Health & Safety Equipment in Poland

  • Durag - Model HM-1400 TRX - Total Mercury Analyzer System

    Extractive Automatic Measuring System (AMS) for continuous total mercury monitoring (CMM) in stack gas or process gas.

    By DURAG GmbH Distributor in Poznan, POLAND. from Others Product line

  • BM 26 A

    Liquid Bypass Level Indicator. Simple, rugged design. Particularly suitable for use with highly corosive, noxious or flammable substances and ideal for severe operating conditions. For Level or Interface measurement.

    By Krohne Messtechnik Gmbh & Co. KG Office in Gdańsk, POLAND. from Level Measurement Product line

  • OXYS - Anti-Odor Carbon Filters

    WOGOX is specialised in anti-odor carbon filters, which are mainly used in various kinds of sewage system odors, including inspection chabers, sewage pumping stations and septic tanks. The main function of anti-odor carbon filters OXYS is minimising the effects of chemicals (odorful and odorless) coming from sewage systems.

    By WOGOX based in Radzionków, POLAND.

  • Radiation Sensors

    Radiation data is important in calculating an energy balance, in determining latent heat flux vs. sensible heat, in generating interception data for biomass and crop growth models, and for use in the Penman-Monteith equation. We offer both total solar radiation and photosynthetically-active radiation sensors.

    By Decagon Devices, Inc. Distributor in Szczecin, POLAND. from Environmental Sensors Product line

  • Model HVS-30 - High Volume Dust Sampler

    The Dust Sampler HVS 30 is a High-Volume-Sampler, that comes with the 40 m3-vacuum pump. The flow rate amounts to about 40 m3/h with a glass fibre filter inserted. When using it with a PM10 or PM2.5-sample head the device has to be operated with  an flow rate of 30m3/h.

    By Atmoservice based in Poznan, POLAND. from Samplers Product line

  • Haarslev - Scrubber

    Haarslev knows the demands of several industries which makes us able to develop, design and manufacture a wide range of high efficient odour treatment systems for the following industries:

    By Haarslev A/S Office in Ostrowiec, POLAND. from Odor Control Product line

  • HALOCARBON - Model HFC 227ea - Gas Extinguishing System

    The extinguishing agent HFC 227ea is a hydrofluorocarbon (or heptafluorpropane). From an environmental point of view, the extinguishing agent HFC 227ea is approved by EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) within the Significant New Alternative Program or SNAP. Despite its extremely low environmental impact values, unnecessary discharges or ...

    By Eusebi Impianti S.r.l. Office in Bielsko Biala, POLAND.

  • Premium

    HORIBA - Model CVS-ONE Series - Constant Volume Sampler

    The CVS-ONE series is designed for the measurement of diluted emissions from vehicles and engines. The new integrated operating platform, HORIBA ONE PLATFORM is adopted for the CVS-ONE. The hardware has been significantly downsized from previous designs, reducing test cell footprint requirements. It introduces new functions and is more ...

    By HORIBA Europe GmbH Office in POLAND. from Automotive Test Systems Product line

  • Premium

    Delta-T - Model ML3 ThetaKit - Soil Moisture Measurement Kit

    Supplied in a convenient carry case, the ThetaKit (based around the ML3 ThetaProbe Soil Moisture Sensor) contains everything you need to obtain accurate soil moisture measurements. The kit comes complete with a dedicated HH2 Moisture Meter for instant readout, an insertion tool for penetrating hard soils, and a set of spare replacement rods. With ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd. Distributor in Szczecin, POLAND. from Irrigation Monitoring and Horticulture Monitoring Product line

  • Premium

    Lumex - Model RA-915M - Mercury Analyzer

    Mercury Analyzer is a portable multifunctional atomic absorption spectrometer with Zeeman background correction, which eliminates the effect of interfering impurities. It is the only high sensitivity and selectivity instrument that does not require gold amalgam pre-concentration and subsequent regeneration steps. This enables the user to conduct ...

    By Lumex Instruments Group Distributor in Warszawa, POLAND. from Mercury Analyzers Product line

  • Premium

    Norsonic - Model Nor1506 - Portable Noise Monitoring Terminal

    The weatherproof case Nor1506 has been designed to protect the sound-measuring instrument from heavy weather such as rain and snow.

