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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Novel Techniques for Containment

    Novel Techniques for Containment

    Abstract: Recently published scientific papers feature various aspects of pandemic “star” Coronavirus 19. This virus has significantly changed pharma research and production in a variety of unique ways. This white paper will focus on how research/production efforts might fail under the threats of highly contagious disease viruses, bacteria, and highly active ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Mass Flow Measuring System

    Mass Flow Measuring System

    B152R41 / B152R41S15: Mass flow measuring system with an additional resettable, adding and subtracting counter. B152R51: Mass flow measuring system ( battery-operated with charge indicator). Battery operation enables an application independent of the power supply. With this device, gas monitoring is just that simple. Gas quantities which are filled in and recovered are registered and can be ...