Health & Safety Equipment in Hawaii

  • Model BCP35S - Refinery and Chemical Waste Remediation in Soil

    BCP35S is formulated for Bioremediation of soil contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons and related wastes. BCP35S contains organisms that will degrade a wide range of hydrocarbons: gasoline, diesel, crude, benzene, tolusne, ethyl benzene and xylene.

    By Corrosion Cops based in Waipahu, HAWAII (USA). from Industrial & Municipal Waste Treatments Product line

  • Hostile Fire Detection System

    FLASH a next generation sniper detection system that can locate multiple shooters in 1/10th of a second and in 360 degrees - see the shooter before you hear the gun shot. At the heart of FLASH is a a patented positioning sensor array and software that is so fast, FLASH can spot the shooter and identify the class of weapons being fired - leaving ...

    By Oceanit Laboratories, Inc. based in Honolulu, HAWAII (USA).

  • Wireless Intelligent Sensor Platform for Emergency Responders

    SPER is the Wireless Intelligent Sensor Platform for Emergency Responders. The WISPER network consists of disposable wireless mesh nodes, each the size of five quarters stacked together. Each node connects to each other to form a temporary communication network within a building so first responders can stay connected.

    By Oceanit Laboratories, Inc. based in Honolulu, HAWAII (USA).

  • Customized Solar Systems

    With a history of more than 30 years serving residential and commercial customers on Oahu, Mercury Solar is recognized as being among the preeminent Honolulu solar panel companies. Given the famously high rates for electricity in Hawaii, we recognize what an enormous drain your utility bills may be placing on your business, and we understand how ...

    By Mercury Solar based in Honolulu, HAWAII (USA).

  • Premium

    Myron L - Model CTCII™ - Conductivity / TDS Chemical Treatment Controller / Cooling Tower Controller

    The unique circuitry of the CTCII Chemical. Treatment Controller guarantees accurate and reliable measurements. Drift free performance is assured by “field proven” electronics, including automatic DC offset compensation and highly accurate drive voltage.

  • ConVault - Secondary Containment

    A high performance, 30 MIL high density polyethylene membrane encloses the primary tank and provides secondary spill containment. The second stage of manufacturing consists of wrapping the steel tank with a minimum of 1/4” thick Styrofoam (foam) insulation and an impervious barrier of 30-Mil high-density polyethylene membrane (HDPE). The ...

    By ConVault, Inc. - Oldcastle Precast Distributor in Keaau, HAWAII (USA).

  • Premium

    Field Painted Welded Storage Tanks

    Superior Tank designs, fabricates and erects welded steel storage tanks for the oil and water industries. Our welded tanks are well suited for storage of potable water, waste water, water for fire protection as well as crude oil and other petrochemicals. As Superior Tank custom manufactures the tank components, we are able to meet the needs of ...

    By Superior Tank Co., Inc. Office in Puunene, HAWAII (USA). from Welded Steel Tanks Product line

  • ConVault - Oil & Chemical Storage Tanks

    ConVault oil & chemical storage tanks provide safe and efficient storage of environmentally hazardous chemicals and petroleum products including: Waste Oil, Used Oil, Vegetable/Animal Oils, Methanol/Urea, Antifreeze, Hazardous Waste Oil.

    By ConVault, Inc. - Oldcastle Precast Distributor in Keaau, HAWAII (USA).

  • MCI - Model 2018 - Silane Concrete Sealer

    MCI-2018 is a 100% silane concrete sealer containing time-proven Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors (MCI). MCI- 2018 penetrates deep into concrete providing corrosion protection to reinforcing steel from existing water and chloride ions, or other contaminants. MCI-2018 also provides water repellency by chemically reacting with the cementitious ...

    By Corrosion Cops based in Waipahu, HAWAII (USA). from Corrosion Inhibitor Surface Treatments for Concrete Product line

  • Premium

    Precision Engineered Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Storage Tanks

    Galvanized steel is most widely used when rust resistance is needed. Hot-Dipped Galvanized tanks are manufactured for bolted tank designs. These types of tanks are primarily used for the storage of water for the potable water, fire protection and irrigation industries where clean, uncontaminated water is essential.

    By Superior Tank Co., Inc. Office in Puunene, HAWAII (USA). from Bolted Steel Tanks Product line

  • Gas/Liquid Absorption Technology

    The WES Absorber provides powerful new solutions for all applications where gas/liquid absorption or scrubbing occurs. The WES Absorber froth column is unlike any currently available gas/liquid absorber.

    By Westec Environmental Solutions, LLC (WES) based in Kahului, HAWAII (USA).

  • ConVault - Primary Steel Tank

    The steel tank is isolated from the concrete encasement to assure corrosion protection. ConVault® steel tanks are made of 1/8', 3/16' or 1/4' thick steel, depending on warranty and tank size. The steel tank contains and holds the liquid fuel, which is the primary function of the tank. To make the steel tank systems fit for their function; the ...

    By ConVault, Inc. - Oldcastle Precast Distributor in Keaau, HAWAII (USA).

  • Simplex - Model MVP Series - Control Panels

    MVP Series simplex panels are digital, programmable panels used to control single pumps and provide alarm functions in onsite septic systems and effluent pumping systems. They include easy-to-use, programmable logic units that incorporate multiple built-in timing and logic functions, including multiple timer intervals to adjust for changing flow ...

    By Orenco Systems Inc. Distributor in HAWAII (USA). from Controls & Monitoring Products Product line

  • ReNew - Model Omega-3s - Nutritional Oils

    Cellana’s Marine Algae Produce Healthy Nutritional Oils That Contain an Abundance of Omega-3s. Algae found in the sea are a major source of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs), such as Omega-3s, which are essential for good health. These essential fatty acids are required for our bodies to maintain proper health but must be obtained from ...

    By Cellana LLC based in Kailua-Kona, HAWAII (USA).

  • MCI - Model 2020 - Surface Applied, Migrating Corrosion

    MCI-2020 is a surface applied, migrating corrosion inhibitor designed to penetrate through cementitious materials including concrete, mortar, and limestone. MCI-2020 migrates in both liquid and vapor (gas) phases through the pore structure, forming a protective, molecular layer on embedded reinforcement. MCI-2020 provides corrosion protection ...

    By Corrosion Cops based in Waipahu, HAWAII (USA). from Corrosion Inhibitor Surface Treatments for Concrete Product line

  • VpCI - Model 415 - Unique Flash Corrosion Protection

    VpCIh-415 is a MIL-PRF-87937D Type IV Qualified heavy-duty, biodegradable cleaner/degreaser. In addition, VpCI-415 provides up to six months of corrosion protection for a variety of metals during indoor storage. VpCI-415 is the perfect choice for the customer requiring a multi-purpose, multi-surface, MIL-SPEC qualified, heavy-duty cleaner; and is ...

    By Corrosion Cops based in Waipahu, HAWAII (USA). from Degreasers Product line

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