Pipeline Spills

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  • Foam Wall Berm
    Showcase Product

    Foam Wall Berm

    By Eldred Environmental & Export Company Ltd.

    Containment berms are open top containment units for temporary storage of oil or contaminated liquids. The containment basins also serve as temporary dikes around tanks. A great resource for oil spill containment and ...

  • Hot Zone Spill Kit
    Showcase Product

    Hot Zone Spill Kit

    By Imbibitive Technologies America, Inc.

    The IMBIBER BEADS® Hot Zone Spill Kit is designed to give HAZMAT First Responders all of the necessary hydrocarbon cleanup tools to quickly and effectively address road, rail, industrial, marine or pipeline spills. ...

  • Emergency Spill Control with Microbes
    Showcase Product

    Emergency Spill Control with Microbes

    By Jayne Products, Inc.

    MICROBLAZE is an emergency liquid spill control product. It is a non-toxic formulation of biological activators and selected non-pathogenic microbes, which digest fats, oils and grease, protein, starches and odors ...

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  • Murrenhil Corporation

    Murrenhil Corporation

    Murrenhil Corporation is dedicated to the sustainable development of environmental protection technology for use worldwide. To help protect the ...

  • Proactive Environmental Rentals Inc.

    Proactive Environmental Rentals Inc.

    Proactive Environmental Rentals is a full service spill recovery and water treatment equipment company. Proactive rents highly effective and ...

  • Kolda Corporation

    Kolda Corporation

    Kolda Corporation was founded in Houston, Texas in 1981 and is dedicated to serving our customers with the best equipment in the industry for: Oil ...

  • Regional Clean Sea Organization (RECSO)

    Regional Clean Sea Organization (RECSO)

    RECSO spells the Regional Clean Sea Organisation. As the title clearly indicates, RECSO is an oil industry co-operative organisation functioning on ...

  • Oppenheimer Biotechnology Inc

    Oppenheimer Biotechnology Inc

    Oppenheimer Biotechnology Incorporated (OBI), a leader in Bioremediation for over 20 years, manufactures products with naturally occurring ...