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  • Infrared Gas Sensor
    Showcase Product

    Infrared Gas Sensor

    By Edinburgh Sensors Ltd

    The OEM Chillcard NG range of infrared gas sensors from Edinburgh Sensors is designed for the measurement of refrigerant gases such as R125 and R134a and provides a long-term stable solution to the measurement of these ...

  • Refill Reagent Sets - Soil or Water Test Kit
    Showcase Product

    Refill Reagent Sets - Soil or Water Test Kit

    By Hanby Environmental

    Refills: 15 Ampoules Extraction Reagent. 15 Vials of Color Development Reagent. 15 Screw Top Test Tubes w/ Scribed. Measurement: 1   Waste Bottle. 3   Pairs of Safety Gloves.

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