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  • 93% of Oil from Railway tracks remediated - Case study

    93% of Oil from Railway tracks remediated - Case study

    Railway engines are predominantly diesel and as such they discharge large volumes of oil, diesel and hydraulic fluids as they operate. These hydrocarbons contaminate the railway lines, stations and sidings on which the engines operate. For many years the hydrocarbon discharges have been ignored, with the tracks and surrounding lands becoming heaving contaminated. However, new environmental ...

  • Fluid waste management and disposal practices

    Fluid waste management and disposal practices

    Prior to the early 80s and the introduction of AIDS into our society, infection control practices were designed almost exclusively to protect the patient from developing a nosocomial infection an ...


  • Cleankill® Tackles Resistant Bugs

    Cleankill® Tackles Resistant Bugs

    Many viruses and bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to traditional cleaning and disinfection. The new range of Cleankill® and Viktor hygiene products distributed by Camlab is based on a powerful, broad spectrum virucidal and bactericidal ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Hydrocarbon Spill Powder

    Hydrocarbon Spill Powder

    PRP Powder for hydrocarbon spill clean up on oil, fuel and other liquid petroleums. PRP Powder is especially well adapted for land, water and hard surface petroleum spills in areas such as industrial plant settings (such as cooling ponds and tanks), shorelines - whether rocky or sandy - marinas, railroad tracks, oil wells/oil fields, maintenance facilities, oil spills, truck roll-overs, and ...