Radiation Contamination Monitoring

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  • Aerospace


    The aerospace industry requires printed circuits with high reliability in extreme conditions. Any electronic product used for flight or combat must be robust, reliable and compact. Aerospace-related electronic equipment typically requires a 50-year lifespan and needs to be able to operate well for decades. Some of the beneficial properties of ceramic materials for

  • More users switch to RadEye Simulators

    More users switch to RadEye Simulators

    The News that Thermo have ceased production of the much loved Electra meter has forced trainers to re-assess their simulation requirements in order to fully meet the needs of trainees now utilising ...


  • Out of the shop and into the black

    Out of the shop and into the black

    Green Care Mulching is well-known throughout the state of Victoria in Australia. Where formerly their trucks were transporting high-speed grinders, today they are principally seen carrying Crambo directs from Komptech. We spent the morning with ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Large Area Contamination Probe

    Large Area Contamination Probe

    The STS DP6 is a real Thermo probe , but with a STS gas detection head rather than a real detector. STS electronics installed within the host instrument power the gas detection system and the signal generated is displayed on the host instrument as counts. The Probe detects the presence of the STS LS1 liquid simulant spray placed on surfaces and clothing.