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misting odor control system (Odor Control) equipment

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    Ecosorb - Odor Eliminator Vaporization Delivery System

    Vaporization offers earth-friendly odor control. Similar in principle to atomization with a couple of key added benefits, vaporization provides an environmentally friendly option for the delivery of natural Ecosorb®. Unlike atomization, no water is used in the vaporization process. Through the vapor phase unit, pure Ecosorb® products are ...

    By OMI Industries (OMI) based in Long Grove, ILLINOIS (USA). from Odor Eliminator Vaporization Delivery System Product line

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    Ecosorb - Odor Eliminator Dispersed by Atomization Delivery Systems

    Throughout the atomization process, Ecosorb odor eliminator is mixed with water, pumped through pipes/hoses and delivered via nozzles or fans to areas affected by odor. After the Ecosorb droplets are dispersed into the air they neutralize odors on contact. The major advantage of atomization nozzle systems is the level of control they provide. ...

    By OMI Industries (OMI) based in Long Grove, ILLINOIS (USA). from Odor Eliminator Dispersed by Atomization Delivery Systems Product line

  • Odor Neutralizing Mist System

    Our most durable odor control mist system. For permanent installation along property boundaries of landfills, compost sites, sludge drying beds, soil remediation sites, around lagoons and ponds etc. This system is connected to a water supply. A high pressure pump adds Piian Odor Neutralizer to the water supply and pressurizes the fluid mixture to ...

    By Piian Systems based in Palm Springs, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Odor Neutralizing Mist System Product line

  • Model Zyme - Odor Control Systems

    PROBLEM: The odors in most public restrooms are controlled by the use of odor masking agents such as scented urinal deodorant blocks. These methods conceal odors temporarily. Sometimes they also make the problem more difficult to solve by preventing the removal of the cause of the odor.

    By A&V Envirotech based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Odor Control Systems Product line

  • Model Out EZ - Odor Control Systems

    Odor Out EZ is a liquid concentrate formulated from essential oils for the control of odors in a wide variety of applications including wastewater, process water, compost sites, landfill sites, agriculture and solid waste. Odor Out EZ may also be used to eliminate odors from tobacco smoking as well as in fire and flood restoration. It will not ...

    By A&V Envirotech based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Odor Control Systems Product line

  • APC - Odor Control Systems

    APC Technologies offers five odor control systems: CarbonPure Adsorption Systems, GP Series (Wet) Gas Scrubbers, Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizers, and Ultra High-Efficiency Filter (UHF®) systems. A variety of factors should be considered when selecting an odor control system, including inlet odor concentrations, contaminants present and loading ...

    By APC Technologies, Inc. based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Odor Control Systems Product line

  • Model TSC - Odor Control System

    Odor nuisance is no longer acceptable to the general public and increasing pressure is being placed on management to control site odors. Although malodors do not cause physical harm, they effect human well being and quality of life. Odor nuisance is no longer a problem as Tech Universal technology for odour control are the update for the ...

    By Tech Universal (UK) Ltd based in Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM. from Odor Control System Product line

  • Mobile Misting System

    If you have an odor or dust issue on site (eg: Landfill) where power or water are not readily available, the Mobile Atomizer Unit can solve your problem. The Mobile can be quickly towed to the required location, is fully self sufficient with its own water and power supply and can handle any terrain. When used with our Aironaut products, you have a ...

    By Probe Industries USA. based in Jay, MAINE (USA).

  • Industrial Odor Control Systems

    Bakon proposes reliable and economical systems of single-stage or multi-stage wet scrubbers to control industrial odors. Wet scrubbers have been used as odor control equipments in many industries and are very successful with removal of odorous gases. In each stage of a multi-stage wet scrubber, gas flow is scrubbed with different chemical ...

    By Bakon Engineering Ltd. based in Bornova / İZMİR, TURKEY.

  • AirStreme - Model AMC - Hydraulic Misting System

    The Ecolo AMC System, combined with our effective odor specific AirSolution, is the most effective method for eliminating odors in a broad range of industrial and environmental applications. The all new AMC system is part of the AirStreme line of products by Ecolo. All components are securely enclosed in a NEMA rated fan cooled cabinet ...

