Health & Safety Equipment in Panama

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    Motorized Foot Valve Pump

    Among other items the standard set contains a foot valve pump suitable for two pumping tubes, tube guides, ball valves, polyethylene tube and an aluminium tripod. The revolutionary PowerPack PP1, a borehole sampling system for groundwater and leachate, is light enough to be carried by one person. It’s powerful enough to lift water from 50 m ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in PANAMA. from Groundwater Sampling Product line

  • Absorbent Pads

    Design to comply with our needs in the field, Eco-Klean has created a better quality and priced pad for the Latin American market.

    By Eco Klean based in Buena Vista Colon, PANAMA.

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    Mini-Diver - Groundwater Level Data Loggers

    Diver water level data loggers by Schlumberger Water Services are the world’s most widely used and compact instruments for automatic measurement and registration of groundwater level, conductivity and temperature.

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in PANAMA.

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    Meteo Dataloggers & Sensors: Automatic Agro-Meteostation, 8 Channels

    Eijkelkamp Soil & Water designed a standard 8 channel meteostation for measuring, recording and processing of the standard parameters: wind speed and wind direction, global radiation, air temperature, air humidity and precipitation. The station is constructed around a foldable mast which can be taken apart, allowing for mobile applications of ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in PANAMA. from Earth Monitoring Product line

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    ABB - Model XFCG4 6200/6201EX - Explosion-proof Flow Computer

    Based on XSeries technology, the XFCG4 6200EX series offers an explosion proof product for differential or linear metering and automation systems. The XFCG4 6200EX series are accurate, reliable flow computers with the capability to measure and monitor gas flow in compliance with AGA, API and ISO standards. These units are exp

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    ABB - Model LMC7100 - Liquid Level Sensor

    The LevelMaster combines the industry’s most innovative hardware and software to address the unique custody-measurement and operational needs of tank-level management. The LevelMaster provides not only an accurate level gauge, but also an accurate measurement of the oil and water interface.

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    Air Pycnometer According to Langer

    The air pycnometer is supplied as a complete set, including a calibration block. The apparatus is suited for sample rings with a maximum diameter of 53 or 60 mm (max. height 51 resp. 40 mm). The instrument has a measuring range of 0-115 cm3. The time period of the measurement is approximately 1 minute. The maximum measuring accuracy equals 1%.

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in PANAMA. from Soil physical research in the laboratory Product line

  • BioSolve Pinkwater - For Oil/Fuel Vapor Suppression, Soil Remediation, Tank Cleaning and Spill Cleanup

    BioSolve Pinkwater is a proprietary, water-based, biodegradable formulation of surfactants and performance additives. In a dilute aqueous solution, Pinkwater creates micro-emulsions (micelles) when vigorously applied to hydrocarbon contaminants. These micellular emulsions perform three essential functions that are common requirements across ...

    By The BioSolve Company Distributor in PANAMA.

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    Field Mounted Temperature Transmitters

    The compact and robust field mounted termperature transmitters of this new series from ABB are accommodated in field housings with optional indicators. Besides the analog and digital indicators a CoMeter - i.e. a HART-compatible configurator - is available. The CoMeter permits to configure a HART-programmable transmitter in the control loop. The ...

    By ABB Measurement Products Office in Panama, PANAMA. from Temperature Measurement Product line

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    Fluoride Monitor 8231

    The Fluoride Monitor 8231 uses a fluoride ion-selective and reference electrode pair, mounted in a temperature controlled flowcell. This compact, self-contained analyzer from ABB provides effective measurements of fluoride in potable water treatment and the semiconductor and oral hygiene industries. Uses include river intake protection and final ...

    By ABB Measurement Products Office in Panama, PANAMA. from Analytical Instruments Product line

  • The SECurus System

    The SECurus system combines advanced stabilized long range and highly sensitive IR and digital video cameras with a unique Electronic Chart System. The ECS touch screen overlays information from several sources. The system knows the exact geographic position of every pixel in the pictures from both cameras and can project the image onto the map ...

    By Aptomar AS Distributor in Ciudad de Panamá, PANAMA.

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    Multivariable Field Indicator 264IB

    The Multivariable Field Indicator 264IB is an accessory device of the 2600T Series covered by multiple agency approvals (including ATEX-FISCO and FM) for intrinsically safe and explosion proof applications with full compliance to hazardous area requirements.

    By ABB Measurement Products Office in Panama, PANAMA. from Pressure Measurement Accessories Product line

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    Penetrograph - Field Measurement Equipment

    The penetrograph is a devise for determination of the penetration resistance of the ground. The standard set is equipped with various penetration cones, recorder pens, probe rods and recording charts. The entire set, including spare parts, instructions, cone check and the tool are packed in an aluminium carrying/transport case. Every penetrograph ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in PANAMA. from In Situ Soil Physical Research Product line

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    Safety-Critical Transmitters - 268DD

    Model 268DD Safety-Critical differential/gauge pressure transmitter features a direct mount diaphragm seal. Taylor’s “All-Welded” diaphragm seal manufacturing technology optimize in-field performances. The enhanced 268 is the safest pressure transmitter on the market today.

    By ABB Measurement Products Office in Panama, PANAMA. from Safety-Critical Transmitters Product line

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    Memocheck - Model Sim CYP03D - Digital Service and Qualification Tool

    Memocheck Sim CYP03D is the flexible service and qualification tool for all applications. It simulates definable values and supports you in installation, commissioning or troubleshooting. Memocheck Sim is connected instead of the sensor and checks the complete measuring chain from cable coupling to the process control system, proving that measured ...

    By Endress Hauser Office in Paitilla Panamá, PANAMA. from Liquid Analysis Product line

  • Aptomar - Model TCMS - Tactical Collaboration And Management System

    The TCMS is a standalone tactical tool for collaboration and information sharing between the vessels, platforms and land based resources involved in safety critical operations at sea.

    By Aptomar AS Distributor in Ciudad de Panamá, PANAMA.

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    Proline Promass - Model F 200 - Coriolis Flowmeter

    Promass F has a long standing reputation as a highly accurate device under varying process conditions. It is suited for broadest range of applications. Promass F 200 offers in addition genuine, industry-compliant two-wire technology. This enables the device to be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructures and control systems. Additional ...

    By Endress Hauser Office in Paitilla Panamá, PANAMA. from Flow Measurement M Product line

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    Field Inspection Vane Borer for Shear stress Measurement:

    Field inspection vane borer, standard set for measurement up to 160 kPa (16 t/m2) and a depth of 10 m. The robust field inspection vane borer is a somewhat heavier tool for measuring the shear strength in the field. Without pre-drilling a hole the vane can be pushed or hammered into the soil. If the soil is too hard, then it is recommended to ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in PANAMA. from In Situ Soil Physical Research Product line

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    Field Inspection Vane Tester for Shear Stress Measurement

    The shear strength or stress of the soil depends on different soil characteristics such as for instance: the granular composition, the humus content, the humidity and (in case of vegetation covered areas) the degree of coverage and the density of the roots. In order to determine the shear stress in the strata in for instance a profile pit, on the ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in PANAMA. from In Situ Soil Physical Research Product line

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    Micropilot - Model FMR20 - Radar Measurement Time-of-Flight

    Micropilot FMR20 offers continuous non-contact level and flow (via linearization table) measurement and is a perfect application fit for the water & wastewater industry and utilities across all industries. Commissioning is possible via HART or wireless via app using Bluetooth or with remote display. Signal curves can be shown via app on every ...

    By Endress Hauser Office in Paitilla Panamá, PANAMA.

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