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Terrorism Preparedness equipment for Health and Safety

  • Ambient Air Monitor

    Air pollution is a growing problem, as populations increase and our demand for energy consumption rises there is a need to regulate and control this. In addition, compromised air quality from global terrorism is a clear and present threat. Sentelligence is offering a unique solution with a range of compact, cost effective sensors that have the ...

    By Sentelligence, Inc. based in Carmel, INDIANA (USA).

  • Avon Protection - Model FM53 - Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) System

    Avon Protection's revolutionary FM53 multi-role Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) System has been developed specifically for specialist applications where the user needs to respond to ever changing operational conditions.

    By Avon Protection Systems, Inc based in Lawrenceville, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Military Product line

  • BioCheck - Powder Screening Test Kit

    The BioCheck Kit works primarily by using PurpleHaze Technology to identify protein, found in all living material. All biowarfare agents (including Anthrax and Ricin) contain protein. On the other hand, many harmless substances frequently mistaken to be potential bioterror agents, such as powdered sugar, drywall dust, cornstarch, and many ...

    By Leopold Siegrist GmbH based in Karlsruhe, GERMANY.

  • Airport Security Booms

    These Chain Booms are designed to stop watercraft getting too close to aprons and aircraft movements, particularly where aircraft wings pass over water when parked or taxiing. They can deter intruders or demonstrators by providing an exclusion zone behind a physical barrier. This provides protection by giving the authorities time to respond when ...

    By Bolina Ltd. based in Topsham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Counter-Terrorism Booms Product line

  • Whelen - Model WPS2900 Series - Electronic Outdoor Warning Equipment

    Electronic Outdoor Warning Equipment designed for Mass Notification. Includes all hardware and software. Sounding radii range from 600m to 1860m at a Sound Pressure Level of 70dB at 30m. System includes the ability to broadcast warning (siren) ALERT tones, broadcast pre-recorded messages (up to 32), broadcast live public address announcements. The ...

    By EMALTE International based in AUSTRALIA.

  • Maritime Early Detection System (M.E.D.S)

    Maritime Early Detection Systems (MEDS™) is a combination of unique integrated state of the art technologies. By equipping maritime assets with these advanced detection systems we can dramatically decrease the potential of a hostile takeover of ships /rigs in port or at sea. The worldwide threat of terrorism and piracy in international ...

    By Monitor Systems Scotland Limited based in Aberdeen, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • DQE - Model HM6000 - Decontamination Shower Systems

    Decon in a Bag is an ideal decontamination kit for responders and facilities with limited HazMat decontamination resources such as:

    By DQE, Inc. based in Indianapolis, INDIANA (USA). from Healthcare - Decontamination Shower Systems Product line

  • Pro HazClass - Model WMD - Biological and Hazard Test Kit

    This is a biological protein screening test kit determining possible biological hazards with protein and pH test. Will indicate possible Bio-Terrorism agent or if WMD are present. (Minimum of 5 @ $25.00 each).

    By Hazchem, LLC based in Aurora, COLORADO (USA).

  • Bolina - Port Security Booms

    Our Chain Boom designs are already used extensively to restrain drifting and disabled vessels, or people who have fallen in the water. They are designed to hold them upstream of hazards such as weirs or sluices while a rescue can be carried out. Therefore they are equally effective for the protection of critical installations and vessels from boat ...

    By Bolina Ltd. based in Topsham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Counter-Terrorism Booms Product line

  • Blu-Med - Hospital Surge & Isolation Capacity Accommodation

    In the event of pandemic disease, extreme natural disaster or large-scale chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or explosive terrorist attack, the surge of thousands of traumatized, sick and/or contaminated patients would quickly exceed a hospital's maximum capacity. BLU-MED Response Systems provides fully-equipped, turnkey mobile ...

    By Blu-Med Response Systems based in Kirkland, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • EEE - Model DD400 SS - Fox Contamination Wash Area System

    One of the main uses is at Hospitals or other Medical facilities in order to shower down victims and emergency personnel who have been exposed to chemicals by either accident or terrorist attack. This will eliminate the exposure of Medical personnel and others on the inside to the chemical or contaminate. The designated shower area will insure ...

