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NEFCO - Odor Control Cover Systems

by NEFCO, Inc.     Distributor in NEBRASKA (USA)

NEFCO’s Odor Control Cover Systems are walk-able, load-bearing platforms that enable operators to safely reach covered areas, including launders, grit chambers, UV channels and others areas where personnel access is required. Our walk-on covers feature non-skid surfaces with large hinged hatches that provide ready access to for inspection ...

Street Level Installation Tool

by Teledyne Isco     based in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA)

Measuring flow and water quality in sewers is fast and easy. The Isco Street Level Installation Tool lets you install your monitoring system from ground level, eliminating the costs and hazards of manhole entry. Pole sections can be combined to access pipe as deep as 15 feet. Use the Street Level Installation Tool with the following Isco flow and ...

BlackMAX - Submersible Pumping Systems

by Lindsay Corporation     based in Omaha, NEBRASKA (USA)

The BlackMAX system by Watertronics is the industry's leading High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) submerged pump system. Our unique, patented technology is available in either single or multi-pump configurations and delivers precise flow and pressure to any irrigation or water feature application. Simplex, Duplex, and Triplex models available to ...

Model CAL-2000 - Mercury Argon Calibration Source for UV-VIS

by Ocean Optics - a Halma Company     Distributor in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA)

The CAL-2000 Mercury Argon Calibration Source is a spectral wavelength calibration source for spectrometer systems. The CAL-2000 produces low-pressure Mercury and Argon atomic emission lines from 253-1700 nm for use in performing fast, reliable spectrometer wavelength calibrations.

West Systems - Environmental Radioactivity

by West Systems S.r.l.     Distributor in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA)

West Systems designs and develops integrated systems for the monitoring of environmental radioactivity. Thanks to its long experience in the field, West Systems is able to develop specific instruments for the monitoring of radionuclide pollution, systems for the measurement of alpha, beta and gamma radioactivity, for the evaluation of radon ...

Ecotech - Model Protinus 1000 - Real-Time Dust Monitor

by Ecotech Pty Ltd     Distributor in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA)

The Protinus 1000 provides a particulate monitor ideally suited for continuous monitoring around mines, quarries, construction and other dust generating activities. The Protinus 1000 utilises size speicifc inlets to ensure accurate real-time dust measurements at suspended solids, PM10 or PM2.5 size fractions. he Protinus 1000 can be combined with ...

HG-1 Mercury Argon Calibration Source

by Ocean Optics - a Halma Company     Distributor in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA)

The compact, low-cost HG-1 Mercury Argon Calibration Source is a spectral wavelength calibration source for UV-VIS-Shortwave NIR spectrophotometric systems. The HG-1 produces mercury and argon lines from 253-1700 nm for use in performing fast, reliable spectrometer wavelength calibrations. Easily identifiable mercury and argon spectral emission ...

Ecotech - Model MegaVol 3000 - Dust Sampler

by Ecotech Pty Ltd     Distributor in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA)

The MegaVol 3000 particulate sampler performs remote unattended sampling of particulates and is ideal for heavy metal and radiation exposure monitoring.

NEFCO - Algae Cover Systems - Odor Control Cover

by NEFCO, Inc.     Distributor in NEBRASKA (USA)

NEFCO Algae Covers are common-sense designs that have become the best selling covers in North America.


by E & I Corporation     Distributor in Omaha, NEBRASKA (USA)

E & I CORP offers a size and type of Skimmer for every application, from the simplest, most cost effective Lever Operated Skimmer to the more complex all stainless steel Helical (ribbon) type Automatic Skimmer. The choice of skimmer for a given application must be well thought out, along with considering the clients budget.

Model B600 - Backhoe

by Kelley Manufacturing     Distributor in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA)

The B600 is great for daily use around the house or on the job site. This unit provides your with a 6’6” digging depth. It will work best on the back of a tractor 12-35 HP. This unit has been designed to operate at a flow rate of 4 to 6 GPM. There are many options to choose from for the backhoe. The bucket sizes range from ...

Model ENC-500 - Anti-Contamination Enclosures

by Teledyne CETAC Technologies     based in Omaha, NEBRASKA (USA)

The ENC-500 Enclosure is all about protection. It protects samples from environmental dust and impurities, mantaining sample integrity and ensuring reliable results. It vents noxious and corrosive gases away from the work environment protecting personnel and equipment. The ENC-500 protects the bottom line.

CETAC - Model ADX-500 - Online AutoDilution Accessory

by Teledyne CETAC Technologies     based in Omaha, NEBRASKA (USA)

The ADX-500 offers a solution for unattended, in-line dilution and analysis. A dual probe system is used to separate uptake for sample dilution and delivery of the sample to the ICP. As the ICP determines over ranged concentrations, samples are automatically diluted and re-sampled. The ADX-500 comes complete with an ASX-520 Autosampler.

Gasmet - Model DX4040 - Portable Ambient Air Analyzer

by Gasmet Technologies Oy     Distributor in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA)

Gasmet's DX4040 FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) gas analyzer can detect 25 different gases simultaneously with results in just 25 seconds. The DX4040 has a library of measurable gases that can be changed easily through the systems interface. It can also be used for VOCs, TICs, waste anesthetic gases and unknowns. 

Micro-Clear - Activated Carbon Depth Filter Media

by ErtelAlsop     Distributor in NEBRASKA (USA)

Activated carbon is highly porous over a broad range of pore sizes, from cracks and crevices to molecular dimensions. It is this porosity that provides activated carbon’s unique adsorptive properties. Generally, activated carbon contains surface areas in the range of 500-2000 m²/gm. “Activation” refers to the development of ...

GTS - Spill Containment

by GLOBAL Wastewater Treatment Systems, Inc.     based in Grand Island, NEBRASKA (USA)

Wall Heights: 21”, 32”, 42 2/3”. Square, Rectangular, Oblong, Circle, and Custom Perimeter Plans. Circles: 6’ – 120’ diameters.

HiSOC - Robust Design Of Isoc And Possesses Its Low O&M

by inVentures Technologies Incorporated.     Distributor in NEBRASKA (USA)

HiSOC is based on the robust design of iSOC and possesses its low O&M and capital cost structure. HiSOC is designed with specialized fittings to deliver Hydrogen gas for reductive dechlorination of chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons, denitrification of nitrate and reduction of perchlorate in groundwater. The HiSOC fits in 2-inch wells or ...

FL-400 Flame-resistant Fiber Probe

by Ocean Optics - a Halma Company     Distributor in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA)

The FL-400 is a heat-resistant fiber optic probe that couples to Ocean Optics miniature fiber optic spectrometers to measure in situ emission spectra of samples such as dissolved metals and high-temperature plasmas.

Dress & Seal - Model WB & WB 30 - Water-Based, Acrylic Copolymer Cure, Sealer and Dustproofer

by L&M Construction Chemicals, Inc.     based in Omaha, NEBRASKA (USA)

DRESS & SEAL WB formulations are water-based, low VOC, acrylic copolymer solutions that cure, seal and dustproof concrete without yellowing. The tough film locks in moisture, curing the concrete for maximum hardness. These clear, fast drying, sprayable liquids are equally effective on interior as well as exterior surfaces. DRESS & SEAL WB ...

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