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  • Why NDT Equipment Maintenance Matters

    Corrosion. Cracks. Tiny air bubbles that break apart seams. Asset owners know that there is always the potential for breakdowns in operations, which is why nondestructive testing (NDT) is so crucial. But that means that the NDT equipment also has to avoid breakdowns. Hard use, hard conditions, and time can come together to wear down NDT equipment. But investing in high-quality equipment can ...

  • Parachute refurbishment facility - Case Study

    NASA Parachute Refurbishment Facility - Kennedy Space Center, Florida Part of the NASA Space Shuttle program included the retrieving and refurbishing of components for reuse, including the Solid ...


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  • Barrel Presses

    Barrel Presses

    With a pressing power of 270 kN the HSM FP 3000 is excellently suited for pressing light metal and rolled hoop barrels.