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odor filter (Odor Filtration) equipment

  • ECS - Grease Filter / Mist Eliminator

    The ECS Pre-filter (grease filter / mist eliminator) is an essential component to any odor control system. The Pre-filter protects expensive equipment or media by removing particulate or moisture before it reaches the odor control system.

    By Engineered Composite Systems (ECS) based in Belton, TEXAS (USA). from Grease Filter / Mist Eliminator Product line

  • Cassette Carbon Filter

    The absorption of odors and toxic gases. Of hydrocarbon, air purification and other organic components. 

    By Mege Filter Ltd based in Bornova, TURKEY. from Cassette Carbon Filter Product line

  • Vent Pure - Model G - Vent Odor Control Made Simple

    General Carbon’s Vent Pure G is the ultimate design for the simple control of odors in passive vent systems. Each filter contains 10 lbs. of activated carbon to help keep chemical odors from escaping from atmospheric vents, tanks and process equipment. A screwdriver is all that is needed to install the GC Vent Pure-G. The filter comes ...

    By General Carbon Corp. based in Paterson, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Vent Odor Control Made Simple Product line

  • FilterCor - Model FCMC - Carbon Filter Cartridges

    FCMC Carbon Filter Cartridges are for filtration of potable water.  The carbon-impregnated polyester is given increased strength and dirt-holding capacity by its polyester reinforced backing and external netting.   Economically priced, they are well-suited for both sediment filtration and taste and odor reduction.  The dual ...

    By FilterCor, Incorporated based in Sun Valley, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Carbon Filter Cartridges Product line

  • WhiteWate - Model 2x10 Inch - Inline Water Filter

    U.S.-mf'd Carbon inline water filter* reduces chlorine, bad taste and odor. With 1/4' lead-free brass compression connectors for copper or plastic tubing. Ideal for a backup refrigerator filter; also used as a post filter for RO systems.

    By WhiteWater Concepts based in Culver City, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Inline Water Filter Product line

  • Waterguard In-Line Filters

    Whether installed under the sink, as an ice maker filter, or even connected to a garden hose, these easy-to-install and highly effective in-line filters are the perfect choice for RV's and at home use. Long-life water-washed coconut shell carbon eliminates odor and taste and reduces chlorine. One year warranty.

    By SHURflo - Pentair based in Herentals, BELGIUM.

  • Block-Carbon-Filter

    The carbon block cartridges contain coconut shell bused, nut shell based or coal based activated carbon which creates what many believed to be sweeter tasting water. Because of the unique pore structure of this carbon, it is well suited for chemical adsorption, including VOCs, while reducing chlorine and chemicals that contribute to taste and ...

    By FILTTECK Co., Ltd. based in Chu Nan Chen, TAIWAN.

  • SmellRid - Reusable Activated Carbon Odor Remover

    Made from 100% natural bamboo charcoal. Simply place near odor and/or on air vents. Naturally rids odors without harmful scents. Also filters out toxic chemical impurities. Outlasts smell since it's reusable for years. Just place in sunlight to refresh & reuse. Totally portable & doesn't need power. Fragrance–free, chemical-free ...

    By IMTEK Environmental Corporation based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Reusable Activated Carbon Odor Remover Product line

  • Dust Trap - Activated Carbon Filter

    Dust Trap makes the air in your home breathable. Through the natural cleansing effects of activated carbon, you can rid your home of annoying and harmful pollutants like pollen, dust, smog, pet dander & odor, gasoline fumes, tobacco smoke, mildew, CFC, mold spores, pesticides, and more.

    By Air Filters, Inc. based in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Ozark - Model C 230-10 - Carbon Block Water Filter

    10' Carbon Block 7-10 micron size. Carbon block filters are used for odor removal and to improve taste.

    By Ozark Filters based in Bentonville, ARKANSAS (USA). from Carbon Block Water Filter Product line

  • water filter-carbon filter cartridge

    Product Description Carbon Wrap Filter Cartridge 2 Phase Carbon Wrap Filter Cartridges is a new product. It has a combination of carbon impregnated cellulose and PP Melt blown. PP Melt Blown works as the centre core inside and the carbon wrap outside. PP Melt Blown can reduce the sediment, rust, silt, carbon impregnated cellulose can remove ...

