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Wastewater Odor Control Services

by BioMagic     based in Costa Mesa, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Municipalities and water districts today are extremely sensitive to odor complaints from the local community. Complaints of “sewer gas” odors are generally associated with the foul smelling hydrogen sulfide gas produced by bacteria using the sulfate ion, a common component of wastewater, as an oxygen source in the decomposition ...

PCB Disposal Services

by C.L.E.A.N. - Closed Loop Environmental Alliance Network Inc.     based in Bolton, ONTARIO (CANADA)

With our PCB disposal program, C.L.E.A.N.’s goal is to ensure that your PCB waste is disposed of in accordance with all applicable provincial and federal legislation. Wherever possible, we maximize the recycling opportunities for waste materials.

Quality Inspection for PV Plants

by SGS S.A. - Energy Management Systems     based in Geneva, SWITZERLAND

Quality inspection for photovoltaic (PV) power plants – ensure that the installation of your plant is carried out according to exact specifications and in compliance with the relevant standards. Photovoltaic power plants are required to adhere to a range of strict guidelines, regulations and safety standards. Our quality inspection services ...

Lead Analysis Services

by Ana-Lab Corporation     based in Kilgore, TEXAS (USA)

Exposure to lead is known to affect the health of children and adults. In particular, exposure to lead in paint, soil, and dust poses a significant risk to children---including a risk for permanent neurological damage---living in older homes, which make up much of the housing stock in major U.S. cities. In order to reduce, if not eliminate, the ...

Vegetation & Wildlife Services

by ESS Group, Inc.     based in East Providence, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

ESS has conducted numerous vegetation and wildlife habitat evaluations, natural resource inventories, and invasive species surveys across terrestrial, aquatic, and marine settings. Our staff are experienced in the identification and taxonomy of fauna and flora throughout the northeastern US. Our ecologists, biologists, and scientists with advanced ...

Bioremediation Services

by Global Advantech Resources Limited     based in Westhill, UNITED KINGDOM

Global Advantech has developed a new generation of products for use in bioremediation of contaminated concrete, soil and water. The Natural Bioremediation Agents '900 range' are based upon natural biostimulant molecules and contain no micro-organisms or enzymes. Contaminants include: Mineral and synthetic oils and greases. Vegetable and animal ...

Pesticide Regulation under FIFRA Services

by Acta Group     based in Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (USA)

Acta professionals routinely advise clients on a full range of FIFRA issues, including registration, reregistration, compliance, and defense.

Our Services

by Aura Scientific, LLC     based in Apex, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

Our personnel are among the most experienced in the industry and offer a level of expertise unmatched by anyone else. We can advise you on any aspect of mercury monitoring, testing and analysis. We have experience with Hg relative accuracy test audits, low mass emitter testing, scrubber performance testing, sorbent injection performance testing, ...

Odor Observer Committee Services

by Odotech Inc.     based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA)

The Odor Observer Committee depends heavily upon observations provided by neighbors to the Odotech Consulting and Expertise Division. This transfer of information may occur by various means, but experience makes it clear that a mail-out survey of answer-cards offers the highest performance solution for a relatively modest cost.


by Gondwana Environmental Solutions (Pty) Ltd.     based in Roodepoort, SOUTH AFRICA

Ambient Air and Stack monitoring: Continuous air quality monitoring of fine particulate matter and trace gases using mobile and fixed air monitoring stations. Continuous stack monitoring of gases. Short term air quality assessments using passive monitoring. Grab sampling for VOC monitoring. Rental of trace gas and particulate monitoring equipment. ...


by Maritim Miljø-Beredskap AS (MMB)     based in Straume, NORWAY

An oil spill is always a potential environmental disaster. Without adequate pollution control, even a minor spill can be a liability to the company’s reputation, interfering with the local environment and result in massive expenses due to possible fees and loss of production capacity. Few companies have the competence and personnel to ...

Type 1: Chrysotile

by Asbescan Environmental Inc.     based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA)

A type 1 operation is defined as one that does not generate appreciable levels of airbone asbestos and generally present little hazards to workers or bystanders. An example of this is the installation or removal of limited quantities of bound asbestos products such as vinyl asbestos floor tiles and cement products.

MSDS - Simple Pricing

by MSDS Binders Inc.     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Our guarantee: no hidden charges or fees & no-duplicate MSDS. Our pricing is simple and offers the greatest value.  We offer our full line of products and services to all our clients.  This is a guarantee that there will be no hidden fees and no licensing fees anywhere.  Clients are charged a one-time set up fee and are then ...

MSDS - Personal Binders

by MSDS Binders Inc.     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Create personal binders for quick on-the-job access. The msdsBinders system allows individual users to set up personal binders. Personal binders give each employee quick access to the MSDSs for the chemicals he or she is exposed on a daily basis.  Quick access will allow your employees to work safely.

MSDS - Add-Ons

by MSDS Binders Inc.     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

MSDS Add-Ons give your employees extra information needed to work safely on the job. MSDSs provide extensive information, but workers require extra information on the chemicals they work with.  The msdsBinders system allows you to attach MSDS Add-Ons to provide workers with a clearer understanding of the chemicals they work with.

GHS SDS Authoring Services

by ChemADVISOR, Inc.     based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

ChemADVISOR is able to provide SDS authoring services compliant with a country or regional implementation of the GHS system. We can also provide document auditing and SDS template creation.

Container Monitoring

by a-Lab Ltd.     based in Keuruu, FINLAND

Real time monitoring of containers content quantity is an advantage for both supplier and consumer. Consumers does not have to worry about remembering to order a refill since the device sends an alarm message when the amount of content drops below set alarm limit. Suppliers in other hand can collect the information of all the containers located on ...

Exposure Assessment & Retrospective Exposure Analysis Services

by E Risk Sciences, LLP     based in Boulder, COLORADO (USA)

A toxic substance has the potential to pose a human or ecological health risk only if people or other receptors are exposed to the substance. Exposure assessment is the process of determining the intensity, frequency, and duration of exposure to an agent in a specified population for a given time period. Assessing exposures consists of two primary ...

Transportation and Temporary Storage

by Ecology Control Industries, Inc. (ECI)     based in Montclair, CALIFORNIA (USA)

ECI owns and operates one of the largest and most complete fleets of waste transportation vehicles in California as well as portable storage tanks for a multitude of products. Vehicles and equipment are both Department of Transportation (DOT) and California Highway Patrol (CHP) certified and fully insured. ECI has developed a reputation for high ...

iATL - Lead in Soil

by International Asbestos Testing Laboratories (iATL)     based in Mt. Laurel, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Maximum Contamination Levels (MCLs) exist for all environmental lead matrices including Lead in Soil. This category is many times related to playground or building drip line investigations. Once again, strict field sampling schemes should be employed (See FAQ) to ensure meaningful analytical results. AAS is employed. Results are reported in mg/kg ...

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