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  • Health & Safety: Social Distancing and Working Remotely

    Health & Safety: Social Distancing and Working Remotely

    In most countries around the globe, social distancing has become a government requirement. This is to prevent physical contact with people who may have the COVID-19 virus. As tradesmen and essential services continue to work, they need to practice health and safety measures to keep themselves and their customers safe. We have gathered a few tips for those who are still working in the field, to ...

  • Expandable Pipe Plugs – How to Avoid Misuse

    Industrial products need cautious implementation to avoid any misuse that might result in dangerous results. As an industrial product, expandable pipe plugs -as well- require attention ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Fast-Acting Oxidizing Microbiocide

    Fast-Acting Oxidizing Microbiocide

    Fast-acting oxidizing microbiocide for continuous dosing or off-line cleaning in membrane systems. NSF approved for use with potable water systems.