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  • Model NB1000 - NUTRI-BIO For Petroleum Spills On Water

    This product was formerly listed on the U.S. National Contingency Plan Product Schedule as a biological additive. NUTRI-BIO 1000 is a patented complex formulation containing a broad range of organic and inorganic nutrients, energy sources, natural alcohol and enzymes from fermentation, and several biodegradable surfactants. This product ...

    By A&V Envirotech based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Hydrocarbons - Biostimulation Product line

  • Model NB1000 - NUTRI-BIO For Petroleum Spills On Land

    This product was formerly listed on the U.S. National Contingency Plan Product Schedule as a biological additive. NUTRI-BIO 1000 is a patented complex formulation containing a broad range of organic and inorganic nutrients, energy sources, natural alcohol and enzymes, and several biodegradable surfactants. This product accelerates the ...

    By A&V Envirotech based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Hydrocarbons - Biostimulation Product line

  • Premium

    DESMI PyroBoom - New Standard for In-Situ Burning

    PyroBoom has been demonstrated to maintain its effectiveness and structural continuity even after exposure to a 2400 of fire for up to 24 hours. Operationally, PyroBoom exhibits the toughness and durability that are the trademarks of its AFTI siblings, GlobeBoom and Oilfence. In-situ burning of oil spills is becoming recognized as an effective and ...

    By DESMI A/S based in Noerresundby, DENMARK. from Oil Spill Response Product line

  • Spill Kit

    One version of the Oil Stop SPILL CURE System includes a storage cabinet filled with an assortment of sorbent materials, tools, and products which are selected to provide a fast and effective response to any type of hazardous material spill. The emphasis is on products used for recovering petroleum products, but also included are universal type ...

    By American Pollution Control Corp. (AMPOL ) based in New Iberia, LOUISIANA (USA). from Oil Stop Products - Spill Cure Product line

  • SEI & H2W - Insta-Berm

    Secondary Containment Berm Featuring L-Rod Design; Guard against toxic spillage with the Insta-Berm: a fully collapsible, rapidly deployable fabric berm made from custom chemical-resistant materials. Use the Insta-Berm virtually anywhere for secondary containment that’s durable and reliable. Comply with today’s strict environmental ...

    By H2W LLC based in Scottsdale, ARIZONA (USA). from SEI & H2W - Spill Prevention Product line

  • OPEC - Model RP18 - Oil and Chemical Adsorbent Rolls

    RP18 was developed in 1986 by OPEC to replace other polypropylene sorbents that were of inferior qulaity and difficult to use. OPEC realised that conventional adsorbents did not provide adequate prolonged use and something more durable and better adsorbtion was needed. RP18 is a specially designed, stitch bonded, polypropylene material that is ...

    By Oil Pollution Environmental Control Ltd based in Birstall, Batley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Oil Pollution Spill Response Product line

  • ecoStop - Spill Control Valve

    The ecoStop® Spill Control Valve is designed for any facility or site where the potential for a petroleum spill exists. ecoStop can be used as a stand alone product to prevent downstream pollution migration, or in conjunction with the ecoSep® Oil Water Separator.

    By Royal Environmental Systems, Inc. based in Stacy, MINNESOTA (USA). from Stormwater Treatment Filtration Products Product line

  • Oclansorb Plus - Used for the Biotreatment of Oil Spills

    Oil spills cause significant and lasting damage to rivers, lakes, marine estuaries mangroves, marshes, wetlands and shorelines. Fortunately, many oil spill sites can be treated to optimize the conditions favourable to natural biodegradation. Oclansorb Plus is designed to: Immediately absorb an oil or fuel spill on surface water, marsh, mangrove, ...

    By Key Solutions, C.A. based in Anzoategui, VENEZUELA.

  • Arctic-Guard - Spill Containment Insta Berm

    The Insta-Berm is a durable easy-to-use environmental safeguard made from industrial-strength fabrics suitable to all climates, including arid deserts and the frozen tundra of the Arctic. The Insta-Berm or spill containment berm is used as secondary containment for toxic materials in many applications, to help industries meet today's strict ...

    By Raymac Environmental Services based in Nanaimo, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Secondary Containment Berms Product line

  • Model EcoStop - Oil Spill Control Valves

    Our patented mechanical oil spill prevention valve is the only one of its kind in the world. It contains oil spills which take place by accident or due to leaking fuel tanks by preventing the oily water from extending downstream and causing more extensive damage. It is for installation at the INLET end in concrete or steel tanks used to contain ...

