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Universal Mini-Pillows are designed to absorb any non-aggresive spill including acids and alkali’s. If you need something less than a full pillow then the mini-pillow may be your solution.

Model BS-4A - China Molecular Sieve 4A ISO Pressed

by Pingxiang Baisheng Chemical Packing Co., Ltd     based in Pingxiang, CHINA

China Molecular Steve 4A ISO pressed Kind of absorbent for paraffin separation and dring agent for natural gas.

Industrial Rugs Rag Industrial Absorbent Floor Mat

by AbsorbentsOnline.com     based in Chino Hills, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Use our Industrial rugs, the Rag Rug industrial absorbent floor mat is ideal to absorb the grunge from oil, coolants, solvents and water without our industrial rugs looking dirty. Made from recycled polypropylene and acrylic fibers, making it a great choice for use in areas where steady foot traffic might wear out an ordinary mat or rug that's ...

Railroad Containment Absorbent Track Mat

by AbsorbentsOnline.com     based in Chino Hills, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Our Railroad Containment Absorbent Track Mat is the heaviest, thickest and most absorbent barrier mat available. Its unique, 3-ply construction includes an oil only core, surrounded by an impenetrable barrier film the prevents absorbed liquids from leaching out. Also has a UV resistant cover-stock. It is capable of absorbing nearly three gallons ...

Absorbetech - Hydrocarbon Absorbent

by Absorbetech Environmental     based in Durban, SOUTH AFRICA

Absorbs Oil; petrol; diesel; hydraulic fluid etc... Oil absorbent

OPEC - Model RP18 - Oil and Chemical Adsorbent Rolls

by Oil Pollution Environmental Control Ltd     based in Birstall, Batley, UNITED KINGDOM

RP18 was developed in 1986 by OPEC to replace other polypropylene sorbents that were of inferior qulaity and difficult to use. OPEC realised that conventional adsorbents did not provide adequate prolonged use and something more durable and better adsorbtion was needed. RP18 is a specially designed, stitch bonded, polypropylene material that is ...

Model P50 - Oil Only King Sorbent Pads

by Complete Environmental Products     based in Pasadena, TEXAS (USA)

CEP-P50 Oil Only King Sorbent Pads (Heavy-Weight), 30' x 34', 50/cs .CEP has a variety of oil only sorbents for all your industrial maintenance needs!

Tough N Soft - Model 87-7005 - Oil-Only Drum Top Cover

by Lubetech     based in Southampton, UNITED KINGDOM

Designed to suit standard 205 litre steel drums. Perfect for keeping the drum top clean. Pre-cut holes for access to drum contents.

Model EF-171 - Fuel Spill Absorbent

by Global Aqua Solutions, LLC     based in Minden, NEVADA (USA)

Earth First Fuel Spill Absorbent is a USDA Bio-Preferred solution made from natural plant bi-product which is engineered to perform quickly in picking up only oil based spills like oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, grease, turpentine or motor oil, without absorbing water. Designed to absorb 6 times its weight, our product converts hazardous waste spills ...

Industrial Sorbents

by H2W LLC     based in Scottsdale, ARIZONA (USA)

H2W Industrial Sorbents are universal in nature, meaning they adsorb almost anything. They are an economical means of cleaning-up oils, coolants, solvents, and water-based fluids in an industrial facility.

Classic - Model 57-3005 - Oil-Only Marine Boom

by Lubetech     based in Southampton, UNITED KINGDOM

Suitable for deploying in open seas. Fitted with karabiner clips to form a continuous boom. Industrial strength nylon outer netting with continuos high tensile draw cord.

Hypersol-Macronet - Model MN100 - Sorption / Separation of Hydrophobic Organic Species - Anionic Matrix

by Purolite Corporation     based in Bala Cynwyd, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Purolite Macronets are special sorbents, highly and rigidly cross-linked in the swollen state, and thus characterized by very high internal surface areas, approaching those of activated carbons. As a result of their unique manufacturing technology, they will retain their swollen-state porosity, and hence show little or no change in swelling with ...

Rag Rug

by EnviroMet     based in Vancouver, WASHINGTON (USA)

Specifically for high-traffic and workstations. Colors: Black/Gray (Universal). Durable enough to withstand forklift traffic. Dark color hides soil and oil.

Needle Punch Rug

by EnviroMet     based in Vancouver, WASHINGTON (USA)

Specifically for high-traffic and workstations. Colors: Black/Gray (Universal). Durable enough to withstand forklift traffic. Dark color hides soil and oil.

ICEA - Oil Absorbent Sheets

by ICEA s.r.l.     based in Mignanego, ITALY

Oil Absorbent Sheets - WHITE- 98 CM X 86 CM - 300 GR/SQM - 50 PCS./PACK; Item number: 34241. PU: packaging in polyethylene with 50 sheets. size: 98 x 86 cm.  weight: 300 gr/mq.  white colour. absorption 252 l. pallet with 20 sacks.  measure pallet cm 100 x 100 x h 206. netto weight pallet 253 kg.

Oil Absorbent Rolls

by Tongxiang Xiaoying Pollution Control Technology Co.,Ltd     based in Tongxiang, CHINA

OIL ABSORBENT ROLLS are used for oil spill clean up on roadways, walkways, plant floors and in other areas where pillows interfere with operations, traffic or safety. Our melt blown (MB) polypropylene oil-only absorbent rolls are perforated for easy use and to reduce spill response time. You can use the entire oil absorbent roll or tear off one ...

Specialty Mat Absorbents & Accessories

by New Pig Corporation     based in Tipton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Find the best anti-static absorbent mats, mat holders, absorbent barrel top mats, and more in our selection of Specialty Mat Absorbents and Accessories. Whether you're looking for oil-absorbent pads for drum tops or under moving equipment, New Pig has you covered for industrial supplies and leaks and spill solutions for special applications.

PIG - Model MAT203 - Absorbent Mat Pad

by New Pig Corporation     based in Tipton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

PIG Mat lasts 2x longer than ordinary mats for fewer change-outs. Absorbs everything. Works everywhere.

Abso’Net Superior Xtra - Industrial Absorbents

by TOLSA Group     based in Madrid, SPAIN

Abso’Net Superior Xtra is an industrial absorbent based upon light-brown coloured granules with high absorption power, obtained by means of thermal activation at high temperature of a fine, high-quality Attapulgite.

Water Absorbent Media


Filtrec water absorbent media is an efficient way to remove water contamination from hydraulic systems, mineral and synthetic oil. The presence of water damages the components of the system and increases service costs. The water in the oil induces oxidation and rust formation. It decreases quality of lubrication, additives action and viscosity. ...

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