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Earthbind Stabilizer Safety Information Service

by IRRIDAN     based in Kidron, ISRAEL

With trends continuing towards strict health, safety and environmental regulations, Earthbind ™ is an efficient and effective method to reduce dust-related environmental and health concerns. Plus, it aids in complying with clean air and water requirements by reducing airborne dust and preventing erosion. Traditional dust control products are made ...

Noise Monitoring Equipment Rental Services

by Pulsar Instruments plc     Distributor in Kfar-Sava, ISRAEL

Pulsar Instruments Plc also offer a new improved rental service for those interested in hiring noise monitoring equipment both for Occupational or Environmental Noise.


by Geotec Engineering & Environmental Geophysics Ltd     based in rishon letzion, ISRAEL

Geotec offers various measurement services of ground vibrations and air blast, caused by blasts, heavy duty construction equipment and other sources. The purpose of the measurements is to prevent damage to structures and discomfort to people. Additionally, vibration measurements enable contractors to plan their activities on the basis of accurate ...


by Mapal Green Energy Ltd.     based in Nesher, ISRAEL

We have proven experience in waste water deriving from the food industry such as whineries, tomato processing plant, etc. In addition, we treat mine water where there is no biological contamination, rather stripping of the Iron (Fe) via oxidation and stripping of CO2 out of the CACO3 (out of the lime) that is used to stabalize the pH. This also ...

Thermal Treatment of Hazardous Waste - Mobile Incinerators

by Arrow Ecology Ltd     based in Haifa, ISRAEL

The transportable Waste Incineration System (TWIS) is designed to be transported to sites requiring soil remediation, destruction of hydrocarbon sludge and hazardous waste incineration. For example, it was set up on a barge and transported by it to the site in Alaska where the Exxon-Valdez oil tanker had run aground and released its oil cargo into ...

Produced Water Treatment Services

by IDE Technologies     based in Kadima, ISRAEL

A continuous, reliable and robust source of water is essential to maximizing the production of non-conventional oil & gas extraction. The challenges of this industry are significant – safety, remoteness, extremes of temperature and weather and high operational costs due to difficult logistics amongst other factors. IDE’s solutions ...

Occupational Health and Safety

by Hazmat Ltd.     based in Rosh Ha`ayin, ISRAEL

The employee is an important resource in any organization, therefore keeping his safety and his work environment is an essential part, which can assist in the success of the business. Our team in the field of occupational health and safety offers variety of services, which will help your organization meet the requirements of the law and the ...

Removal Of Toxic Waste

by Ecological Services Ltd.     based in Gedera, ISRAEL

Ecological Services specializes in the removal and haulage of toxic waste, excluding radioactive explosives. The removal services are executed on palettes for haulage of hazardous substances on vehicles especially adapted for transporting hazardous substances, while placing maximum emphasis on work safety and protection of the substances in ...

Fire Prevention

by Hazmat Ltd.     based in Rosh Ha`ayin, ISRAEL

The sheer devastating loss and wide spread impact that fires can have on organizations, assets and human life make fire prevention & fire protection a serious concern. Hazmat has extensive expertise dealing with fire in complex environments such as chemical plants, power plants, nuclear facilities, manufacturing facilities and refineries. Our ...

Quality and Compliance Services for Noise Monitoring

by Casella     Distributor in Carmey Yosef, ISRAEL

Compliance to Quality and product standards is important to Casella, ensuring that high quality products and services are delivered effectively. Casella has been awarded with the following accreditations ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO17025. At Casella the principle of ‘Continuous Improvement’ is at the core of its day to day operations and ...

On-Site Service

by Arizona Instrument LLC     Distributor in ISRAEL

On-site service is available for customers who request it. Our team of experienced Field Service Engineers will come to your facility to perform calibration on all Computrac, enabling you to keep your process operating seamlessly.

Air blast

by Geotec Engineering & Environmental Geophysics Ltd     based in rishon letzion, ISRAEL

Blasting produces energy. Solids become hot gasses in a fraction of a second, expanding rapidly and producing force on the surrounding rock. Approximately 90% of the energy released in a blast breaks rock; most of the energy required to break the molecular bonds in the rock. The remaining energy – about 10%, is mostly converted into seismic ...

Treatment Of Polluted Earnt

by Ecological Services Ltd.     based in Gedera, ISRAEL

Ecological Services removes and collects earth that has been polluted by organic and inorganic hazardous substance residues as well as earth polluted by industrial fuels and oils. Earth that has been polluted as a result of road accidents involving container trucks; earth that has been polluted during production processes (Oil Refineries, Gadiv ...

Management Systems

by Hazmat Ltd.     based in Rosh Ha`ayin, ISRAEL

The life in a world, which is one global village, bind us all to determine homogenous standards. Through planning and proper assimilation of the organization’s quality management system, according to international quality requirements, you can reach a window of opportunities for continuous improvement and achieve advantage in the ...

Asbestos Treatment and Purification Services

by Arrow Ecology Ltd     based in Haifa, ISRAEL

Cleaning and treating systems that are Asbestos contaminated to achieve safety standards.

Emergency and Disaster Relief

by EZPack Water Ltd.     based in Savyon, ISRAEL

In emergency situations – like terror attacks, wars, earth quakes, floods, storms, etc. – water storage and distribution systems can be damaged partially of fully, causing water crises to a significant amount of people.

Computing Service for Noise Calculations and Air Pollution Studies

by SoundPLAN International LLC     Distributor in Ramat-Hasharon, ISRAEL

Calculation service for noise and air pollution studies. If noise simulations are not the mainstay of your company but a project requires them as accompanying evidence, we can team up with you. Send us the raw data, the geometry and source information and we will create the simulations and return the results in tabular and graphical formats. You ...

Calibration and Repair Services

by Arizona Instrument LLC     Distributor in ISRAEL

Keep your instrument performing at its best with our calibration and repair services. All Arizona Instrument calibrations are NIST traceable. Arizona Instrument is the only authorized source for calibration and repair services within the USA for both Computrac Moisture Analyzers and Jerome Toxic Gas Analyzers.

Remote-Controlled Robots for Hazardous Operations

by Arrow Ecology Ltd     based in Haifa, ISRAEL

Arrow Ecology designs, builds and operates a unique robotic machine which removes sludge and sediments from closed, complex industrial structures as cooling towers, holding pools, lagoons, tanks and water bodies. The accumulation of sludge or sediments in these facilities reduces operational efficiency and frequently contains toxic compounds. ...

Nuclear Facilities

by WaterWays     based in ISRAEL

Environmental impact and radiation measurements in the environment.

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