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    Electropure EDI Module Installation Checklist Datasheet

    Please read and understand the Safety Section of the Electropure EDI OEM Technical Manual before installation. Please train your colleagues regarding the safe design and operation of EDI modules. Key safety topics are the use of electricity around water and the handling of the gases produced at the electrodes. Include a safety section in the customer site maintenance ...

    By SnowPure Water Technologies

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    Determination of Trace Elements and Isotope Ratios in Borated Cooling Water of a Nuclear Power Plant - Special Application Note

    1. SUMMARY Nuclear power plants are an important and efficient source of electrical energy, supplying over 12% of the world's electricity. Many modern plants use a pressurized water reactor (PWR) due to their improved safety and self-regulating capability. The reactor coolant plays a very important role in the process. In a PWR, the primary coolant (water) is pumped under high pressure to the ...

    By Analytik Jena AG

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    Brackett Green - Double And Single Entry Drum Screen - Brochure

    Key features & benefits; In-to-out flow pattern eliminates screen bypassing. High debris handling capacities. Can operate with high headloss without tripping. Option of a Fish Recovery and Return system. High unit flows, minimizing the number of intake channels required. Produces downward loads eliminating risk of screen floatation. Suitable for nuclear power plant safety cooling water. ...

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    Training Papers Safety Against Explosion Accidents Brochure

    BÜCHI Training papers Safety against explosion accidentsContentsTraining PapersSafety against explosion accidentsPart 1 What is an explosion: Introduction into explosion protection1 What is an explosion?1.1 Oxygen1.2 Combustible material1.3 Ignition sources2 Safety characteristic numbersPart 2 Explosion protection1 Primary explosion protection2 Classification of areas2.1 Equipment ...

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

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    LDAR Site Questionnaire

    Revision 4 9/15/01 Page 1 WWW.LDAR.COM Fugitive Emissions LDAR - SITE QUESTIONNAIRE Date: Prepared By: Site: Type: Refinery Chemical Plant City/State: Name Job Function Phone e-mail Environmental Manager LDAR Program Admin. LDAR Data Admin LDAR Monitoring Tech Mark who is responsible for the following activities: * Data download/upload for field monitoring ...

    By InspectionLogic Corporation

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    Hach FL900 Portable Series Flow Logger - Leaflet

    When combined with the Flo-Dar sensor or the AV9000 module, the Hach fl900 Series Flow Logger takes flow monitoring to a whole new level. With features that reduce site time and increase crew safety, the flow monitoring system allows you to easily manage your flow data, as well as your ...

    By The OTT Hydromet Group

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    Biogas Sweetening Solutions - Brochure

    Biogas emissions provide a valuable potential source of recoverable energy. However the presence of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in biogas can restrict its use as it will adversely impact downstream equipment and cause SOx emissions in thermal combustion of the gas. In addition, the presence of H2S can lead to issues with health and safety as well as cause a potential off-site nuisance condition for ...

    By Biorem Technologies Inc.

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    BioNet - Plastic Random Filter Media Brochrue

    Bionet is a perfect method of securing and installing the plastic random filter media in situ. Designed for municipal and package sewage plants BioNet is ideal for random media filtration control for water processing. BioNet has major long term health and safety benefits for staff both for initial installation and for longer term ...

    By Warden Biomedia

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    Purolite ECR1030M DVB/Acrylate - Enzyme Carrier Safety Data Sheet

    SAFETY DATA SHEET 1. Identification of the substance or preparation and of the company/undertaking 1.1. Identification of substance or preparation: Purolite® ECR1030M Trade name or designation of mixture: Styrene, divinylbenzene, acrylate copolymerEC Number: Not applicableREACH Registration Number: This mixture is exempted from Registration according to the provisions of Title II and VI and ...

    By Purolite Corporation

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    PiGNX - Bio-Repellent For Birds Material Safety Data Sheet

    MSDS 6 Material Safety Data Sheet OSHA/ANSI 2003 Compliant Date: 05/26/2009 NFGA Rating: Health: 1 Flammability: 1 Instability: 0 HMIS Rating: Health: 1 Flammability: 1 Physical Hazard: 0 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Product Name: PiGNX ™ Product Number: A2006 Intended Use: Pigeon/Bird ...

