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Expert Evaluations

by INNOVATIVE UMWELTTECHNIK Ges.m.b.H. (IUT)     based in Seebenstein, AUSTRIA

Many clients have already made use of our legal knowledge when assessing the abidance by environmental laws, environmental norms or the content of private law contracts. We have repeatedly been asked to assess the subsidies distributed by the Austrian government for the remediation and sealing of contaminated sites according to the Austrian ...

Spare Parts for LDS Vibration Test Systems

by Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S     Office in Wien, AUSTRIA

The quality of the spare parts fitted to your LDS vibration test system is critical to its health. Using genuine spare parts ensures you have the fundamental components in place to keep giving on-spec performance and maximum uptime.

Consulting & Implementation

by iPoint-Systems GmbH     Office in Vienna, AUSTRIA

Our consulting services help you create, plan, and implement sustainability projects and compliance programs successfully. Benefit from our years of industry experience, multi-functional competence and passion for sustainability. iPoint’s consulting professionals know what is important in your industry and your company. We understand the ...

Protecting Pharmaceuticals from Pests - Pharmaceuticals

by Rentokil Pest Control - division of Rentokil Initial     Office in AUSTRIA

At Rentokil, we recognise the important role of pest control in ensuring that pharmaceutical manufacturers can exceed the most stringent regulatory requirements for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. Rentokil's service proposition for the pharmaceutical industry has been designed to provide the highest level of reassurance that products will not ...

Engineering Services

by Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S     Office in Wien, AUSTRIA

Achieving quality in sound and vibration is not easy, and most top manufacturers need assistance at some point – especially when they push the boundaries. With troubleshooting and product development services, you can bring our specialist knowledge to bear on your challenges.

Pest Control for Hospitality Businesses

by Rentokil Pest Control - division of Rentokil Initial     Office in AUSTRIA

The most valuable asset of a pub, bar or restaurant is its reputation. This comes principally from the quality of the food and service, but your customers also expect the highest level of hygiene. As well as all this, the look and feel of your property also needs to be inviting to your customers.

Fire Prevention

by INNOVATIVE UMWELTTECHNIK Ges.m.b.H. (IUT)     based in Seebenstein, AUSTRIA

Fires are one of the main causes of production downtimes in industrial facilities. It is thus of vital interest to any company to make sure that fires are prevented. In order to prepare and implement a fire prevention master plan which is tailored to the needs of a company, you need experienced experts who know about the legal and normative ...

NoiseOffice - Services to Manage Your Noise Data

by Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S     Office in Wien, AUSTRIA

NoiseOffice is a subscription service providing the information you need to run your noise management program, including: Reliable & precise monitoring of noise impact. Routine compliance reports. Investigation tools needed to engage stakeholders. Data integrity & validation, auditability and long term records management. Ongoing access, ...

Protecting Grocery Retailers from Pests - Supermarkets

by Rentokil Pest Control - division of Rentokil Initial     Office in AUSTRIA

A supermarket is no place for a pest – not just because of public perception and brand risk, but also because of the serious health risks particularly in areas where fresh food is handled. Rentokil is the expert at providing grocery retailers with the reassurance that they are protected from pest problems - no other company can rival our ...

General Retail & Services

by Rentokil Pest Control - division of Rentokil Initial     Office in AUSTRIA

Even if your business does not handle food, pest problems can take hold especially where goods and people are constantly coming into your premises. Once pests are present, they will damage your stock and can harm your reputation. The main threats are from rodents, flies, moths and biting insects but a wide range of other insects and nuisance birds ...

Thermal Waste Utilisation Services

by WTE Wassertechnik GmbH     Office in Maria Enzersdorf, AUSTRIA

Beside extensive experience in the field of drying, incineration and recovery of sludge, we provide – in close co-operation with specialised units of the EVN Group – comprehensive packages of services for thermal waste utilisation. In order to solve the problem of storing untreated garbage and to regain energy bound in this material, ...

VTU - Turn-key Solvent Recovery Services

by VTU-Engineering GmbH     based in Grambach/Graz, AUSTRIA

Organic solvents are widely used in the industry. As a consequence, large amounts of liquid waste with various solvents or other impurities must be disposed of. VTU offers tailor-made systems that reduce both the need of fresh solvents and the amount of contaminated solvents:Continuous or discontinuous distillation,Rectification in vacuum and ...

Waste Water

by INTERGEO Umwelttechnologie und Abfallwirtschaft GmbH     based in Salzburg, AUSTRIA

Companies with waste water installations and existing waste water discharges into surface waters, groundwater or sewer systems must have these regularly checked for functionality and must show that the limiting values are being held to. INTERGEO advises you in selecting and determining the dimensions of a waste water unit, prepares submission ...

Explosion Protection

by INNOVATIVE UMWELTTECHNIK Ges.m.b.H. (IUT)     based in Seebenstein, AUSTRIA

The Explosive Atmospheres Act (ATEX) stipulates that every place of employment has to be assessed according to the risks arising from an explosion. Based on this assessment, each operator has to prepare a fire protection document, which has to be kept up-to-date.Defining the potentially dangerous zones is certainly the most difficult task when ...

Engineering Consulting Services

by Blobel Umwelttechnik GmbH     Distributor in Wien, AUSTRIA

The independent engineering office Joachim Blobel was founded in 1989. At first it dealt with the two main areas of air pollution control and general water pollution control.

Local Food Retailing

by Rentokil Pest Control - division of Rentokil Initial     Office in AUSTRIA

Local grocers and other food retailers such as butchers and bakers need to take pragmatic steps to avoid the damage a pest problem can cause to your stock and your reputation. The main threats are from rodents, cockroaches and flies but a wide number of pests can be attracted by the warmth and ready supply of food. Our technicians are local to you ...

Project Developement and Plants Services

by Porr Umwelttechnik GmbH     based in Wien, AUSTRIA

The Austrian Landfill Ordinance and the Waste Classification Ordinance with its ban on the dumping of hazardous waste have led Porr Umwelttechnik GmbH to develop a new method of waste treatment.

Industrial Facilities

by INNOVATIVE UMWELTTECHNIK Ges.m.b.H. (IUT)     based in Seebenstein, AUSTRIA

In order to be licensed, an industrial plant has to meet a wide variety of legal requirements. Once the plant has been licensed, these regulations also have to be abided by in the course of the daily operations. There are mechanical and electronic aspects to be taken into consideration, emissions to be limited and various other steps (mainly ...

Electrical and Instrument Engineering

by Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik GmbH (KVT)     based in GRAZ, AUSTRIA

The Electrical & Instrument engineering department designs improved system automation to control the process parameters ensuring productivity, reliability, safety, optimization, and stability.

Research and Development

by ANDRITZ Separation - a division of the Andritz Group     based in Graz, AUSTRIA

In solid/liquid separation, research and development work has focused on meeting the requirements in various applications. For decanters used in the environmental sector, efforts concentrate on reducing energy consumption. Today a reduction of up to 40% is achieved depending on the size of the decanter and the throughput. The range of high-speed ...

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