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ATOMTEX - Model AT1117M - Radiation Monitor

by ATOMTEX     based in Minsk, BELARUS

AT1117M Portable combined multifunction radiation monitor is designed for measuring X-ray, gamma and neutron radiation ambient dose equivalent and ambient dose equivalent rate, alpha and beta radiation surface activity and flux density from contaminated surfaces, and neutron radiation flux density.

Environmental Sensors - Toxic Chemical Monitoring Badges

by Environmental Sensors Company     based in Boca Raton, FLORIDA (USA)

The passive monitoring badges are very easy way to monitor many toxic chemicals. Many organic chemicals can be monitored at onec by using Advanced Chemical Sensors Organic Monitoring badge. Here are some of chemicals that Advanced Chemical Sensors' monitoring badge can monitor.

3M - Model ` - Heat Stress Monitor

by 3M Detection Solutions     based in Oconomowoc, WISCONSIN (USA)

The 3M QUESTemp Heat Stress Monitor QT-34 is a rugged, easy to use, data logging thermal environment monitor.

3M - Model QUESTemp QT-44 - Heat Stress Monitor

by 3M Detection Solutions     based in Oconomowoc, WISCONSIN (USA)

The 3M QUESTemp° Heat Stress Monitor QT-44 offers high quality heat stress monitoring without the hassle of wet-bulb maintenance. This model measures/calculates the dry bulb, wet bulb and globe temperatures along with WBGT indoors, WBGT outdoors, relative humidity and Heat Index/Humidex.

775 Universal Light Monitor

by Scientific Sales, Inc.     based in Lawrenceville, NEW JERSEY (USA)

A single instrument enables measurement of the three types of radiation that are of most interest: visible (Lux), thermal radiation and ultraviolet. The 775 also measures temperature in °C or °F.

RWC - Model 800036 WBGT - Heat Stress Meter

by RWC Testing & Lab Supplies     based in El Paso, TEXAS (USA)

Government organizations such as OSHA have set recommended heat stress limits for various activities. WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) provides the most accurate determination of the heat stress index based on the cumulative effect of air temperature, air movement, relative humidity, and radiant heat.  WBGT Heat Stress Meter, Model 800036, ...


by TSI Incorporated     based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA)

TSI's Model 8732 IAQ-CALC™ Meter is a cost-effective CO2 meter for investigating and monitoring building air quality and checking ventilation. The sampling function records multiple point measurements, and an optional portable printer provides hard copy documentation.

Kitagawa - Model S-23E - Indoor Air Quality Monitor

by Kitagawa America LLC     based in Pompton Lakes, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Smpling pump : Diaphram. Maximum suction pressure : More than 40kPa (At full load). Gas sampling control mode : Time mode : Automatic pump stop by timer presetting (Accumulated volume indication available). Accumulated mode : Automatic pump stop by accumulated volume (Suctioning time indication available). Display : Digital display by LCD. ...

Q-TRAK Plus - Indoor Air Quality Monitor

by TSI Incorporated     based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA)

TSI offers two hand-held Q-TRAK Plus IAQ Monitors. The Q-TRAK Plus Model 8552 monitor simultaneously measures CO2, temperature and humidity, all within a single probe. The Q-TRAK Plus Model 8554 adds CO. These easy-to-use, air quality instruments provide real-time measurements and can log data unattended over an extended period of time. Advanced ...

Kitagawa - Model S-27 - Indoor Air Quality Monitor

by Kitagawa America LLC     based in Pompton Lakes, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Air sampler S-27 is a battery-operated air sampler to measure a slight amount of toxic substances in the indoor environment and working environment with high-sensitivity Kitagawa gas detector tubes. With its high suction pressure and stable suction flow rate, Air sampler S-27 has a wide range of uses as a sampling pump for toxic substance ...

HI-Q - Model RADNET - Radiation Monitor

by HI-Q Environmental Products Company     based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The RADNET monitor is equipped with an integrated dual detector that measures beta and gamma pacticulate isotopes deposited on a filter paper by means of a multi-processing technique. The beta detector is a rugged, ion-implanted, silicon detector with 600mm2 of sensitive surface area coupled to a charge pre-amplifier and processor-based MCA module ...

Survey Meter

by RTI Electronics AB     based in Mölndal, SWEDEN

Scatter and leakage radiation can easily be discovered and measured with the RTI Survey Meter. Since it demands no set up it suits a wide range of end users – anyone who works in a possible risk environment will have use of the RTI Survey Meter.

Berthold - Model LB 123 D-H10 - Dose Rate Monitor

by Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co. KG     based in Bad Wildbad, GERMANY

The portable dose rate monitor LB 123 D-H10 for measurement of the new quantities ambient dose and ambient dose rate equivalent H*(10), is consisting of the basic evaluation unit LB 1230 UMo and the dose rate probe LB 1236-H10. The dose rate probe LB 1236-H10 ist particularly suitable for low dose rate levels between background up to 10 mSv/h. The ...

775C Universal Light Monitor with Logging

by Scientific Sales, Inc.     based in Lawrenceville, NEW JERSEY (USA)

A single instrument enables measurement of the three types of radiation that are of most interest: visible (Lux), thermal radiation and ultraviolet. The 775C also measures temperature in °C or °F.

Zefon International - Air-O-Cell CSI

by Zefon International, Inc.     based in Ocala, FLORIDA (USA)

The Air-O-Cell Collector for SEM Identification (CSI) lets you perform optical, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and elemental x-ray analysis on the exact same air sample. With the Air-O-Cell CSI a sample can be examined and re-examined by optical and SEM in any order without significant particle loss or complex preparation. Like never before, ...

Climatronics - Illumination Sensor - Out Light Monitor

by Climatronics Corporation     based in Bohemia, NEW YORK (USA)

Photometry refers to the measurement of visible radiation (light) with a sensor having a spectral responsivity curve equal to the average human eye. This curve is known as the CIE Standard Observer Curve (photopic curve). Climatronics' photometric sensor (P/N 101668) is used to measure lighting conditions where the eye is the primary receiver, ...

Scarlet - Model TWL-1S - Wireless Smart Heat Stress Detector

by Scarlet Tech Ltd.     based in Taipei City, TAIWAN

Compact Design: TWL-1S is designed for all kinds of worksites including mining and construction. All devices have been tested in rigid environment settings.

Model ILT1000 - Light Meter Monitor & Data Logger

by International Light Technologies Inc. (ILT)     based in Peabody, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The most versatile UV, VIS and IR datalogging optometer available on the market today. The ILT1000 design is backed by 50 YEARS of light measurement experience and comes complete with NIST-traceable ISO 17025 accredited calibrations. System configurations are based on the industry standard ILT1700 Research Radiometer/Photometer detectors, ...

Scalewatcher - Radiator Protection System

by Scalewatcher North America Inc.     based in Oxford, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

In tropical countries, usually anti freeze or anti corrosion liquids are not mixed with water for radiators of automobiles, buses or trucks. Well water is used instead. The result is that often after one year the radiator has to be replaced because of corrosion and/or scaling. What is more, scaling causes a lower heat transfer. The engine will ...

Apex - Personal Sampling Pump

by Casella     based in Kempston, UNITED KINGDOM

The APEX personal sampling pump can be used in a range of applications from personal dust and solvent monitoring to indoor air quality monitoring.

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