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Oil Spill Response equipment for Health and Safety

  • Lamor - Model LWS 500/800 - Weir Skimmer

    The light-weight and self-adjusting LWS 500/800’s are user friendly oil recovery skimming units. The skimmers have high recovery capacity in all operating conditions and utilizes the most commonly used skimming principles. The skimmers are designed to provide many years of reliable service and are low maintenance.

    By Lamor Corporation Ab based in Porvoo, FINLAND. from Weir Skimmer Product line

  • Canflex - Open Top Tanks

    The open top reservoirs are low profile circular shaped tanks with a self flotation collar made of closed cell foam or air. These tanks are used for spill recovery, fire fighting, storage of oil, potable water, sewage, and other liquids. The Open Top Tanks are very light weight, reliable, fast response units requiring no frame set-up. No frame is ...

    By Canflex USA Inc. based in ANACORTES, WASHINGTON (USA). from Open Top Tanks Product line

  • Power Packs

    Vikoma designs and manufactures a wide range of diesel engined power packs for use with its oil spill response equipment. These are also available as stand-alone units for operation on other similar or related equipment. For specific requirements, Vikoma can offer its in-house expertise to design and manufacture bespoke assemblies.

    By Vikoma International Limited based in East Cowes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Power Packs Product line

  • Lamor - Model LBA-Q-Series 500/800 - Brush Adapter Quattro Skimmer

    The Lamor Brush Adapter Quattro LBA-Q-series are brush-wheel oil recovery modules designed to fit quickly and easily onto the hopper of the Lamor Weir Skimmer 500/800. The purpose of the device is to improve the overall recovery efficiency (reduce free water recovered with oil) and to improve the performance in very high viscosity oils.

    By Lamor Corporation Ab based in Porvoo, FINLAND. from Brush Adapter Quattro Skimmer Product line

  • DESMI - Model RO-MOP - Skimmer

    The RO-MOP is ideal for recovery of light, medium and emulsified oils in rivers, lagoons, swamps and other inland waters. Long lengths of mop can be used enabling oil some distance from the wringer unit to be collected.

    By DESMI A/S based in Noerresundby, DENMARK. from Skimmer Product line

  • DESMI - Model ALLIGATOR Series - Versatile Skimmer

    The ALLIGATOR is a versatile skimmer that has the ability to recover a wide range of oils not normally associated with oleophilic skimmers - from light to very viscous oil. The brush belt pulls the oil into the unit where it is elevated and recovered at the back of the skimmer with a unique double comb arrangement.

    By DESMI A/S based in Noerresundby, DENMARK. from Versatile Skimmer Product line

  • MaxiBagger - Optimal Solution for Organisations

    MaxiBagger is an optimal solution for organisations with oil preparedness obligations in coastal areas. MaxiBagger enables them to increase their preparedness with reasonable cost and use existing vessels in the operations. MaxiBagger is the larger of the SeaHow detachable side collectors and designed for vessels from 9 metres upwards. With only ...

    By Meritaito Ltd / SeaHow based in Helsinki, FINLAND. from Optimal Solution for Organisations Product line

  • Lamor - Model LIP 400 IP - Oil Transfer Pump

    The LIP 400 IP peristaltic hose pump is ideal for pumping light and medium viscous oils. Due to the unique design of the pump only the hose or tube interfaces with the fluid, this eliminates the risk of the pump being contaminated by the fluid. The light-weight and easily transportable LIP 400 has been utilized in remote locations worldwide.

    By Lamor Corporation Ab based in Porvoo, FINLAND. from Oil Transfer Pump Product line

  • Hebo - Model WPIL - Oil-Only Pillows

    Oil-Only Pillows are easy to place in hard-to-reach spaces such as under machinery and leaky hydraulic hoses or in tight corners. Pillows absorb spilled oil on the floor like a sock, catch leaks like a bucket and absorb oil like a pad. Pillows are ideal for oil spill response. They are easy to toss into action and their large surface area speeds ...

