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  • Noise Control By Engineering Methods

    Noise Control By Engineering Methods

    Noise Exposure LevelsThe OSHA Noise Standard (29CFR1910.95) states when the 8-hour noise exposure exceeds 90 dB-A, an effort to control noise through engineering methods must be attempted if the 90 dB-A levels are exceeded.Hearing ProtectionHearing protection alone is no


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  • Oil Sweep System

    Oil Sweep System

    Mop up an oil or fuel spill on boat decks, in the shop, garage, or warehouse. Use the Oil Sweep any place that would normally require hands-and-knees placement and removal of sorbent pads. The complete unit is comprised of three parts: the Oil Sweep Cover, the standard dust mop Frame, and the Fiberglas Handle. The Oil Sweep can be cleaned and reused indefinitely.Components:Oil Sweep Cover ...