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  • Stationary Lift Platform

    Stationary Lift Platform

    The fixed stationary lift platform is a special hydraulic lifting platform for transporting goods between the high floors of the building. It is mainly used for transporting goods between various working layers; the car is lifted between the three-dimensional garage and the underground garage, and the heig


  • How to ship an incinerator internationally.

    How to ship an incinerator internationally.

    We are proud to have customers stretching across every continent and covering more than 95 counties. One of our biggest barriers is often not finding the customers but finding the best solution to transport their machine to them safely.Fortunately ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Grit Bridge Scraper

    Grit Bridge Scraper

    Rectangular type grit chambers are used extensively in wastewater treatment systems as aerobic and anaerobic. In order to remove the solids which are settled at the bottom of this kind grit chambers, there is used scraper systems. By the scrapers which move two-way through the grit chamber, the grits are pushed to the drain at the bottom of canal and from here are taken from the tank by sucking ...