    By Freytech Inc. based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA). from Other Product line

  • Model FSIB - Frame Supported Insta-Berm for Secondary & Spill Containment

    The Frame Supported Insta-Berm by SEI Industries is your safeguard against toxic spillage. It is a fully collapsible fabric berm made from engineered chemical-resistant materials. For larger applications that require superior environmental protection, count on the Frame-Supported Insta-Berm for durable and reliable secondary containment. A Frame ...

    By EnviroGuard Ltd. based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Secondary Containment - Berms Product line

  • NRC - Model 4 - Foam Filled Boom

    Boom consists of a flexible skirt, round flotation, oil barrier for use in calm water. Discharge or Spill Type: Petroleum products, debris and other floating material.

    By National Response Corporation (NRC) based in Great River, NEW YORK (USA). from Booms Product line

  • Model 12 Series - Multi-Skimmer

    Action Petroleum Spill Recovery, Inc. introduces the new and improved Multi Skimmer. The Multi Skimmer is  versatile, it can be used as a drum skimmer, belt skimmer, brush skimmer, or a disc skimmer. Use the drum skimmer head for oil spills from diesel to crude. Use the brush head to clean up heavy crude, tar patches, or emulsified oil ...

    By Action Petroleum Inc. based in Ducktown, TENNESSEE (USA). from Skimmer Product line

  • Oil Only Pillows

    Oil Only Absorbent Pillows are an excellent choice for both everyday use and emergency spill response because of its high absorption rate of petroleum-based liquids. Its’ thick construction enables the pillow to remain stationary for extended periods under leaky equipment or drums.

    By MFG Reps, LLC based in Hutto, TEXAS (USA). from Sorbents- Oil Only Sorbents Product line

  • Inflatable Emergency Hazmat Pipe Plugs

    Plugs are great for blocking sewer flow in the event of spills. Made from heavy-duty elastic urethane, these plugs are lightweight, flexible, chemical and petroleum-resistant, and will fit through small-diameter openings. Pillow-style plugs can be tethered with the attached tether bars, and will work in all types of pipe, including ductile iron ...

    By Spill Source based in Denver, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Hazmat Pipe Plugs Product line

  • Oil Only Socks

    Oil Only Absorbent Socks contain spilled liquids before spreading out to floors and walkways. Socks also easily conform around equipment, machines, and between surfaces. It’s durable cover withstands rough handling and makes them wringable to be used again to reclaim petroleum-based liquids.

    By MFG Reps, LLC based in Hutto, TEXAS (USA). from Sorbents- Oil Only Sorbents Product line

  • Model 15 - Oil Only Light Weight Pad

    Oil Only Sorbents provide users with a durable absorbent for cleaning up petroleum based spills and leaks. These sorbents have proven to absorb liquids & repel water, and is effective in both industrial and environmental applications. The Oil Only sorbents are best applied during emergency spills for fast and easy clean-up. Absorbency: 17 gal ...

    By Green State Services based in New Paltz, NEW YORK (USA). from Absorbents - Oil Only Product line

  • Model Nontox - Hydrocarbon Remediation

    Nontox is a breakthrough bio-catalytic composition that leads to a new advancement in the cleaning and remediation of petroleum hydrocarbon pollutants. It works by stimulating and accelerating the natural biological reactions that cause organic substances to rapidly decompose, bio-catalytically breaking the bonds of the molecular structure of ...

    By Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc. based in Costa Mesa, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Chemical Absorbents

    The chemical absorbents product range is designed and manufactured to deal with all chemicals including Acids, Caustics, and Oils & Petroleum. The products within the chemical absorbent range are fast, instant action, highly absorbent, coloured for visual recognition, simple to use, non-toxic, non reactive and heat bonded to prevent de ...

    By Fosse Liquitrol Limited based in Whetstone, UNITED KINGDOM. from Absorbents Product line

  • Oil Only Pillows

    Pillows & Pans contain leaks and absorb drips that are too large for a pad. Drip pans are a great method for catching and holding leaks under machines or hoses, or when you need to respond quickly to a spill. Our oil-only pans have drains for water so that only petroleum-based liquids are captured. Universal pans fill completely. Pillow and ...

    By Spill Source based in Denver, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Pillows & Pans for Absorbents Product line

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