search Dosimeter Radiometer

    By Sparing-Vist Center, PE SPPE

    High-sensitivity search device intended to detect, localize and identify radioactive and nuclear materials by their gamma and neutron radiation. It is used to prevent illicit transfer of these materials across the state ...

  • Norm Monitor
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    Norm Monitor

    By Tracerco, part of Johnson Matthey Plc

    The Tracerco NORM Monitor-IS, suitable for those working in Oil & Gas, Nuclear, CBRNe & Emergency Services, NDT and Environmental and Waste Management industries, is a ground breaking, ATEX approved instrument, ...

  • Two-Man Space Basket
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    Two-Man Space Basket

    By MDB Srl

    Two-man space; Compliant with CEI 64-8 e CEI 64-14 norms. Weight: 108 Kg. Lift.CAP.: 200 Kg.

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  • NORM Solutions Limited

    NORM Solutions uses a cutting edge, fully automated, Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water jetting system for the decontamination of Naturally Occurring ...

  • Ferrari International 2 S.p.A.

    Ferrari International 2 S.p.A.

    Ferrari International 2 products, manufactured by experienced design engineers, guarantee the MASSIME PERFORMANCE and become the ideal PROFESSIONAL ...

  • Shenzhen HYPET Co., Ltd

    Shenzhen HYPET Co., Ltd

    Shenzhen Hypet Co., Ltd. is with 15 years of professional experience in extrusion industry. Our headquartered is in Shenzhen, has a group of highly ...



    Formed in 1997, Lotus, LLC specializes in providing Naturally Occurring Radiaactive Material (NORM) decontamination, transportation, and disposal ...

  • 3Geo NORM Waste

    3Geo NORM Waste

    We offer solutions for your NORM Waste from petroleum, mining and metalurgical industries. We decontaminate NORM from soil, water and equipments. Our ...