  • Biotrickling Filter Systems

    Also known as Biotowers, Biotricklers, Bioscrubbing Systems, Bioscrubbers, and Biological Oxidation Systems. KCH designs and manufactures a Biotrickling Filter System to remove high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas and other odors from municipal and industrial processes. Our Biotrickling Filter Systems will effectively remove 99% of H2S ...

    By KCH Services, Inc. based in Forest City, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Biotrickling Filter Systems Product line

  • Activated Carbon Filters

    The active carbon filters of the unit removes the non-desired contaminations such as free active chlorine, odor and taste deteriorating materials and noxious haloform chemicals with adsorption from the untreated water. Beside of that the media filter decreases the organic content of the water and the possible fine contaminations. By periodical ...

    By Hidrofilt Ltd. based in Nagykanizsa, HUNGARY. from Activated Carbon Filters Product line

  • Winix - Air Filter System

    Compatible with Winix air cleaner models 6300, P300, 5300, 5500, 5300-2, 6300-2, and C535. True-HEPA filtration, captures up to 99.97% of particles, as small as 0.3 microns. 4 pack of disposable Activated Carbon Pre-filters; reduces odors and traps large particles. Genuine Winix one year replacement filter set. For optimal performance, it is ...

    By Winix America Inc. based in Vernon Hills, ILLINOIS (USA). from Air Filter System Product line

  • Model 1.5Inch - Poly-Air Activated Carbon Vent Filter

    Poly-Air is an activated carbon vent filter that can remove offensive odors, such as Hydrogen Sulfide, as they come out of the roof vent. Use our filter to eliminate these unpleasant odors.

    By Zabel Environmental Technology based in Crestwood, KENTUCKY (USA). from Poly-Air Activated Carbon Vent Filter Product line

  • Ducon - Activated Carbon Filter

    Ducon Carbon Absorbers are custom designed to remove odor-causing components such as hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, organic acids, aldeheydes, and ketones in various industrial and municipal applications. Single bed units are available for capacities up to 10,000 acfm.Dual bed units are utilized for higher capacities. Ducon can also provide systems ...

    By Ducon Technologies Inc. based in Farmingdale, NEW YORK (USA). from Activated Carbon Filter Product line

  • Model 2Inch - Poly-Air Activated Carbon Vent Filter

    Poly-Air is an activated carbon vent filter that can remove offensive odors, such as Hydrogen Sulfide, as they come out of the roof vent. Use our filter to eliminate these unpleasant odors.

    By Zabel Environmental Technology based in Crestwood, KENTUCKY (USA). from Poly-Air Activated Carbon Vent Filter Product line

  • Dechlor - Carbon Filter Unit

    Frequently central water providers use chlorine as a tool to deliver disinfected water to your home. Chlorine is a powerful tool because it survives the voyage through the vast underground piping system that delivers water from the central water provider's treatment plant to your home. Once the water enters your home it's time to make your water ...

    By Master Water Conditioning Corp. based in Pottstown,, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Carbon Filter Unit Product line

  • Activated Carbon Filter Bag

    Activated carbon filter bags are manufactured with activated carbon fibers which have exceptional adsorption properties for organic chemical compounds. They are typically used for removing trace amounts of organics, heavy metals, colors or odors from hazardous waste water streams.

    By Filtra Systems based in Farmington Hills, MICHIGAN (USA). from Activated Carbon Filter Bag Product line

  • Maxicarb - Activated Carbon Filter Unit

    Activated Carbon Filter Unit for applications that require heavy duty performance. The Maxicarb has been developed to remove and control a wide range of chemical vapours, odorous and toxic gases from airstreams where critical, high efficiency filtration and heavy duty performance is necessary.

    By Emcel Filters Ltd. based in Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Activated Carbon Filter Unit Product line

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