    By Environmental Equipment Engineering, Inc. (EEE) based in Mechanicsville, VIRGINIA (USA). from Water Diversion Systems Product line

  • Model Level III - Ballistic Shields

    The ever increasing need for Level III ballistic shield protection is now. Terror threats to Universities, High Schools, Grade Schools, Malls, Shopping Centers, and Major Sporting Events, remain high profile targets for terror groups.

    By 11Oktomvri - Eurokompozit based in Prilep, MACEDONIA. from Ballistic Shields Product line

  • Model MLEE-3500 and MLEE-4000DC - Mobile Laboratories for Medical

    Mobile BSL3, Laboratories for Medical, Biological, DVI, Clinical, CSR and Analytical with BioSafety Level 1, 2, 3 for Hi-Risk Viruses, like EBOLA , SARS, MERS, TB, Hepatitis, HIC/AIDS, A-H1N1 Swine Flu, H5N1 AVIAN Flu/Bird Flu and other Agents.

    By Orlando Systems inc based in North Plainfield, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Ouvry - Emergency Basic Protect Kit

    Meant for unequipped and not trained for NRBC personal to stay operational and pursue their activities in case of a chemical incident or chemical terrorist attack.

    By Ouvry based in Lyon ZA Gorge de Loup, FRANCE. from Decontamination Product line

  • ASC Shield - Security and Surveillance Incident Management

    ASC Shield™  Incident management solution for routine operations and emergencies , designed for commercial organizations and local governments. (safe city).Amitc's ASC-Shield™ is a critical tool during routine operations and emergencies in command and control centre '- Quote , User of ASC-Shield™'s solution.With companies ...

    By Amitec Ltd. based in Rishon Le Zion, ISRAEL.

  • Bio-Aerosol Threats Monitor

    The IBAC is a continuously-operating monitor that provides early warning of biological aerosol threats. The IBAC facilitates the process of identifying bio-terror agents to allow timely containment, treatment and remediation. Monitors are designed to detect concentrated levels of biological aerosols. Possible agents released in a bio-threat attack ...

    By FLIR Systems Inc. based in Wilsonville, OREGON (USA). from Biological Detection Product line

  • TAC-PAK - Civilian Command/Communication System

    The TAC•PAK is a multi-user 'Briefcase Command Center'. The lightweight, battery powered, man portable communication platform with full wireless communications functionality is integrated into a small suitcase. For example, floating in a rowboat on a lake, multiple TAC•PAK users could connect to the Internet at the same time they are ...

    By 308 Systems Incorporated based in Fort Collin, COLORADO (USA). from Mobile Command Product line

  • Under Ground Storage Tanks and Reservoirs

    ERGIL Group manufactures and constructs all size of underground steel storage tanks and reservoirs for potable and wastewater, oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical applications. We can build oil, petrochemical and water concrete covered steel storage tanks / reservoirs. We are experienced in design, engineering, and construction of emergency drain ...

    By ERGIL GROUP based in Jumeirah Lake Towers, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

  • Climate - Germicidal UV Unit

    Air purification frequently includes the mitigation of airborne microbials. The need for such purification is self-evident in many situations. For example, hospital acquired infections (HAIs), some that are attributable to pathogen in the air, kill more people in the United States than AIDS, breast cancer, and auto accidents combined.

    By Climate Technologies Corp. based in Farmington Hills, MICHIGAN (USA). from Bioclimatic Air Systems Product line

  • SASS - Model 4100 - Two Stage Aerosol Collector

    two-stage filter-based aerosol collection device. Many applications require the collection and analysis of aerosol particles, ranging from environmental air sampling and counter-terrorism to epidemiology, medicine, and agriculture. These applications typically involve the monitoring or collection of airborne plant, animal or human pathogens. But ...

    By Research International, Inc. based in Monroe, WASHINGTON (USA). from Collection Tools Product line

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