Health & Safety Equipment in USA

  • River Water Monitoring

    Monitoring of river water is essential to maintain water quality. Human activities and products are almost exclusively responsible for pollution. Industrial sites, urban infrastructure and development, agriculture, transport, and deliberate or accidental pollution all adversely affect river water quality. Geology also plays a significant role with ...

    By Modern Water - Monitoring Division Office in New Castle, DELAWARE (USA).

  • Model Super 450 - Aerosol Can Crushers

    Electrical Requirements: Crusher: One 115/230 volt, 20/10 amps, single-phase dedicated circuit Collection System: One 115/230 volt, 12/6 amps, single-phase dedicated circuit. Crushing Force: 12,000 pounds. Operating Cycle Time: 8 Seconds. Crushing Chamber : Handles cans from 2 to 12 inches tall and 1 1/2 to 3 inches in diameter. Dimensions: 70'w x ...

    By Compactors Incorporated based in Hilton Head Island, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Aerosol Can Crushers Product line

  • Model ODORSCRUB - Wet Scrubber

    The ODORSCRUB PTS line of packed tower scrubbers is designed to be a low cost, highly effective system for removing Hydrogen Sulfide and/or Ammonia from municipal wastewater applications. The systems are based on neutralization of the H2S into a caustic solution. Recirculation will increase the concentration of the gas in solution and decrease the ...

    By Enduro Composites / Enduro Systems Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Odor Control Process Systems Product line

  • Model PRO-II - Quality Check Well Water Test Kit

    As a private well owner or driller, knowing the quality of you're well water is not an option. When it comes to testing well water, time is vital. The Quality Check PRO-ll Well Test Kit is a laboratory in a package and is the only test kit on the market that gives you individual foil packaged double tests. This gives you the freedom to use any ...

    By H2OKITS based in Marietta, OHIO (USA). from Well Water Test Kits Product line

  • BM 26 A

    Liquid Bypass Level Indicator. Simple, rugged design. Particularly suitable for use with highly corosive, noxious or flammable substances and ideal for severe operating conditions. For Level or Interface measurement.

    By Krohne Messtechnik Gmbh & Co. KG Office in Peabody, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Level Measurement Product line

  • SpectraDec - 8-Channel A/D FFT Cards System

    The SpectraDec has up to eight (8) seperate channels each with its own A/D and connects to a standard computer using a USB 2.0 connection. The cardset can be used with our WinProtect software for four (4) channel Route Collection, Realtime Analysis, Event Monitoring, Remote Monitoring, Data Analysis and Reporting. The SpectraDec also works with ...

    By Vibration Specialty Corporation (VSC) based in Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Vibration Product line

  • Kleissler PC - Milling Dust Control Hoods

    Kleissler Particle Control provides custom designed dust control hoods at the charge and discharge ports of a wide range of milling equipment. Special attention is given to allow for easy mounting and removal of hoods to the equipment and for easy cleaning without the need to use hand tools.

    By Kleissler P C, LLC based in Avon-by-the-Sea, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Dust Control Equipment Product line

  • Donaldson Torit - Downdraft Bench

    Donaldson Torit Downdraft benches are ergonomically designed with a steel work surface, fluorescent light, quiet operation, and hinged side panels that can open to fit longer work pieces. Downdraft Benches provide superior capture of a wide range of materials used in grinding and finishing operations.

    By Donaldson Torit based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA). from Downdraft Benches and Weld Bench Product line

  • FORMULA - Model 105 - Industrial Wastewater Odor Control

    For industrial wastewater treatment FORMULA 105 effectively and safely controls industrial wastewater odor in sludge and sewage, lift stations, air scrubbers and wastewater lagoons without masking agents or VOC emissions. Customers report reduction of suspended solids (saving on sewage up-charges), and accelerated flocculation of metal sludge. ...

    By The Definitive Deodorant Company based in North Kansas City, MISSOURI (USA).

  • Arsenic - Media Filter

    Due to the change in Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards of acceptable arsenic levels in drinking water, municipal water systems across the United States are searching for arsenic solutions to either complement or replace their current processes. As of January 2006, a minimum $5000 fine is incurred each day the arsenic levels in a ...

    By MicroNose Technology, Inc based in Blackhawk,, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Laboratory Safety Mat

    This 9.84Þ x 9.84Þ non-slip silicone rubber mat offers temperature resistance up to 500°F.

