absorbent boom (Spill Control) equipment near North Dakota

  • Model WSWL100F - Folded Sweep for Spill Response

    For oils, not water 19'Wx100'L Qty: 1 absorbs 16.2 gal. Sweep attaches to a sorbent boom to catch oily sheens that linger behind. Sturdy construction features nylon strap securely attached to durable MultiLaminate Mat.

    By EnviroGuard Ltd. based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Folded Sweep for Spill Response Product line

  • P O L Sorb - Absorbent Pillows; Absorbent Socks & Absorbent Booms

    First they are filled with our high grade peat. Second, our Pillows are sewn in a way that excels over other peat brands that heat seal. The sewn seams allow the peat to 'wick' between pockets, making sure you get the full use of your purchase.  The skin is also an absorbent material which is hydrophobic and is helpful when used in water ...

    By The ARK Enterprises, Inc. based in Ionia, MISSOURI (USA). from Absorbent Pillows; Absorbent Socks & Absorbent Booms Product line

  • Bilge / Storm Drain Absorbent Boom

    Bilge / Storm Drain Absorbent Booms are perfect for catching contaminants in run-off or keeping the boat bilge clean.

    By West Coast Spill Supplies Ltd. based in Saanichton, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Bilge / Storm Drain Absorbent Boom Product line

  • Booms & Socks

    Absorbent booms are ideal for containing and cleaning up spills on water. Booms repel water and float even when completely saturated.

    By West Coast Spill Supplies Ltd. based in Saanichton, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Booms & Socks Product line

  • Spill Clean Up Products

    At Allied International Emergency we understand that we cannot instantly be there in a moments notice. However, Allied International Emergency can offer that “moments notice” clean up by supplying spill clean up kits, containment boom, absorbent boom, etc. to fit the needs of our customer’s facility. Along with our product sales, ...

    By Allied International Emergency based in Midland, TEXAS (USA).

  • Delta-Dri - Organic Granular Industrial Absorbent

    KenGro Corporation, a leading manufacture of organicabsorbents/bioremediation agents has introduced a new product. Delta-dri is an organic granular industrial absorbent. It is all-natural with indigenous microbes, which will enhance bioremediation of hydrocarbons allowing additional disposal options compared to clay products. Delta-dri is sized to ...

    By KenGro Corporation based in Charleston, MISSISSIPPI (USA).

  • Contaminant Absorbents

    The IMS ER Vehicle brings to the scene a variety of absorbent materials necessary for pavement, soil and waterway containment of fluid spills. Oil dry is used for puddling fluid spills while other absorbents are used for broad area cleanup as well as final sweeping to leave the incident scene for traffic to pass safely. Boom and pads are used when ...

    By Incident Management Solutions (IMS) Office in Cadiz, OHIO (USA).

  • Booms

    Use Sock/Net Booms to Absorb and Contain Oil Strong mesh outer sleeve encases a poly sock skin filled with highly-sorbent polypropylene. Filler won’t shed and Booms won’t sink, even when saturated with oil. A nylon rope and sturdy hardware ensure long-lasting durability and easy retrieval.

    By Environmental Technologies of Alabama (ETA) based in Madison, ALABAMA (USA). from Booms Product line

  • Model GSO430 - Booms/Spill Response

    Universal Socks 3' x 4 ft. Absorbs 25.0 gal/Pkg. 30 socks/Pkg.

    By Holston Environmental Services, Inc. based in Chattanooga, TENNESSEE (USA).

  • Chemical Spills

    On land or on water, K-Sorb is the answer for spill control and cleanup. The K-Sorb Universal line absorbs hydrocarbon, chemical, and aqueous liquids alike. It outperforms clay, corn cob, diatomaceous earth, and vermiculite absorbents. Greater absorbency results in reduced absorbent requirement, manpower, and waste generated requiring costly ...

    By Ecosorb International based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • STARDUST - EcoChoice - Model 1ECWPL - Pads

    Fabricated from virgin recycled materials. Absorbs more, is “green”, yet cost about the same, or less, than traditional meltblown pads. Fast-wicking fibers are ideal for absorbing oil and other hydrocarbon drips, leaks, spills, and discharges. When such occur on water the pads absorb oily substances but repel water. Excellent for ...

