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  • Simulator
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    By Safe Training Systems Ltd. (STS)

    The STS 908 TSA PRM470 is in use with training facilitators, training emergency services and MOD personnel in emergency preparedness exercises, the simulator allow the trainers to establish realistic scenarios such as ...

  • Eberline RO2 Simulator
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    Eberline RO2 Simulator

    By Safe Training Systems Ltd. (STS)

    The STS 901system comprises a modified Eberline RO2 and a radiofrequency source, such as the STS model 913 360 degree source, to simulate the radiation source. The simulated instrument uses a sophisticated detector to ...

  • Simulated Point Sources
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    Simulated Point Sources

    By Safe Training Systems Ltd. (STS)

    A grey plastic box, 70 x 80 x 140mm houses the source and the simulated radiation emerges from one end in a cone with an angle of about 120 degrees. This source is powered by 4 C cells which are installed within the ...

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  • ALARA Consultants Inc.

    Provide NORM and radiation safety training, NORM support services, CSCN license application support, fixed and portable gauge training and disposal, ...

  • Lumur International, INC.

    LUMUR INTERNATIONAL, INC.. established in Puerto Rico in 1991 is a distributor of high quality innovative instruments, accessories, personal ...

  • S.E. International Inc.

    S.E. International Inc.

    Since 1979, Radiation Alert instruments have proven ideal for a wide range of applications. As the manufacturer of our products, we have engineered ...

  • Stuart Hunt & Associates Ltd.

    Stuart Hunt & Associates Ltd.

    When regulatory compliance is a critical part of your business, Stuart Hunt & Associates is the partner you want, to help you every step of the way. ...

  • W. B. Johnson Instruments

    W. B. Johnson Instruments

    WB Johnson Instruments has a rich history in manufacturing radiation detection instruments. Our products are some of the most well known radiation ...