    By Forestry Suppliers, Inc. based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA). from Labware Product line

  • Nederman - Model FX - Solder Fume Extraction Arms

    For extraction of solder fumes and capturing of odors when gluing, or working with solvents, The Bench Top FX fume and odor extraction arms are made of light-weight anodized aluminium sections, with two or three adjustable, plastic friction joints. For extraction of solder fumes when soldering and for capturing odors from gluing, or working with ...

    By Nederman Office in Thomasville, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Extraction Arms - Bench Top Extraction Arms Product line

  • BCT-ODO Trap

    BCT-ODO-Trap contains patented biological odor control technology and can degrade hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, and volatile fatty acids. A biological odor control program using BCT-ODO-Trap offers superior odor prevention because it works in the same environments where odors are generated. Furthermore, it has no unintended negative impact on the ...

    By BioConversion Technology based in Ellijay, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Odor Control and Prevention Product line

  • BCT-OX

    BCT-OX is a proprietary chemical/microbial blend that represents an advanced treatment for fats, oils, greases (FOG) and odors in collection system pump stations and adjacent sewer lines. The introduction of BCT-OX also performs well on proteins, lipids and carbohydrates delivering a superior biological grouping for FOG and odors in collection ...

    By BioConversion Technology based in Ellijay, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Odor Control and Prevention Product line

  • ACO Pacific - Model 521 - Sound Level Calibrator

    Specifications and Accessories: 1000 Hz +/- 1%. Distortion Less than 2% THD. 0 dB Reference Point for: A, B, C, D Weighting. 94 dBSPL = 1 Pa. Accuracy - Meets IEC60942:2003 Class 1. +/-0.3 dB @ 23 C°. +/-0.5 dB 0 to 50 C°. Power 9Vdc Alkaline Battery 6F22 (NEDA 1604A). Cavity Diameter 0.525 Inch. Effective Volume 6.19 cm3+/- 0.2 cm3. 1/2 ...

    By ACO Pacific, Inc. based in Belmont, CALIFORNIA (USA). from SPL Calibrators Product line

  • 512-Channel Gamma Ray Spectrometer

    512-Channel Gamma-Ray Spectrometer for Field, Borehole, Car and Laboratory. In Situ K, U, Th Analyses. Sensitive and Accurate Dose Rate Meter. One Control Unit and a Choice of Probes. NaI(Tl) and BGO Detectors. Simultaneous Multi-Probe Measurement. Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries for 3-4 Working Days. Easy Control System

    By GF Instruments, s.r.o. Distributor in MINNESOTA (USA). from Gamma-Ray Product line

  • Allegro - Model 9820-LP - LP AllegroAir Airline Cooling System

    This is a perfect, low cost & portable means of cooling breathing air while keeping workers comfortable and productive for hours. The system is capable of reducing the air temperature from 180°F to as low as 50°F. The cooling system is connected to the Ambient Air Pump through a 5' long inlet supply airline using a heavy duty ...

    By Allegro Industries based in Piedmont,, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Respirators Product line

  • Nixalite - Tanglefoot Paste Bird Repellent

    This clear, non-drying, sticky compound is used to discourage birds from landing on all types of surfaces. Colorless and odorless, Tanglefoot is an EPA registered bird repellent for use against pigeons, starlings and sparrows. Tanglefoot remains effective in repelling birds for up to a year under normal conditions.

    By Nixalite of America Inc. based in East Moline, ILLINOIS (USA). from Bird Control Products Product line

  • Nixalite - Migrate for Agriculture Bird Repellent

    Get more of your berries to market by feeding less to the birds! Migrate for Agriculture is a biodegradable, non-toxic liquid that is sprayed on cherry, grape and blueberry crops to reduce feeding losses due to pest birds.

    By Nixalite of America Inc. based in East Moline, ILLINOIS (USA). from Bird Control Products Product line

  • SSP 20 Solvent Saver - Printing

    The Solvent Saver Printing (SSP 20) is designed with a multi-stage vacuum distillation process that separates solvent into its components at lower-than-boiling point temperatures. Operation is fully automatic via a PLC controller with a color LCD touch screen interface.

    By Maratek Environmental Inc. Office in Valley Cottage, NEW YORK (USA). from Printing Industry Solvent Recycling Equipment Product line

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