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  • Oil Skimming… No Longer a Luxury - Case study

    Oil Skimming… No Longer a Luxury - Case study

    Tramp oils – hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and greases, and protective metal coatings in coolant – create expensive and frustrating problems. They provide a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause problems ranging from unpleasant odor to employee skin rashes.When tramp oils combine with other contaminants in coolant they can form a sticky substance that clogs lines and sprays. ...

  • Pipeline Inspection Using Optical Gas Imaging

    FLIR Systems has published a new application spotlight that highlights the role its Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras are playing in detecting gas leaks from oil and gas pipelines.Oil and gas ...


  • Prime Pump knows the Need for Speed

    Prime Pump knows the Need for Speed

    Water sports in New Zealand provide wonderful opportunities for pump enthusiasts. There they simply ask the water skiers to take a coffee break and then attach the mobile pump on pontoon behind the speedboat…

Equipment & Solutions

  • Oil Only Sorbent Pillows

    Oil Only Sorbent Pillows

    Pillows are ideal for oil spill control, spill containment, oil spill clean up and skimming oil from water. Works great for catch basins, sumps, leaking machinery, etc.. Heavy duty polypropylene cover resists tearing. Use on land or water. Included strap for easy retrieval.