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  • PIR Sensor Module

    PIR Sensor Module

     Pyroelectric sensor is a kind of sensor, also known as human body infrared sensor and human motion sensor module, used for life burglar alarm, visitor notification, etc., the principle is to release the charge through the amplifier into a voltage output.

  • Outdoor Human Motion Sensor D203S

    Outdoor Human Motion Sensor D203S

    Overview D203S is the hot selling item in the market. Mostly used for light control lamp switch, general detection angle. PIR (Passive Infrared Detector) are used to detect motion ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • TOC/ TN Trace Analysis

    TOC/ TN Trace Analysis

    Total protein analysis by catalytic high-temperature combustion and CLD detection. Septum-free direct injection method by microliter syringe for working without carry-over. High degree of automation for large sample sequences (using HPLC vials). Unattended 24/7 operation thanks to self-check system.