    By Nixalite of America Inc.

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    Analytical Products and Solutions -Brochure

    Today’s project challenge Doing more with fewer resources You face real challenges specifying, shelters, utilities, communications, safety systems, commissioning, and operating analytical measurement systems in today’s process plant. Now you’ve got more than just the process to measure. The job also includes air, water, and by-products that once were not considered worth ...

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    Purolite NRW1600 All Nuclear Plant Applications Were SAC Resins Are Used MSDS

    MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET1. Identification of the substance or preparation and of the company/undertaking1.1. Identification of substance or preparation: Purolite® NRW16001.2. Use of the substance/preparation: Ion Exchange, Adsorbent, and/or Catalyst Chemical Name: Polystyrene sulphonic acid1.3. Company/undertaking Identification: The Purolite Company 150 Monument RoadBala Cynwyd, PA 19004 ...

    By Purolite Corporation

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    Simple Green - Model 13351 - Safety Towels Brochure

    Simple Green Safety Towels are premoistened with nontoxic, biodegradable, industrial strength Crystal Simple Green.® These multi-purpose cleaning towels are the fast, easy, safe and effective way to remove soils from skin and industrial surfaces. Crystal Simple Green® is USDA-authorized for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. Colorless and odorless, both nonabrasive and ...

    By Chemtex, Inc.

  • HexArmor - Model 4050 Arctic Mitt - Heavy Duty Gloves - Datasheet

    Some job sites require more protection – they demand the strongest, toughest, and most resilient safety gloves. HexArmor has spent many years on sites like this – it’s how we created the heavy-duty line of products. Built to handle the most extreme occupational hazards, HexArmor heavy duty gloves are built from the inside out, with technologies that provide industry leading cut ...

    By HexArmor

  • Apollo - Model RT7 - Rate Totaliser - Datasheet

    The RT7 takes a pulse input from your flowmeter and simultaneously displays the flowrate and total. It also displays a non resettable accumulated total at the touch of a button. High and low flow rate alarms can be used as part of a safety system to protect your plant. There is a scaled pulse output and an analogue 4-20mA output for transmission to other instruments or control ...

  • bioArcus - Model DBC Plus - Dried Bacterial Cultures - Brochure

    DBC Plus cultures are a blend of harmless saprophytic bacterial strains originally isolated from the natural environment and which utilize non-living organic matter as a food source. The bacteria are selected micro-organisms, carefully chosen for their ability to biodegradation to harmless end products. Being saprophytic they are not pathogenic, toxic, caustic or corrosive and therefore are safe ...

    By bioArcus Sp. z o.o.

  • Ozone Material Safety Data Sheet

    This SDS is limited to ozone produced in gaseous form on site by an ozone generator, in varying concentrations, in either air or aqueous solution, for the purposes of odor abatement, oxidation of organic compounds, or antimicrobial intervention, in a variety of ...

  • FS Uno Product Datasheet

    Ground-mounted plants are an economically e­ cient alternative to solar plants on roofs. The right substructure made by Schletter safeguards structural safety, maximum economic e­ ciency and long durability of ground-mounted solar ...

    By Schletter GmbH

  • Blubox - Lamp and Flat Panel Display Recycling Plant Technical Specifications - Brochure

    The BLUBOX was developed to recycle flat panel displays and lamps containing mercury. The machine separates the hazardous particles and extracts valuable output fractions for further processing. This fully automated process is packed in a 40ft HC container, which is constantly under negative pressure and therefore meets highest safety standards. Besides its environmentally and operator-friendly ...

    By BLUBOX Trading AG

  • Prentice - Model 2864C - Site Prep Tractors- Brochure

    The Prentice 2864C Site Prep Tractor, a multi-purpose, heavy-duty machine with the muscle to run power-hungry mulchers and brushcutters has a long history. Now this machine has been updated to boost performance and improve operator comfort and safety. Tackle a variety of land management projects with one machine and lower your owning and operating ...

    By Prentice

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