    By Ecolo Odor Control Technologies based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Hydraulic Misting System Product line

  • Model MSP - Pneumatic Misting Systems

    MSP is one of Ecolo’s Air Misting Systems. It is ideal for removing smoke odors in hotel rooms. MSP provides a rugged portable solution to eliminate unwanted odors. The MSP-ST has a convenient spring timer to set treatment times up to 15 minutes. An interval timer provides flexible programming for the MSP-CT. The remote nozzle is mounted on ...

    By Ecolo Odor Control Technologies based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Pneumatic Misting Systems Product line

  • AirStreme - Model AMS - Hydraulic Misting System

    The AirStreme AMS is one of the industries most advanced mid-pressure misting systems.AMS provides enhanced programming capabilities, excellent reliability and attractive design all at an affordable price. The AMS has been designed and manufactured by Ecolo to deliver the industries most advanced, most reliable odor control misting system at an ...

    By Ecolo Odor Control Technologies based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Hydraulic Misting System Product line

  • Panoramic Misting System

    The Panoramic is a wall-mounted misting unit. It is easily secured to walls using either Rawl bolts or clamps. The Static Panoramic gives a linear spray of between 20 and 30 meters with a 10 degree diameter. The Panoramic can also be fitted with (optional extra) an oscillation kit, which increases the spray coverage by 120 degrees. As with all ...

    By Probe Industries USA. based in Jay, MAINE (USA).

  • Sentinal Misting System

    The Sentinal is a 2.5 meter high, floor mounted, stand-alone unit. The Sentinal is secured to either a concrete base or similar fixed-level surface using Rawl bolts or clamps. The unit can be located internally or externally for odour & dust control. The Static Sentinal gives a linear spray of between 20 and 30 meters with a 10 degree ...

    By Probe Industries USA. based in Jay, MAINE (USA).

  • Persnickety - Odor Control Chemicals

    We offer two very effective odor control chemicals: Odor countervailants and odor neutralizers. Our chemicals can be used in wet scrubbers, ponds, sludges and as a topical spray.

    By Syneco Systems, Inc. based in Chanhassen, MINNESOTA (USA).

  • Airflow - Model MP8 - Mist Collector System

    Exclusive Mist-Plus Contaminant Management System: Delivers over 95% filtration efficiency; reduces operating costs by extending maintenance cycles and filter life. Welded Cabinet Construction: Eliminates contaminant escape common with bolt-on panel cabinet designs. Low-profile Cabinet Design: Horizontal orientation allows for installation ...

    By Airflow Systems Inc based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA). from Mist Collector System Product line

  • Eccomate - Municipal and Industrial Odor Control

    Eccomate will instantly on contact neutralize organic volatile organic compounds, offering exceptional noxious odor control and reduction of VOC emissions. It’s a highly concentrated bio-catalytic composition designed to form highly reactive micro-bubbles within water that have extraordinary oxygen transfer capabilities across the membrane ...

    By Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc. based in Costa Mesa, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • SWAT - Model TF-500 - Self-Contained Mobile Misting System

    The SWAT TF-500 was designed to deliver odor, dust, Insect & bird control products for long, unsupervised periods of time.  The Tangential Fan System’s unique ability to push the small droplet size water particles through revolving rotary head misting baskets, can drive Odor Control Products as high as 200 ft. into the air in an ...

    By New Waste Concepts, Inc. based in Perrysburg, OHIO (USA). from Self-Contained Mobile Misting System Product line

  • EmiControls - Dust Controllers And Odor-Absorbing Machines

    Mobile or fixed dust controllers and odor-reducing machines. In addition to customized nozzle system installations, EmiControls also offers standardized dust controllers. Turbine models are made as well as dust-control lances. Both work in the same way. The nozzles generate a fine mist which binds the dust particles at source. All the models are ...

    By EmiControls based in Bolzano, ITALY. from Dust Controllers And Odor-Absorbing Machines Product line

  • ECS - Grease Filter / Mist Eliminator

    The ECS Pre-filter (grease filter / mist eliminator) is an essential component to any odor control system. The Pre-filter protects expensive equipment or media by removing particulate or moisture before it reaches the odor control system.

    By Engineered Composite Systems (ECS) based in Belton, TEXAS (USA). from Grease Filter / Mist Eliminator Product line

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