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Surface Contaminants equipment for Health and Safety

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    MiniTRACE - Model CSDF - Unique Multipurpose Meter

    MiniTRACE CSDF is a unique multipurpose meter for contamination control, survey, dose rate and XRays radiation measurement.

    By Bertin Instruments SAS based in Montigny-le-Bretonneux, FRANCE. from Unique Multipurpose Meter Product line

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    STS - Model 6150AD - Simulated Contamination Probe

     The STS SPA6 probe is in cylindrical form, 67mm diameter, and 200mm long. It differs from other STS probes, in that it is self contained detection and interface unit, and can therefore be connected direct to real ratemeters. It contains a six cell MN1500 battery pack which this gives about 10 to 15 hours of operation. The probe is designed ...

    By Safe Training Systems Ltd. (STS) based in Wokingham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Simulated Contamination Probe Product line

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    STS - Model 6150ADK - Simulator Probe

    The STS 6150ADK probe is a large area probe, 150mm wide, and 200mm long. It differs from other STS probes, in that it is self contained detection and interface unit, and can therefore be connected direct to real ratemeters. It contains a six cell MN1500 battery pack which this gives about 10 hours of operation. The probe is designed to replicate ...

    By Safe Training Systems Ltd. (STS) based in Wokingham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Simulator Probe Product line

  • EutecTrode Xuper 2240

    Low-heat-input manual electrode for the 'in-situ' repair and maintenance of cast iron and for joining cast iron with steels or copper alloys. Applications include pump bodies, compressors, machine frames, casting defects, lathes, pulleys, dies, levers, gears, generators, flanges, tables and engine blocks.

    By Castolin Eutectic based in St-Sulpice, SWITZERLAND. from EutecTrode Xuper 2240 Product line

  • CYLutions - Remedial Waterstop Process System

    Our fifth-generation, remedial waterstop process repairs joint leaks better than any other product on the market. The installation of our water-stop system begins from the deck of the dam, so it is less complicated and less intrusive. It requires no divers and leaves no visible blemishes to dam structure.

    By Emagineered Solutions, Inc. based in Redmond, OREGON (USA).

  • Bacticount Slides

    Bacticount slides are designed to test working surfaces and fluids for bacterial or fungal contamination. Food products can also be tested for surface contamination. Bacticount is a plastic slide coated on both sides with microbiological culture media and is contained in its own sterile tube. The slide is hinged for ease of use. Also available is ...

    By TCS Biosciences Ltd based in Buckingham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Bacticount Slides Product line

  • Armorguard - Semi-Gloss Epoxy Coating Coating

    A two-component polyamide cured high build epoxy coating formulated for excellent resistance to corrosive and abrasive environments. This product is available in a wide range of attractive colors. It will cure to provide excellent barrier properties over a wide range of substrates and is free of lead and chromate. This product meets the ...

    By Induron Coatings Inc. based in Birmingham, ALABAMA (USA). from Semi-Gloss Epoxy Coating Coating Product line

  • BriteBlast - White-Blast

    Abrasive blasting is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface, or remove surface contaminants. Our abrasive products are made from glass using a special grinding process that provides a blocky particle rather than ...

    By Strategic Materials, Inc. (SMI) based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Fiberlock - Model 8362-5 IAQ 6000HD - Heavy Duty Mold Resistant Coating - White, 5 Gal

    Ideal for use during new building construction, IAQ 6000HD is designed with durability and flexibility to resist mold growth on the dry coating surface. Use it on non-porous and semi-porous building materials, including gypsum wallboard, oriented-strand board (OSB), wood framing timbers, plywood, masonry block and many other structural surfaces ...

    By Fiberlock Technologies, Inc. based in Andover, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Heavy Duty Mold Resistant Coating - White, 5 Gal Product line

  • Howard Leight QB2 HYG Banded Hearing Protectors

    The patented band of these hearing protectors is specially designed to keep the ear pads from coming in contact with dirty or contaminated surfaces when hearing protection is not being worn. The soft foam ear pads fit easily inside the ear canal opening to provide comfortable supra-aural protection.

    By Forestry Suppliers, Inc. based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA). from Howard Leight QB2 HYG Banded Hearing Protectors Product line

  • Constant - Model ALCOTECH - Rince Free Sanitizer

    ALCOTECH is a powerful sanitizer designed for the cleaning of surfaces that are at high-risk for contamination. No rinsing necessary, it evaporates rapidly, sanitizing surfaces where the use of water is not suitable. ALCOTECH is a phosphate and phosphorus-free product.

    By Constant America based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Rince Free Sanitizer Product line

  • PHOENIX - Model AS - Attrition Cell Scrubber

    PHOENIX has served the aggregate industry for over twenty years with its systems for liquid/solid and solid/solid separation, classification, thickening, and dewatering. Adding to its range of separation technology, PHOENIX now offers the ATTRITION CELL Scrubber to de-agglomerate raw materials and remove surface contaminants from sand or other ...

    By PHOENIX Process Equipment Co. based in Louisville, KENTUCKY (USA). from Attrition Cell Scrubber Product line

  • HI-Q - Model PAM Series - Portable Activity Meters

    The PAM series of portable meters are compact,lightweight, hand-held instruments used to measure surface contamination from alpha, beta, and gamma activity. Low maintenance scintillation detectors are used to measure the contamination. Dual phosphor detectors with electronics are available for discrimination of alpha from beta activity.

    By HI-Q Environmental Products Company based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Portable Activity Meters Product line

  • Sealmaster - Paver Bearings

    Sealmaster® paver bearings feature advances in sealing technology. These help to meet the performance needs of the industrial paving industry. Our technology has been developed by working closely with OEM's. It has been proven with the paving contractor's demand for more reliability and uptime for these severe duty applications.

    By Emerson Industrial Automation based in St. Louis, MISSOURI (USA). from Paver Bearings Product line

  • Threaded Nipple

    It has been produced from high quality polipropilen raw material and it has resistance to impact. They prevent alga and bacteria forming due to UVproof (ultraviolet beam) structure. It does not cause contamination due to the homogeneous, poreless inner surfaces and the chemical structure. It does not contain any foreign substance which can change ...

    By Poelsan Plastic San.Tic A.S. based in Kutlukent, TURKEY. from Threaded Nipple Product line

  • Hurricane - ReCyclone Systems

    Very high efficiencies: around 50 % of the emissions of multicyclonesCustom designs (single or parallel arrangement)Low pressure drop (

    By HSK CONSULTING based in GuimarĂ£es, PORTUGAL.

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