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  • BMS System Controlled Object Core Knowledge – Overcharge

    Concept overcharging, or overcharging, is a type of lithium-ion battery abuse where the charging voltage of a lithium-ion battery is too high above its charging cut-off voltage. Lithium-ion battery charging usually set charging cut-off voltage, the process needs to use constant current and constant voltage charging method to avoid overcharging the battery. However, in special circumstances, such ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Autonomous Quality Control (AQCs) Sorting Machine

    Autonomous Quality Control (AQCs) Sorting Machine

    Max-AI AQCs (Autonomous Quality Control) are the ultimate in post-sort automation. When combined with NRT optical sorters, the paper and container sorting process is 100% autonomous and the need for human contact with waste is eliminated. The AQC-2 makes multiple sorting decisions autonomously; for example, separating plastic film, small cardboard, containers and residue from a stream of ...