    By Hebo FTE BV based in Loon op Zand, NETHERLANDS. from Oil-Only Pillows Product line

  • Lamor - Heavy Duty Boom

    The Heavy Duty Boom is a robust and durable air inflated rubber boom that covers the increasing demand for offshore operations and for permanent installations at e.g. oil terminals, refineries and power plants. Moreover, the HDB can be utilized in all climatic conditions and environments, including Arctic conditions.

    By Lamor Corporation Ab based in Porvoo, FINLAND. from Heavy Duty Boom Product line

  • Lamor - Model LC 6500 - Landing Craft

    The LC 6500 is a robust landing craft made of high grade marine aluminum with a 1.1 m (43.3 in) wide bow ramp. The landing craft is designed and tested for excellent and effortless sea handling and maneuverability in rough seas.

    By Lamor Corporation Ab based in Porvoo, FINLAND. from Landing Craft Product line

  • SeaVac - Harbor Skimmer

    The SeaVac Harbor Skimmer is a highly versatile, effective, self-propelled skimmer system with low draft, highly maneuverable with high capacity for a wide range of spill conditions. The system comes complete with a Heavy Duty SeaVac Delta Skimmer System.

    By Kepner Plastics Fabricators, Inc. based in Torrance, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Harbor Skimmer Product line

  • SeaContainer - Collapsible Pillow Storage Tanks

    SeaContainer collapsible storage tanks are made to customers’ requirements with a wide variety of fabrics, fill and drain connections and relief valves. All SeaContainer Tanks are pressure tested prior to delivery.

    By Kepner Plastics Fabricators, Inc. based in Torrance, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Collapsible Pillow Storage Tanks Product line

  • Lamor - Model Minimax 50 - Compact Oil Skimmer

    The compact Minimax 50 skimmer is a modular, robust oil skimming unit that is easily transported, assembled and cleaned. A durable and solid body guarantees longevity and minimal maintenance, both short and long-term. The aluminum body is oil resistant with no moving parts allowing rapid cleaning.

    By Lamor Corporation Ab based in Porvoo, FINLAND. from Compact Oil Skimmer Product line

  • Lamor - Model Seahunter - Multipurpose Work Platform

    The Lamor Seahunter is a multipurpose work platform that consists of connectable hulls, in the most basic configuration only one motor hull, but the possibilities are endless as additional cargo hulls can be quickly connected to the motor hull if the need arises. The platform is ideal for assisting in skimming and clean-up operations near shore ...

    By Lamor Corporation Ab based in Porvoo, FINLAND. from Multipurpose Work Platform Product line

  • OSRV - Oil Spill Response Vessels

    Oil Spill Response Vessels (OSRVs): OSRV's are normally moored near Santa Barbara Harbor and Point Conception.  Movement of OSRV's outside the Area of Response requires concurrence of Federal/State agencies if such  movement significantly reduces cleanup response capability.

    By Clean Seas, LLC based in Carpinteria, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Storage Cage

    Markleen collapsible storage cages have been specially designed to optimise the storage, transport and quick deployment of oil spill response equipment (containment booms, skimmers, small power packs, etc.). The cages can be partitioned, making access to equipment quick and easy. Cage measurements are calculated to optimise shipment by truck or ...

    By MARKLEEN Group - Part of Lamor based in Vollen, NORWAY. from Storage Cage Product line

  • Model PD 75 - Positive Displacement Pumps

    Non turbulent flows for viscous liquids, used for oil spill response, recovery and clean-up operations worldwide.

    By Selwood Limited based in Eastleigh, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • VikoSprint

    A fast, flexible and extremely agile aluminium trimaran, which combines speed and fuel efficiency with a generous workspace. The VikoSprint rapid deployment trimaran is available as a standard work boat or as a oil spill recovery vessel complete with on-board recovery system and rigid booms. The latter has been specially designed and developed for ...

    By Vikoma International Limited based in East Cowes, UNITED KINGDOM. from VikoSprint Product line

  • SeaContiner - Model E-Z - Tanks

    SeaContiner E-Z Tanks are lightweight, rugged, relocatable, above ground tanks ideal for temporary liquid storage even in remote locations. When not in use, this tank stores in a small easy to carry package.

    By Kepner Plastics Fabricators, Inc. based in Torrance, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Tanks Product line

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