    By Norsonic AS Distributor in POLAND. from Environmental Monitoring Product line

  • Premium

    Tekran - Model 3310 - Elemental Mercury (Hg) Calibration Unit

    The Tekran Model 3310 Elemental Mercury Calibrator allows high-level mercury monitoring systems to be accurately calibrated using elemental mercury. The Model 3310 allows both multi-point calibrations and standard additions to be automatically initiated. The unit generates known mercury concentrations using a NIST traceable temperature controlled ...

    By Tekran Instruments Corporation Distributor in Chorzów, POLAND. from Flue Gas CEM Product line

  • Showcase

    PORTAFID - Model M3/M3K - Portable Flame Ionisation Detector

    Flame ionisation detectors for inspecting underground gas lines. The PORTAFID M3 / PORTAFID M3K portable flame ionisation detector is the perfect tool for above-ground inspections of underground gas lines. It is reliable and highly accurate, resistant to interference from moisture and only responds selectively to hydrocarbons. The PORTAFID M3 ...

    By Hermann Sewerin GmbH Office in Warsaw, POLAND. from Gas Leak Detection Outdoors Product line

  • Premium

    HORIBA - Model OPSA-150 - Organic Pollutant Monitor

    The OPSA-150 is a new organic pollutant monitor that uses HORIBA's proprietary Rotary Cell Length Modulation, a measuring technique incorporating 25 years of expertise. The unit can be used as an organic pollutant monitor at drainage systems for determining compliance with COD monitoring regulations, for monitoring quality of water measuring ...

  • Premium

    Opsis - Open-Path UV & FTIR DOAS Systems

    OPSIS AQM systems measure multiple gases in real time over an open path. Using the DOAS (Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy) technique, the system is non-contact, with fast response. One system can be configured to monitor NO, NO2, SO2, O3, BTX, NH3, CO, CO2, HF, H2O, CH4, Hg, HCl, among other gaseous compounds. A basic system includes ...

    By Opsis AB Distributor in Lublin, POLAND. from Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Product line

  • Premium

    Tekran - Model 1135 - Particulate Mercury Unit

    The Tekran Model 1135 Particulate Mercury Module connects seamlessly to the top of the Model 1130 to continuously monitor ambient air particulate bound mercury (HgP), gaseous oxidized mercury (GOM) and gaseous elemental mercury (GEM). The complete Tekran 2537-1130-1135 Atmospheric Mercury Speciation System provides fully automated, unattended ...

    By Tekran Instruments Corporation Distributor in Chorzów, POLAND. from Ambient Air Product line

  • Premium

    Purolite - Model NRW1000 - Make up Demineralization and Radwaste

    Purolite NRW1000 is a uniform particle nuclear grade gel cation resin for use in nuclear power operations. This high capacity, mechanically and chemically stable product is used as a stand-alone product for demineralization in separate vessels. This product is excellent for regenerable systems and is cost effective for radwaste installations. ...

    By Purolite Corporation Office in Gdynia, POLAND. from Nuclear Grade Cation Product line

  • Model PCWU-3,8H-A3 - Air Heat Pump

    The air heat pump is designed for supplemental tap water heating. It may be used in combination with both new and old installations with a water heater of any capacity. The heat pump is particularly recommended in systems involving heaters equipped with electric heating elements or solid-fuel boilers that should not be used outside the heating ...

    By Hewalex based in Czechowice-Dziedzice, POLAND. from Heat Pumps for Domestic Hot Water Product line

  • Model WPA-D/Ex - Horizontal Outlet Explosion Proof Fans

    BULLET-type roof fans are meant for general ventilation of buildings. They have been developed for conveying the dry air of maximum temperature +40- °C, of dustiness not exceeding , 0,3 g/m , without viscous impurities, aggressive compounds or substances causing explosion risk. The series of fans consists of four sizes of subsequent connection ...

    By Klimawent S.A. based in Gdynia, POLAND. from Explosion-Proof Fans Product line

  • Mena Water - Activated Carbon Filter

    Activated carbon filters are designed for the removal of vapors and odours which are present within the air or gas flow. The activated carbon filter adsorbs vapors and binds them to the surface of the activated carbon. The zero odour level is reached by contacting the air through a bed of activated carbon in an adsorber. The carbon bed is ...

    By Mena Water FZC Office in Poznan, POLAND. from Odor Control Product line

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