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  • Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) at Work

    Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) at Work

    Is Indoor Air Quality worse than OutDoor Air Quality?Complaints of poor air quality at work are actually quite common. Even more distressing is that newer, more energy efficient buildings may be worse than the old leaky, drafty ones. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) inside just about any building whether office, hospital, factory or warehouse is generally worse than outdoors says t

  • How air pollution destroys our health

    As the world around us becomes more polluted and overpopulated, factories continue to emit air pollutants into the atmosphere and half of the people does not have access to clean fuels or ...


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  • HEPA Filters

    HEPA Filters

    High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter also called HEPA, which is a type of highly efficient filtration media that removes microscopic particles from air that passes through the filter. Such particles include tobacco smoke, household dust, and pollen. HEPA filters are most commonly found in household vacuum cleaners and air filters. Depending on their usage and indoor air quality factors, it is ...