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Odour Control Process (Odor Control) equipment

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    ENTA - Odour Control Systems

    Odor Control units are used in: all liquid treatment plant processes pump stations, sludge thickening, sludge dewatering.

    By ENTA Treatment Systems Engineering Contracting LTD based in Seyrantepe-Sarıyer, TURKEY. from Odor Removal Systems Product line

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    ERG - DryCat System for Odour Control

    ERG's designers can match the air extraction rate and odour loading of each part of a sewage treatment plant to the odour control required for that area. Combining the basic building blocks of CIFs (catalytic iron filters), biofilters/bioscrubbers and dry media filters, and using intelligent design to look at the site as a whole, ERG's DryCat ...

    By ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd based in Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Waste Water Treatment Odour Control Product line

  • COMPACT - Odour Control Neutralizers

    Odocontrol - Compact was successfully tested under extreme conditions, including on fishing industry compactors located directly in the sun. The product may be applied using manual or mechanical atomization. The automatic atomization process in the compactors allows you to control the dosage and the distribution frequency, ensuring constant ...

    By Bio Service Montreal Inc based in Brossard, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Odour Control Product line

  • Agri - Odour Control Neutralizers

    Odocontrol - Agri is mainly used in the agricultural sector to neutralize and remove odours during the spreading process. Its effectiveness has been successfully tested on pig manure, slaughterhouse sludge and municipal sewage treatment plant sludge. Odocontrol - Agri is mixed in with the manure during the stirring on the day of the spreading and ...

    By Bio Service Montreal Inc based in Brossard, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Odour Control Product line

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    Aerotec - Model IR90-V - Air Purification and Odour Control Ionization System

    Removes smells rising from sewage, garbage, rotten food and other organic sources. Removes bacteria, odours and dust particles. Enrich the air with oxygen molecules for a better work environment. Used in food processing plants, catering kitchens, hotels, restaurants, offices, garbage rooms, people retirement homes, animal breeding and husbandry ...

    By Etaniv B.Y ltd based in Bazra, ISRAEL. from Online Store Product line

  • ALUPLAN - Aluminium Flat Cover

    ALUPLAN roofs are formed with aluminiun modules with omega cross section. They are supported on existing structures and auxiliary works are not necessary in most cases. The panels that make the cover are easily removable, facilitating maintenance and operation of process units. They are very versative, adapting to different geometries of ...

    By JSF Hidraulica based in Pozuelo de Alarcón, SPAIN. from Odour Control Cover Product line

  • ALUSPHERE - Aluminium Domes

    ALUSPHERE aluminium domes are versatile solid structures made entirely of aluminium, suitable for circular process units.  They are lightweight, corrosion resistant and maintenance free. Aluminum will not rust like steel and do not degrade with UV rays like GRP. The design of the domes allows to cover large spans without intermediate supports ...

    By JSF Hidraulica based in Pozuelo de Alarcón, SPAIN. from Odour Control Cover Product line

  • ALUDOVEL - Aluminium Vaulted Cover

    Aluminium vaulted covers ALUDOVEL are systems designed to cover large spans without the need for intermediate supports.

    By JSF Hidraulica based in Pozuelo de Alarcón, SPAIN. from Odour Control Cover Product line

  • Ecodor - Model EC250 - Concentrate

    Ecodor EC250 is a naturally fermented product that effectively breaks down organic odours. The powerful ingredients of EC250 ensure the acceleration of the decomposition and elimination of the organic molecules that cause smell, and thereby also the source of the odour.

    By Ecodor based in Vlaardingen, NETHERLANDS. from Odour Control Products Product line

  • Biological Air Filtration System

    A bio-filtration system has been installed to ensure air exhausted from the facility has odour control prior to exhaust to atmosphere. The plant ventilation system provides an average of four (4) air changes per hour of fresh air, with six (6) in high odour areas, to maintain a negative pressure within the plant to control odours within the ...

    By Themis Power Corporation Ltd. based in Strathroy, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Process Product line

  • Odour Control

    Get rid of obnoxious Hydrogen Sulfide odour in an innovative and magical way of ELM. This treatment is done by a carefully developed blend of different strains of bacteria called Persnickety 713.

    By ELM WATANIYA General Trading & Contracting Company based in Kuwait City, KUWAIT.

  • Tank Covers for Odour Containment Purposes

    Open tanks (sewage tanks, process tanks, buffer tanks, sedimentation basins, aeration tanks) as part of industrial plants or wastewater treatment plants can often be a source of odor nuisance. An efficient covering of these tanks will prevent further diffusion of the odours. This way, the escaping odour vapours can be contained and evacuated for ...

    By TASK bvba Environmental Engineering based in Heist-op-den-Berg, BELGIUM. from Air Pollution Control - Odor Control Product line

  • VOC and Odour Control System

    Protecting the environment has become perhaps the single most important issue facing us today. Environmental pollution and degradation take place in all sorts of ways, with industrial processes contributing a significant amount of damage.

    By Simdean Envirotec based in Holmes Chapel, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Neutralox - Odour Control System

    The control of odor emissions has become a major consideration in the design and operation of wastewater conveyance, treatment and residuals processing facilities. As public concern is generally increasing, effective odor control has become an essential part of successful wastewater and biosolids treatment processes.

    By Neutralox Umwelttechnik GmbH based in Hennef (Sieg), GERMANY.

  • Aerox - Injector Odour Control System

    The Aerox-Injector is a highly innovative injection based odour control system that is fitted outside the process gas duct. It has been successfully installed at over 250 locations worldwide in a wide range of industries.

    By Aerox B.V. based in Vleuten, NETHERLANDS.

  • Renby - Model Neutrapak - Effective Odour Control

    Some industrial processes create foul smelling odours. Odour Control in Waste Processing, Landfill, Sewage treatment and Animal Rendering Suppressing is a constant a challenge. Preventing the odour is often impossible. Treating odours can be very difficult, especially in remote locations where water and power are not readily available. Until ...

    By Renby Limited based in Tarvin, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • EMS - Odour Control Systems

    Improving air quality in waste processing plants will clear odours and improve the working environment. Our product eliminates unpleasant odours both in the air and on all exposed surfaces. Suitable for all enclosed spaces but not for use in areas of sediment continuous occupation. With no need for chemicals, minimal maintenance and low power ...

    By EMS Ltd. Environmental Marketing Solutions based in Killyman, NORTHERN IRELAND.

  • Odour Control Technology

    The new Odour Control technology of SARGO is totally different ...It actually removes odors by chemically modifying their volatile emissions. This is achieved by significantly reducing the level of nitrogen and volatile sulfur compounds that cause odors. In addition to eliminating existing odors, Odour Control technology also temporarily prevents ...

    By SARGO s.a. based in Brussels, BELGIUM. from Technology Product line

  • Odour Control Ductwork

    Design: Using robust and proven technologies, Formatank assists its clients from concept to project completion by delivering turnkey odour abatement equipment to contain and transport odourous discharges.

    By Formatank Limited based in Selkirk, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Landfill Odour Control

    Gases released from municipal waste landfills have the potential to cause odours in neighbourhoods surrounding the landfill.The household and commercial wastes brought to landfills decompose over time largely through the action of bacteria. This process produces odorous gases, the amount formed depends upon a variety of factors: nature and ...

    By Anotec Environmental Pty Limited based in Moorebank , AUSTRALIA.

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