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Absorbents Oil Spill Clean Up Kits

by Granite Environmental, Inc     based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA)

Oil Spill Clean Up is easy with our absorbents and spill kits. Our quick wipe cleanup pads are ideal for small 5 gallon spills while fueling or making repairs and best of all economical too.

ABASCO - Oil Spill Response & Clean-Up Kits

by ABASCO LLC     based in Humble, TEXAS (USA)

ABASCO spill kits comply with Coast Guard 33 CFR, Part 155, Oil Spill Regulations. The containers are constructed with heavy duty fiberglass or heavy duty polyethylene. They are either rectangular boxes (SRK 47) or DOT cylindrical containers (SK 95). The spill kits contain all the neccessary items for a quick response to any kind of spill. The ...

DESMI Ro-Clean - Model A-Boom - Oil Containment Boom

by DESMI A/S     based in Noerresundby, DENMARK

DESMI has developed a new, very environmentally friendly Fence Boom which will suit most protection purposes with regard to Oil Spill Response in a large number of protected water areas. The boom is known as “A-BOOM”.

DESMI - Model RO-MAR Series - Oil Spill Response Fenders and Buoys

by DESMI A/S     based in Noerresundby, DENMARK

RO-MAR fenders and buoys are the result of years of develpoment and research in co-operation with major marine and offshore operators. The pneumatic RO-MAR fenders and buoys are ideal for on-board storage. The RO-MAR can be used as a temporary buoy, fender or lift/support unit. The RO-MAR pneumatic fender is especially handy for large yachts where ...

DESMI - Model BELT - Heavy Oil Recovery System

by DESMI A/S     based in Noerresundby, DENMARK

Many oil spills over recent years have highlighted the problems of recovering very viscous oils at sea. To respond to this challenge DESMI Ro-Clean has developed a line of belt skimmers.

DESMI TARANTULA - High Capacity Offshore Skimmer

by DESMI A/S     based in Noerresundby, DENMARK

The DESMI TARANTULA incorporates two DESMI DOP-250 pumps which deliver a maximum capacity of 250 m³/h and can develop discharge pressures up to 10 bar while maintaining nearly maximum flow. It is capable of recovering a wide range of oils even with high viscosities. Each pump is fitted with a cutting knife that will handle many types of trash ...

DESMI Giant Octopus - Skimmer for Oil Recovery

by DESMI A/S     based in Noerresundby, DENMARK

The DESMI GIANT OCTOPUS skimmer from DESMI Ro-Clean is the latest skimmer in our range and features a revolutionary new collection method plus 360 degree access to the collection surfaces. This skimmer is a combination and development from our popular TARANTULA and HELIX skimmers and has benefited from a continuing development program over nearly ...

DESMI - Model RO-SKIM - Boom and Skimming System

by DESMI A/S     based in Noerresundby, DENMARK

The RO-SKIM is positioned at the optimum location for oil recovery. The RO-SKIM is a special section of RO-BOOM that has been fitted with a weir and DESMI DOP 250 or DOP 160 pump. The RO-SKIM is available in five sizes to mate with RO-BOOM 1000, 1300, 1500, 1800 and 2000. The weir is ideally placed for collection of the oil that is building up ...

DESMI PyroBoom - New Standard for In-Situ Burning

by DESMI A/S     based in Noerresundby, DENMARK

PyroBoom has been demonstrated to maintain its effectiveness and structural continuity even after exposure to a 2400 of fire for up to 24 hours. Operationally, PyroBoom exhibits the toughness and durability that are the trademarks of its AFTI siblings, GlobeBoom and Oilfence. In-situ burning of oil spills is becoming recognized as an effective and ...

Model CEP-ASK-20-UP - Universal/Chemical Spill Kit (14 Gallon)

by Interstate Products Inc     based in Sarasota, FLORIDA (USA)

Spill kits are perfect for any and all disaster preparedness situations. They contain the finest quality products for oil only or universal spill control and are fully customizable.

