Radioactive Waste

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  • Superabsorbent Media Booms
    Showcase Product

    Superabsorbent Media Booms

    By CETCO

    QUIK-SOLID® Booms are a higher performing alternative to traditional cellulose absorbent products that are utilized for hazardous, non hazardous and low level radioactive waste disposal. QUIK-SOLID superabsorbent ...

  • Superabsorbent Media Mats
    Showcase Product

    Superabsorbent Media Mats

    By CETCO

    QUIK-SOLID Mats are a high-performing yet lower cost alternative to other absorbent fabric products that are used in the hazardous waste or nuclear waste disposal industry. QUIK-SOLID Mats are made with polyester fabric ...

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  • VertaseFLI


    Vertase provide a unique service in the assessment and remediation of brownfield land and contaminated sites. With Vertase at your side, sustainable ...

  • Environmental Energy Resources Ltd. (EER)

    Environmental Energy Resources Ltd. (EER)

    Environmental Energy Resources Ltd. (EER) is dedicated to the development of a plasma based thermal treatment for environmentally friendly treatment ...

  • Inutec


    The Inutec business is a leading provider of independent radioactive waste management services to the UK and overseas market. Inutec is the only ...

  • Stablex Canada inc.

    Stablex Canada inc.

    Stablex is one of North America`s largest and best-known providers of services for the treatment and disposal of hazardous waste. Using technology ...

  • TUV NEL Ltd

    TUV NEL Ltd

    NEL is a world-class provider of technical consultancy, research, testing, flow measurement and programme management services. We work globally with ...