    By Paradigm International, Inc. based in Irvine, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Pads Product line

  • Biodegradable/Natural Absorbent Boom

    5' Biodegradable/Natural Oil Absorbent Boom was very popular during the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  Approved by the US Coast Guard, this product allows us to absorb oil with a Natural/Biodegrable product, thereby becoming 'Green' friendly, as it meets many of the requirements of the recycle content programs.  As our 'Monthly Feature ...

    By Absorbents International, LLC based in Sharpes, FLORIDA (USA). from Biodegradable/Natural Absorbent Boom Product line

  • Oil Only Absorbent Booms

    Versatility is a key factor in absorbent booms. Applications range from lining beaches, spanning waterways, use on off shore locations, to protecting marinas. The ability to link these highly absorbent booms together allows the user to contain an array of spill shapes and sizes from small to large.

    By Absorbents International, LLC based in Sharpes, FLORIDA (USA). from Oil Only Absorbent Booms Product line

  • GEI - Absorbent Boom

    Our GEI absorbent boom is is made for spill cleanup to skim or absorb oil and liquid applications and available in a five inch and 8 inch version. Perfect for cleanup of oil and other hazmat liquids in marshes, wetlands, bayous, and near shore ocean environments.

    By Erosion Pollution | GEI Works, Inc. (Granite Environmental, Inc.) based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA). from Absorbent Boom Product line

  • Hi -Point - Model SB710 - Polypropylene Absorbent Boom

    Use Hi -Point Polypropylene Absorbent Boom to soak up hydrocarbon spills on land or on water. To decrease cleaning costs associated with containment boom, use Hi-Point Polypropylene Absorbent Boom to soak up oil by placing it in front of containment boom. This will not only decrease cleaning costs, but will also increase the longevity of the ...

    By Hi Point Industries Ltd. based in Bishops Falls, NEWFOUNDLAND (CANADA). from Polypropylene Absorbent Boom Product line

  • Port Phoenix

    A patented, ingenious solution to containing the risk of bunkering spills in ports and docks. Two Port Phoenix booms, pivoted at the dock wall end, are levered out to seal with the tied up ship either side of the refuelling hose. Any mishaps that may occur will now be fully contained by the two booms, the ship and the dock wall. Skimmers or ...

    By Cowens Ltd based in Carlisle, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Lubetech - Model Classic - Chemical Absorbent Booms

    The top quality chemical absorbent boom from the Lubetech range Easily attached to each other, via snap-on clip and ring system Designed for containing and corralling spills on a hard surface Maximum fluid retention due to spun bond inner skin, and netting technology Very high absorbency, retains barrier function even when saturated Chemical ...

    By Multi Enviro based in Vlissingen, NETHERLANDS. from Chemical Absorbent Booms Product line

  • Absorbent Booms

    Those products have the property of floating, it does not absorb water (0,5% of absorption) and retains by adherence the spilled hydrocarbon (20 times its weight) in a fast way, being the quickest and economic option due to the variety of its applications. It´s a flexiblea and light material, of easy union. Its measures are: 3 metres x 8', ...

    By CINTRA based in Martin Coronado, ARGENTINA. from Absorbent Booms Product line

  • Model S7601 - Nature Feather Absorbent Sock

    The S7601 Nature Feather Absorbent Sock is filled in nature feather absorbent materials, sleeved with special non-woven fabrics. The boom repels water but easy to absorb oil, suitable for block large area oil spill on land.

    By Crest Ecomaterials Ltd. based in Hefei, CHINA.

  • Envirosorb - Large Booms

    Envirosorb - Large Booms in included products are Large Absorbent Boom - 3m x 180mm - MB3180, Large Absorbent Boom - 6m x 180mm - MB6180, Large Absorbent Boom - 3m x 125mm - MB3125, Large Absorbent Boom - 6m x 125mm - MB6125.

    By Global Spill Control Office in Molendinar, AUSTRALIA. from Envirosorb - Large Booms Product line

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