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Surface Contaminants services for Health and Safety

  • Maintenance Service

    M2M Augmented Reality Service: Provides the highest retention rate by identifying failure in advance. Removes module contamination: Enhance efficiency up to maximum 8% by periodic module cleaning. System Maintenance: Increases efficiency up to 10% by inverter optimization and 4 season angle of incidence adjustment. Operating agency of the ...

    By KD Power based in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA.

  • Extrusion Fillet Welding Consists

    Extrusion fillet welding consists of introducing a ribbon of molten resin, a 'welded bead', along the edge of the overlap of two(2) geomembrane sheets to be welded. An extrusion weld is produced by a 4mm or 5mm diameter welding rod manufactured from the same material used to produce the liner. A hot-air preheat and the addition of molten polymer ...

    By Ram Lining Systems Inc. based in Parkhill, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Treatment Runway Rubber Remove

    We offer cleaning service airline and the runways contaminated surfaces with different coatings and petroleum products. We have equipment from 160 bar to 1200 bar.We have mobile installation base machine lorry DAF 1600 with Hammelmann pump driven by Scania engine with 213 kW power. Opportunities to work from 2 to 5 guns at a pressure of 350-500 ...

    By Mamel Ltd based in Varna, BULGARIA.

  • Bio-Contaminant Control Services

    Microbes and bio-contaminants are pollutants such as bacteria, germs, and virus. All are small in size and usually microscopic, yet they have an amazing ability to do damage to all living organisms including plants and humans. When dealing with medical-grade and food products it is important to maintain the highest levels of sanitation possible. ...

    By AgriAir Equipment - a Brand by Omnitec Design Inc based in Mukilteo, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Shot Blasting

    Effective cleaning using, for instance, grit blasting requires a lot of skill. The required result depends on what the customer wants. Shot blasting techniques are predominantly used to obtain a clean surface by removing contamination in the form of adhesive residues on solid surfaces. Depending on the required application, advice in relation to ...

    By Online Cleaning B.V. based in P.O. Box 124, Barendrecht, NETHERLANDS.

  • Passivation Services

    Why does stainless steel Rust? When the correct alloy has been chosen for a specific environment, and it still rusts, then something has likely affected the surface of the material. Real-world fabrication, welding and handling of stainless steel components will leave surface contaminates. These contaminates, including weld oxides and embedded ...

    By Harrison Electropolishing L.P. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Scarifying & Media-Blasting

    Clean Harbors Scarifying and Media-Blasting Services remove staining or near surface contamination from porous and non-porous surfaces. Our processes can also be used to prepare surfaces such as concrete, for sealing with chemical resistant sealers in process floor space, and for secondary tank containments. By removing only the contaminated ...

    By Clean Harbors based in Norwell, MA, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Scarifying & Media-Blasting Service line

  • Terminal Clean Disinfecting Services For The Healthcare Industry

    Are you deploying the best cleaning and disinfection solutions to kill pathogenic bacteria and inactivate viruses that could contribute to an outbreak? Simple manual cleaning procedures have been documented to leave behind 30%-60% of surface pathogens. Plus, today’s high-tech gadgets like UVC disinfection systems are proving to be less ...

    By TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc. based in Beverly Hills, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Passivation for Chemical Cleaning Process

    Passivation is a chemical cleaning process that is designed to remove free iron and other ferrous contaminants from the surface of stainless steel parts. By removing the contamination from machining, stamping, etc., you are helping restore the material to the original mill condition and corrosion specifications.

    By Able Electropolishing based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Fusion Welding Services

    Fusion welding consists of placing a hot metal wedge (hot shoe), mounted on a self propelled vehicular unit, between two (2) overlapped sheets of liners such that the surface of both sheets are heated above the polyethylene's melting point. As the machine advances, these overlapped portions of the liners come together at the tapered end of the hot ...

    By Ram Lining Systems Inc. based in Parkhill, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Solution Treating & Precipitation Hardening

    Finding the right atmosphere to protect your parts is a critical part of the process. At Paulo, we have custom-designed furnaces that can handle air, argon, hydrogen and helium atmospheres – plus vacuum and water-quench furnaces. We have the industry’s widest range of computer-controlled furnaces running 24 hours a day, delivering the ...

    By PAULO based in St. Louis, MISSOURI (USA). from Solution Treating & Precipitation Hardening Service line

  • Quality Assurance Services

    Quality assurance as practised at the business unit Special Metals Technology comprehensively covers all processes from the smelting of the alloy, right through all the various production steps to the final product. Thus, defects can be detected and eliminated at a very early stage. In addition, our metal and contact laboratories offer their ...

    By Heraeus Holding GmbH based in Hanau, GERMANY.

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