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Radon Safety equipment for Health and Safety

  • Premium

    Radon Exposimeter AlphaE - Professional Meter for Radon Concentration, Personal Exposure and Dose

    The AlphaE is an ultra small continuous radon monitor for professional use. Due to the light-weight and small dimensions it can perfectly be used to measure the personal radon exposure and to manage personal doses. Based on a silicon diode diffusion chamber the sensitivity is 3 cph at 100 Bq/m³. Thus, also low radon levels below 100 ...

    By Bertin Technologies based in Montigny - Le - Bretonneux, FRANCE. from Environmental Radiation Monitoring Systems Product line

  • Model BAI 9100 D - Moving Filter Monitor

    The Moving Filter Monitor BAI 9100 D measures α and β particulates activity in stack or environmental monitoring applications.

    By Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co. KG based in Bad Wildbad, GERMANY. from Monitoring of Airborne Radioactivity Product line

  • Model CLS 100 - High-Density Polyethylene Liquid Scintillation Vial

    The CLS-100 is a 6 cm. high by 2.5 cm. diameter high-density polyethylene liquid scintillation vial, able to fit a standard LS rack. The 22-ml capacity vial is designed to hold a small canister near the opening above the scintillating fluid. The canister, made of high-density polyethylene, contains a patented pharmaceutical-grade charcoal-silica ...

    By AccuStar Labs based in Medway, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Liquid Scintillation Product line

  • Radon in Air

    Radon in Air (EPA recommended action level is 4 pCi/L) The migration of radon up from the soil contributes to the largest percent of radon found in the average home. Radon gas moves up through the ground to the air above and into your home through cracks and other holes in the foundation. Your home traps radon inside, where it can build up. Radon ...

    By Environmental Testing and Research Laboratories, Inc based in Leominster, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Radon Tests Product line

  • Model RP145 - Radon Fan

    The RadonAway RP145 is RadonAway's most popular radon fan, offering high air flow, energy efficiency, quiet operation and effective radon reduction.

    By RadonAway Inc. based in Ward Hill, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Radon Fans- RP Series Product line

  • Model RP140 - Radon Fan

    The Energy Star Rated RadonAway RP140 radon fan provides superior performance and ultra-quiet, energy-efficient operation.

    By RadonAway Inc. based in Ward Hill, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Radon Fans- RP Series Product line

  • Model SF180 - Radon Fan

    Whether it is the unique way in which the SF180 redirects condensation away from the motor, or the way its intake and exhaust allow the fan to be pipe-mounted and interchangeable, or its stay-white housing, this fan revolutionizes the external radon fan.

    By RadonAway Inc. based in Ward Hill, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Radon Fans- SF180 Series Product line

  • CUPOLEX - Traditional Radon Protection Systems

    CUPOLEX Is More Effective And More Reliable Than Traditional Radon Systems. Traditional radon systems have been around for decades and haven’t changed much in that time. Electric fans need to run continuously to pull enough air through soil below a slab to maintain negative pressures. Because of the resistance of the soil below the slab to ...

    By Cupolex Building Systems - Pontarolo Engineering Inc. based in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Vapor Intrusion/Radon Mitigation Product line

  • Radon in Water

    Radon in Water (EPA recommended action levels vary by state) Radioactive radon gas is found in the soil all around us. It is soluble in water, therefore, all groundwater has radon. In homes with private wells, radon enters the home through the water supply and it escapes from the water when the water is flushed, heated, sprayed in showers, ...

    By Environmental Testing and Research Laboratories, Inc based in Leominster, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Water Tests Product line

  • Powerbase - Radon Gas Barrier

    Extruded Radon gas barrier material, Independently certified as a protective membrane for Radon gas, Supplied in rolls for joining on-site, Joints are taped with Powerbond double sided butyl tape.

    By Industrial Textiles & Plastics Ltd. based in York, UNITED KINGDOM. from Ground Membranes - Gas Barriers & Liners Product line

  • Model 600P - Passive Cell Detectors

    Pylon's Instrument Manufacturing Division passive cells are Lucas type scintillation cells. Passive cells are primarily used for area monitoring in continuous mode. The atmosphere that contains radon and / or thoron gas passively diffuses into the cell. The 600P is designed for use with the AB6A monitor .  Pylon also offers non standard ...

    By Pylon Electronics Inc based in Ottawa, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Detectors Product line

  • Radon Test Kits

    Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in this country. That's why the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Surgeon General strongly recommend that all homes be tested, and if a problem exists, corrective action be taken as soon as possible. EAS is here to assist you in identifying your radon problem. Radon kits ...

    By Eastern Analytical Services, Inc. based in Elmsford, NEW YORK (USA).

  • RadStar - Model RS800 - Continuous Radon Monitor

    The professionals' choice for dependable electronic radon measurement. Easy-to-read 1 X 16 LCD display. Tripod for convenient set-up. Optional printer for printing results on site. Software CD for downloading to your laptop or desktop PC. Internal memory to retain data. Extended battery life. 3 selectable time-delay options. Sensors for measuring ...

    By AccuStar Labs based in Medway, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Continuous Radon Monitors Product line

  • Geoplast - New Elevator Tank

    NEW ELEVETOR is an element made of recycled polypropylene for the creation of tanks or crawl spaces in the foundations; it is composed by a support base 58x58 cm that guarantees the tubes verticality and an easy and fast place and then, by a formwork 58x58x15 cm which should be wedged in the tubes upper part allowing the reduction of concrete ...

    By Geoplast US Corp. based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA). from Water Product line

  • Radon (Active) Protection System

    PAGeotechnical Ltd and Prestige Air technology Ltd. have developed a state of the art Radon Protection System combining the best current practices in membrane technology, installation and validation including optional extraction offering unheard of flexibility and confidence.

    By PAGeotechnical based in Corby, UNITED KINGDOM. from Active Gas Protection Product line

  • 01dB - Model WED - Noise Dosimeter

    WED noise dosimeter and associated dBLEXD software offers the perfect solution for assessing individual exposure to noise at a workstation, in compliance with European directive 2003/10/EC and many international standards BS EN 61252. The compact and ergonomic WED noise dosimeter comprises functions to process, store and transfer the collected ...

    By ACOEM based in Limonest, FRANCE. from Dosimeters Exposimeters Product line

  • Radon Tests

    Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that you cannot see, smell or taste. It is produced during the radioactive decaying process of uranium that has been in the earth’s crust since the earth was formed and is found in nearly all soils. Radon gas is almost everywhere. It is the main source of potentially harmful radiation to which ...

    By Environmental Testing and Research Laboratories, Inc based in Leominster, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Radon Tests Product line

  • Model Sentry I - Open-Air Air Stripper System

    The Sentry I Open-Air Air Stripper System combines powerful aeration with chlorination to provide superior water quality. The Sentry I Open-Air Air Stripper System utilizes a ½ hp regenerative blower to best maximize the reduction of VOC’s or Radon from your drinking water. The negative pressure design, EPA’s suggested ...

    By Better Water Industries Inc. (BWI) based in Tyler, MINNESOTA (USA). from Open-Air Systems Product line

  • Clearadon Whole House Radon Removal System

    Now you can clear your well water of radioactive radon gas. Safely. The CLEARADON system, an adaption of proven technology in industrial gas removal applications.

    By Aqua Serve based in Broomfield, COLORADO (USA).

  • Model RP260 - Radon Fan

    The RadonAway RP260 radon fan provides effective radon reduction, energy efficiency and high air flow through a 6' duct.

    By RadonAway Inc. based in Ward Hill, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Radon Fans- RP Series Product line

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