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RACI - Dust monitoring Systems

by RACI d.o.o.     based in Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

Beside performing gravimetrical dust measurements,RACI company is also able to offer its customers contemporary, proven and robust dust monitoringsystems for continuous or discontinuous monitoring with competent and compliance solutions, low costs of ownership, high reliabi

HORIBA - Model OPSA-150 - Organic Pollutant Monitor

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in SLOVENIA

The OPSA-150 is a new organic pollutant monitor that uses HORIBA's proprietary Rotary Cell Length Modulation, a measuring technique incorporating 25 years of expertise. The unit can be used as an organic pollutant monitor at drainage systems for determining compliance with COD monitoring regulations, for monitoring quality of water measuring ...

HORIBA - Model CVS-ONE Series - Constant Volume Sampler

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in SLOVENIA

The CVS-ONE series is designed for the measurement of diluted emissions from vehicles and engines. The new integrated operating platform, HORIBA ONE PLATFORM is adopted for the CVS-ONE. The hardware has been significantly downsized from previous designs, reducing test cell footprint requirements. It introduces new functions and is more ...

Model Series M 5600 C - AQUAprocessor

by Controlmatik ABW d.o.o.     based in Domzale, SLOVENIA

AQUAprocessor series M 5600 C is unit built with main CPU (central processor unit) and can be expanded through various other extension modules, as to the system. It is designed to control the process values on water plants, swimmingpools, waste water plants or in industry. Regulation cabinet can be configured for manual or automatic output ...

HORIBA - Model OBS-ONE - Real Driving Emissions Monitoring System

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in SLOVENIA

In 2015 the European Commission´s (EC) Member States agreed on new procedures and requirements for light-duty vehicle type approval certification introducing Portable Emission Measurement System (PEMS) for vehicle testing on the road. In conjunction with the new WLTC test cycle Real Driving Emissions (RDE) legislation will be implemented as ...

HORIBA - Model UVISEL 2 VUV - Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in SLOVENIA

A versatile spectroscopic ellipsometer covering a range from VUV to NIR.The UVISEL 2 VUV is a new generation of phase modulation ellipsometer for VUV measurements. It is the only spectroscopic ellipsometer on the market designed to deliver the fastest thin film measurements over the largest wavelength range, from 147 to 2100 nm.

Motorized Foot Valve Pump

by Eijkelkamp Soil & Water     Distributor in SLOVENIA

Among other items the standard set contains a foot valve pump suitable for two pumping tubes, tube guides, ball valves, polyethylene tube and an aluminium tripod. The revolutionary PowerPack PP1, a borehole sampling system for groundwater and leachate, is light enough to be carried by one person. It’s powerful enough to lift water from 50 m ...

HORIBA - Model PA-1000 - Environmental Radiation Monitor Radi

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in SLOVENIA

Every day, wherever we go, we are exposed to minute amounts of environmental radiation. This environmental radiation is emitted continuously, day and night, from various objects and substances in the natural world and our living environment. Most environmental radiation consists of three types: alpha rays (α), beta rays (β) and gamma ...

Technol - Double Wall Tanks

by Technol     based in Izola, SLOVENIA

Double wall tanks are very important when storing hazardous media that can damage the environment. Double wall tanks are very suitable for storage of petrolium on pump stations as undergorund tanks. Monitoring equipment has to be installed to monitor any possible leakeges and have time to react and prevent any damages in the environment.

Mini-Diver - Groundwater Level Data Loggers

by Eijkelkamp Soil & Water     Distributor in SLOVENIA

Diver water level data loggers by Schlumberger Water Services are the world’s most widely used and compact instruments for automatic measurement and registration of groundwater level, conductivity and temperature.

Sep-Pak SPE - Sample Extraction Instruments

by Waters Corporation     Distributor in SLOVENIA

Sep-Pak products are recognized worldwide and remain the most referenced SPE products for GC/MS, HPLC, and LC/MS analysis, offering a wide variety of chemistries and configurations to complement the 96-well and patented* uElution plate format. Each design configuration offers specific functional benefits, but all contain the same high quality ...

HORIBA - Model OCMA-500 - Oil Content Monitor

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in SLOVENIA

The OCMA-500 Oil Content Monitor has been redesigned for even better operability, maintaining its user-friendly features.After injecting the sample, all you have to do is press a button to get the monitoring operation done quickly, from oil extraction to sample measurement and draining. This machine is easy for anyone to use.The OCMA-500 cuts ...

Meteo Dataloggers & Sensors: Automatic Agro-Meteostation, 8 Channels

by Eijkelkamp Soil & Water     Distributor in SLOVENIA

Eijkelkamp Soil & Water designed a standard 8 channel meteostation for measuring, recording and processing of the standard parameters: wind speed and wind direction, global radiation, air temperature, air humidity and precipitation. The station is constructed around a foldable mast which can be taken apart, allowing for mobile applications of ...

HORIBA - Model OCMA-25 - Automatic Oil Content Monitor

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in SLOVENIA

Over the past several decades, HORIBA has designed and manufactured a complete line of high-quality non-dispersing infrared analyzers and analyzer systems. HORIBA has extended infrared gas analyzer technology to the continuous measurement of oil in water for process monitoring and waste water alarm applications. The OCMA oil content analyzers are ...

OCMA - Model 550 - Oil Content Monitor

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in SLOVENIA

OCMA-550 to measure residual oil on components and concentrations of oil adhered on solids such as soil. Measurement can be easily made only by injecting the extracted water sample into the attached cell and setting it to the equipment. This model features a simple design which allows opening/closing of the door to setting of cell with just one ...

Model Art: 2009 - Overground Hydrant

by IMP ARMATURE d.o.o.     based in Ivančna, SLOVENIA

Overground hydrant Art. 2009 with double shut-off Typ A (unbreakable construction) and Typ C (breakable construction) for quick use in case of fires and temporary connecting of pipe network.Hydrants are manufactured and tested ace. to EN 14384, EN 1074-6 and ace. to Construction Products Directive 89/106 EEC

Telaire - Model 6613 - CO2 OEM Module

by Edinburgh Instruments Ltd     Distributor in SLOVENIA

Small, compact CO2 module designed to integrate into existing controls and equipment.

Signal - Model 526 - Methane/ Non-Methane Hydrocarbon Analyser

by Signal Group Ltd     Distributor in SLOVENIA

The 526 Methane/Non-Methane Hydrocarbon Analyser analyser is designed for measurement of methane and non-methane hydrocarbons in ambient air applications. Sample system.

Telaire Ventostat - Model 8100 Series - Wall Mount CO2, Humidity and Temperature Transmitters

by Edinburgh Instruments Ltd     Distributor in SLOVENIA

Wall mounted commercial grade single beam CO2 ventilation controllers for applications where there is not full-time occupation.

Telaire - Model 2077 - RH/Temp Datalogging Kit

by Edinburgh Instruments Ltd     Distributor in SLOVENIA

Connects directly to the 7001 monitor. Includes RH, Temp, datalogger s/w and cables.

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