Health and Safety Services in Asia & Middle East

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    Air Pollution Control Services

    Has a regulatory agency announced regulations in your industry or declared your workplace unhealthy? Do your neighbors complain about odors? Do you face the dilemma of balancing company profitability with the demand to meet environmental requirements? This guide will provide a general overview of air pollution control. It will also help you understand the various pollution control technologies ...

    By Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc. Office in Wujiang City, CHINA.

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    Package Refurbishment Services

    Solar's refurbishment center supplies refurbished gas turbine packages for sale or lease. Solar can extend the life of your turbomachinery to perform better while still achieving the latest standards for efficiency, safety, and ...

    By Solar Turbines Distributor in Lahore, PAKISTAN. from Equipment Optimization Services Service line

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    Metrohm - Preventive Maintenance Services

    Preventive Maintenance is the key to your system’s accuracy and longevity. Choose the level of service that best suits your ...

    By Metrohm AG Distributor in Bangalore, INDIA.

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    Moeser Baer - Photovoltaic - Modern Waste Water Treatment Technology

    Modern Waste Water Treatment Technology for the Production of Storage Media and Solar ...

    By EnviroChemie GmbH Office in Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA. from Service line

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    Zeiss Sport Optics - Glass Treatment

    The Zeiss Sport Optics Works in Wetzlar produce, among other things, high quality lenses and prisms. The waste water from optical glass production is treated in a Lugan 20.000 plant from EnviroChemie. The flocculation and flotation plant processes 60 m³ of grinding waste water polluted with heavy metals and suspended matter in three shifts a day. The waste water is treated to a quality level ...

    By EnviroChemie GmbH Office in Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA. from Service line

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    Field Services

    Our field service engineers are available to support your on-site needs. We can properly secure and mount products, hook up your electrical connections, validate alignment and calibrate, and test to your specifications. Field service availability varies by product, contact us to learn how we can ...

    By Advanced Energy Office in Caesarea, ISRAEL. from Equipment Services Service line

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    MICROBE-LIFT® - Ecosystem Restoration Solutions

    Ecological Laboratories’ combined educated technical knowledge of the environmental process allows the company the ability to address and resolve a wide range of difficult to resolve environmental problems to include, but not limited to aquatic ecosystem water restoration, the enhancement of wastewater processes, soil bioremediation, agriculture soil and plant ...

    By Ecological Laboratories Inc Office in Simsville, SINGAPORE.

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    Servicing your gas analyser minimises its downtime and maximises its ...

    By QED Environmental Systems Ltd. Office in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

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    Comparing Itascas Approach to Limit Equilibrium

    Itasca’s finite volume (FV) approach uses the shear strength reduction (SSR) method for numerical modeling. This formulation is far superior to more traditional limit equilibrium (LE) methods and offers several advantages over finite element (FE) methods as ...

    By Itasca International, Inc Office in Hangzhou City, CHINA. from Consulting - Civil Engineering Service line

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    Research & Development Services

    Increasing aeration performance: Performance of our AIRMAX aerators  are measured and developped according the last version of the following standard: BS EN 12555-15: Waste water treatment plants- Measurement of the oxygen transfer in clean water in aeration tanks of actived sludge plants. NF EN 12555-15 ou NBN EN 12-255-15 : Station d'épuration: Mesure de performance des ...

    By KAMPS s.a. Office in Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM.

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    Consulting Services

    The Tekran Seattle Office takes on a select number of consulting projects under the direction of our Chief Scientist, Dr. Eric Prestbo. Please contact us if you need consulting in the following areas of interest: Mercury measurement and speciation method development. Mercury control technology: Analytical measurement support and strategy. Experimental design and complex sampling methods. Emerging ...

    By Tekran Instruments Corporation Office in Shanghai, CHINA.

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    Indoor Environments Solutions

    Employ superior trace gas monitoring solutions for your most demanding indoor air quality challenges. Indoor environment monitoring spreads across multiple scientific fields and activity sectors. If you're a researcher, specialized consultant, equipment manufacturer, or building developer, indoor environment monitoring is critical to ensure optimal safety, operation, and testing ...

    By Advanced Energy Office in Caesarea, ISRAEL. from Other Solutions Service line

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    Water Pipe Network Inspection Services

    Always play it safe! Rely on our expertise and our well qualified specialists in the inspection of your water pipe network. The shorter delays associated with quickly locating and repairing leaks guarantees you security of supply and cost-effectiveness while minimizing the hazard potential of subterranean erosion. Make the most important element that we consume - water - safe and secure over the ...

    By Hermann Sewerin GmbH Distributor in Tbilisi, GEORGIA. from Network Survey Service line

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    Planning and Development Control Services

    CERC carries out air quality assessments to support planning applications for infrastructure, residential and commercial projects. The model used depends on the source types under consideration; as the developers of 

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    Free Site Survey Services

    Are you responsible for the safety of your employees? If so, it's up to you to ensure that the emergency safety showers and eye/face wash units on your site are accessible and fully functioning. Arrange a FREE site survey to assess the condition and suitability of your equipment and the cost of bringing your facilities up to date if ...

    By Hughes Safety Showers - A Justrite Group Company Distributor in Singapore, SINGAPORE.

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    Software Development Services

    One of CERC's principal functions is to make use of new developments in environmental research to develop practical but scientifically advanced environmental software. Since its inception CERC, sometimes with sponsorship from industrial companies and UK government departments, has produced a number of models which tackle issues such as air dispersion of both planned and emergency releases, air ...

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    System Integration Services

    Rotork has extensive expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of custom control systems in pressure, temperature, level and flow applications within the process control industry. Rotork products integrate seamlessly with the majority of industrial control systems as well as our proprietary Pakscan network control ...

    By Rotork plc Office in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

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    Training Services

    Training Service offers critical knowledge for your personnel. After successful start-up and commissioning for the Shand & Jurs Biogas equipment, the L&J Technologies FASTTeam (Field Asset Service Technician) provides both comprehensive field and classroom training onsite. The FASTTeam will review each piece of equipment installed with your operators and maintenance personnel, providing ...

    By Shand & Jurs (L&J Technologies & L&J Engineering) Office in Singapore, SINGAPORE. from Biogas Field Services Service line

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    I-React Services

    Aquobex has developed a global reputation for delivering significant return on investment. Our innovative products have protected millions of pounds of assets as well as saving lives and homes from the dangers of flooding. As one of 20 selected international partners, our involvement in the i-React project allows us to focus on how to proactively save lives and communities across the world. In ...

    By Aquobex Ltd. Distributor in Bangkok, THAILAND. from Research Service line

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    Water Treatment - Products and Services

    We optimise your processes relating to water treatment, cooling water treatment and wastewater treatment and supply you with exactly those water treatment chemicals that are best suited for your ...

    By EnviroChemie GmbH Office in Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA.

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