Model GTA - Multi-Purpose Submersible Archimedes Positive Displacement High Performance Screw Pumps

by Lamor Corporation Ab     based in Porvoo, FINLAND

The GTA Pump series are multi-purpose submersible Archimedes positive displacement high performance screw pumps. In addition to being a primary oil transfer pump, the GTA pumps can be utilized for numerous applications such as offloading emergency pumping of heavy crude, bitumen, tank cleaning, pipeline maintenance, sludge removal etc.

Oil Spill Kits - Grab N Go 40 - Oil

by Paulex Environmental Consulting     based in UNITED KINGDOM

This is a quality spill kit that is great for managing oil, fuel and mild chemical spills up to 40lt.This spill kit comes in an economical clear outer bag.Ideal to keep in the van, cab, truck, office, garage, warehouse, yard or depot. If this spill kit does not meet your specific requirements we are happy to design a bespoke kit to suit your ...

Micro-Bac - Model Spill-Bac™ - The Natural & Effective Land Oil Spill Cleanup Solution

by Micro-Bac International, Inc.     based in Round Rock, TEXAS (USA)

Spill-Bac™ is a proprietary blend of specially selected biologicals and biochemicals used to remediate crude oil spills on land. It can be applied topically to spills such as occur from oil field maintenance operations, tank and flow line leaks and other such accidental releases of crude oil that impact soil areas. The product degrades the ...

Lamor - Model Seahunter - Work Platform

by Lamor Corporation Ab     based in Porvoo, FINLAND

The Lamor Seahunter is a multipurpose work platform that consists of connectable hulls, in the most basic configuration only one motor hull, but the possibilities are endless as additional cargo hulls can be quickly connected to the motor hull if the need arises. The platform is ideal for assisting in skimming and clean-up operations near shore ...

CHEMTEX - 3-D Spill Response Equipment Sign

by Chemtex, Inc.     based in Cumberland, RHODE ISLAND (USA)

Mounts on wall in your spill kit location area to clearly indicate where to go for oil spill clean up equipment.

Oil Sponge - Spill Kit

by Phase III, Inc     based in Chandler, ARIZONA (USA)

The NEW Oil Sponge Spill kit is designed to pick up approximately three quarts of spilled oil. It contains all of the necessary products to contain an incidental spill. The spill kit was originally designed for off-road and four-wheel drive enthusiasts to help them stay compliant with the Federal Bureau of Land Management requirements.However, it ...

CHEMTEX - Marine Spill Kits

by Chemtex, Inc.     based in Cumberland, RHODE ISLAND (USA)

Provides you with almost everything you need to become an efficient first responder to an oil spill. Response time is crucial when it comes to cleaning a fuel or oil spill on water. The faster you respond, the easier it is to minimize damage to the environment and avoid costly fines.

Madvac - Model LP61-D - Portable Vacuum Litter Collector and Spill Clean-Up System

by Madvac - Exprolink Inc     based in Longueuil, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Madvac LP61-D Portable Vacuum Litter Collector powered by a Diesel Kubota Engine. Compact, lightweight and ease of use. Fork lift and front loader ready. Easily transported using; a standard pick-up with 6-ft box, rough terrain vehicle or tow behind trailer conversion with standard hitch.

CHEMTEX - Cotton Pads (Oil Only) Pads & Rolls

by Chemtex, Inc.     based in Cumberland, RHODE ISLAND (USA)

Absorbs up to 20 times its weight. These natural-fiber pads provide quick clean ups of oil and petroleum based spills. These pads will not absorb water. The durable, all natural construction makes pads tough enough to reuse several times.

CHEMTEX - Standard Meltblown Pads & Rolls

by Chemtex, Inc.     based in Cumberland, RHODE ISLAND (USA)

Quick absorbing and highly versatile. Use standard melt-blown pads and rolls for cleaning spills on land and water. These low cost oil absorbents are ideal for a variety of environmental applications.

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