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  • Scintillation Detectors
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    Scintillation Detectors

    By Ortec

    Two options of NaI(Tl) are available from ORTEC to address different uses and applications: integrated detector assemblies and discrete detectors. Integrated designs are availlable in both 2` X 2` and 3` x 3` varieties ...

  • Lanthanum Bromide Scintillation Detectors
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    Lanthanum Bromide Scintillation Detectors

    By Ortec

    ORTEC Lanthanum Bromide [LaBr3(Ce)] detectors provide a higher performance alternative to basic NaI(Tl) scintillation detectors. When combined with ORTEC digital electronics, performance improvements include:

  • Fully Customizable Unattended System
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    Fully Customizable Unattended System

    By Paradigm Software L.L.C.

    Operate your facility 24x7 our fully customizable unattended system.

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  • Arktis Detection Systems Inc

    Arktis Detection Systems Inc

    At Arktis, we design and manufacture advanced integrated detection systems that detect and categorize radiological and nuclear materials with an ...

  • Rexon Components, Inc.

    Rexon Components, Inc.

    Rexon Components, Inc. is the second spin-off from The Harshaw Chemical Co., a pioneer in the development of inorganic scintillators in this country, ...

  • Middle East Co. (MEC)

    Middle East Co. (MEC) was established in 1996 for supplying Radiation Detection Instruments besides Radiation Protection Material to the Medical & ...

  • RadComm Systems

    RadComm Systems

    Radcomm Systems are the leaders in the design, manufacture and service of radiation detection systems for a variety of applications in the steel ...

  • Radiation Detection Services, Inc. (RDS)

    Radiation Detection Services, Inc. (RDS)

    Radiation Detection Services, Inc. (RDS) is a national service provider for radiation detection equipment, specializes in the sale, service, and ...