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CHEM-SCALE - For Monitoring Chemical Day Tanks

by Force Flow Equipment     based in Concord, CALIFORNIA (USA)

When feeding chemicals such Fluoride, Polymer and Sodium Hypochlorite, it is imperative that you have a way of accurately tracking chemical usages and feed rates. In fact, many government regulations require you to document chemical usages and there is no more accurate method than using a weight based chemical monitoring system.

ReactIR - 45P In Situ Process FTIR

by Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc     Distributor in CALIFORNIA (USA)

Transferring a chemical process from the lab to manufacturing can be difficult. In situ process FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) with ReactIR 45P provides in-depth reaction understanding, identifies process upsets and determines reaction initiation, progression and endpoint. ReactIR 45P enables processes to be successfully moved from ...

Model RC1e - Process Development Workstation

by Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc     Distributor in CALIFORNIA (USA)

Accurate temperature control along with strong exotherms. Precise control of all reaction parameters. Heat flow trending in real time. Wide operating range. Large portfolio of vessels and accessories.

Model FlowIR - For Continuous Flow Chemistry

by Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc     Distributor in CALIFORNIA (USA)

Researchers are increasingly using continuous flow chemistry to develop new reactions and processes with increased specificity, yield and product quality. Optimization of this work is often challenging as offline analytical techniques, such as High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), cannot provide fast enough informa­tion to optimize ...

ReactIR - Model 15 - FTIR Improves Chemistry Understanding

by Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc     Distributor in CALIFORNIA (USA)

Organic chemists and scientists strive to improve the research and development of chemical compounds, synthetic chemical routes and processes. In situ reaction monitoring tracks concentration changes of key reactive and transient species to understand mechanism pathway, determine kinetics and detect major reaction events. ReactIR 15 is a ...

ReactIR - 45m In Situ FTIR Spectroscopy

by Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc     Distributor in CALIFORNIA (USA)

To understand and optimize chemical reactions over a wide range of temperature and pressure conditions, chemists and chemical engineers require in-depth reaction information. This data has traditionally been obtained via offline techniques that require extraction and sample preparation which is therefore not a true representation of the reaction ...

Model F-REX200 - Chemical Mechanical Polishing Systems

by Ebara Technologies Inc     based in Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (USA)

EBARA's 200 mm CMP system, the F-REX200 utilizes EBARA's proven Dry-In / Dry-Out processing technology. The 2 platens, 1 head per platen deign with integrated four clean stations allows for flexibility in serial or parallel operation. Configuration options include: a Buff Polish Station, 4-Cassette Interface, Host Communication (Cim), Multiple ...

MiniRAE - Model 3000 - Wireless Handheld VOC Monitor

by RAE Systems by Honeywell     based in San Jose, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Whether for industrial hygiene, leak detection, or HazMat response, the MiniRAE 3000 delivers the most advanced VOC monitoring capabilities on the market. With a photoionization detector (PID) that has an extended detection range from 0-15,000 ppm, a rapid three-second response time, built-in correction factors for more than 200 compounds, and ...

Unattended, Representative Sampling of Chemical Reactions

by Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc     Distributor in CALIFORNIA (USA)

The unique, patented EasySampler probe enables the capture and immediate quenching of reaction samples.  Immediate sample quenching provides a sample representative of the reaction at the time of sampling.  In particular, this is advantageous for monitoring: Low Temperature Reactions. Air-Sensitive Reactions.

Chemical and Metal Precipitation System

by W2 Systems     based in Brisbane, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Chemical and metal precipitation is a complex and design intensive process requiring water testing, system function monitoring and fine tuning at startup of the system. With all those issues on the table, choose a company that focuses on strong technical support, user friendly system design and use of the best possible technology for the ...

521 - Fast Sampling Rate Monitors

by Assay Technology, Inc     based in Livermore, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The 521 is our fastest sampling rate badge.  There are covers on each side of the monitor that can be removed to double the sampling rate.  Even with only one cover removed the monitor samples approximately at 30 mL/min, depending on the chemical. Use this monitor for monitoring for chemicals with a low PEL (10 ppm or less), STEL ...

Model Griffin 460 - Multi-Modal Sampling GC/MS

by FLIR Systems Inc.     Distributor in CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Griffin 460 mobile gas chromatograph mass spectrometer (GC/MS) enables innovative multi-modal sample introduction to detect and identify complex chemical samples, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The instrument is able to accept liquid, solid and vapor samples as well as provide continuous, direct air monitoring. The Griffin 460 is the only ...

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