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Toxic Chemicals Equipment

  • Ulpatek - HEPA Filter Box

    Main demands of the clean room technology and especially in its pharmaceutical applications is the air-conditioning and also accordingly the air quality. Air distribution is generally made through the HEPA filter installed to its housing. Therefore, selection and assembling the HEPA filter to its housing without leakage is very important. Tetisan ...

    By ULPATEK Air Filter Manufacturing Inc. based in Esenyurt, TURKEY. from System Equipments Product line

  • Model CWA - Multi-Gas Analyzer

    The CWA-Analyzer is a multi-gas analyzer for the high-sensitive detection and identification of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and/or Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC) developed by IUT/IUT Medical over more than 20 years. It is best suitable for the use in homeland security, building protection, and CBRNE application in general.

    By IUT Medical GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY.

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    Toxic - Chemical Monitoring Badges

    The passive monitoring badges are very easy way to monitor many toxic chemicals. Many organic chemicals can be monitored at onec by using Advanced Chemical Sensors Organic Monitoring badge. Here are some of chemicals that Advanced Chemical Sensors' monitoring badge can monitor.

    By Environmental Sensors Company based in Boca Raton, FLORIDA (USA). from Monitoring Badges Product line

  • United Manufacturing International - Model HPAF-5000 Duplex - Activated Carbon Adsorber

    UMI-2000 is a supplier of Activated Carbon, Ion Exchange (IX) Resins and Adsorption Filtration Equipment. Eastern, Central and Western USA distribution points stock activated carbon in all forms - GAC, PAC and Extruded Pellets (EAC) from coal, coconut shell, wood and hard anthracite. We also design, size and build custom fabricated liquid and ...

    By United Manufacturing International 2000 Activated Carbon based in Red Bluff, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Model SAM GC-600 - Chemical Hazards Monitor

    The SAM GC-600 Chemical Hazards Monitor is a high-performance analyzer that is based on gas chromatograph technology. It was developed specifically for continuous chemical hazards monitoring, and is used where highly toxic or carcinogenic substances may be present in the production-plant air or in the workplace. Based on its high level of ...

    By Solvias AG based in Kaiseraugst, SWITZERLAND. from Others Product line

  • Model GDA-P - Gas Detector Array – Personal

    The GDA-P is a compact portable detector offering detection and identification of chemical warfare agents, chemical hazardous gases and toxic industrial compounds within seconds.

    By Airsense Analytics GmbH based in Schwerin, GERMANY. from Military Product line

  • Model 8081A Series - Toxic Gas Leak Detector

    Matheson’s PortaSens Series of detectors provide compound specific leak detection of a wide variety of toxic gases and chemicals. Choose from twenty-three available sensors to suit your particular application. Each is optimized to provide maximum sensitivity with minimum interference from other gases.  A unique feature of the PortaSens ...

    By Chrysalis Scientific Technologies Inc. based in Oakville, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Gas Detection Equipment Product line

  • ChemSight - Hazardous Gas Detection System

    The ChemSight detector is an infrared (IR), line of sight, sensing system for point of entry, fixed security, fence line and perimeter protection that utilizes a simple, non-contact, spectral analysis of the atmosphere. The use of optical line-of-sight detection and avoidance of direct contact with chemicals provides the following advantages ...

    By Avir Sensors based in Charlottesville, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • Calgon Carbon - Model WPX - Powdered Reactivated Carbon

    WPX is a powdered activated carbon produced from reactivated granular carbons. WPX powdered reactivated carbon is ideally suited for the removal of toxic compounds, dyes, and/or refractory organic chemicals from wastewaters. The high iodine number of WPX allows for adsorption of a wide range of organic chemicals present in industrial wastewater. ...

    By Calgon Carbon Corporation based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Water Treatment Activated Carbons Product line

  • Coal Based Activated Carbon

    The series activated carbon is mainly used for the purification of drinking water, deep degree treatment of industrial wastewater and sewage, the manufacturing of super purified water. The organic substances, which are harmful to human health and environment, can be effectively removed.This product is made from high quality coal through crushing ...

    By Green Activated Carbon Sisters Group based in Beijing, CHINA.

  • DeltaTox - Model II - Portable Toxicity Monitoring

    DeltaTox II is a simple, rapid, extremely responsive, portable water quality test system. Designed for acute toxicity screening and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) testing, DeltaTox II uses bioluminescence technology to screen for contamination in instances of drinking water emergencies and chemical spills into water systems. DeltaTox II is the ...

    By Modern Water - Monitoring Division based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Toxicity Monitoring Product line

  • Microtox - Model CTM - Continuous Toxicity Monitoring

    Modern Water’s new Microtox CTM is a site-based, broad range, Continuous Toxicity Monitor (CTM). It continuously measures the chemical toxicity of a water source, giving instant indication of water health. Microtox CTM is a fully automatic instrument that offers a 4-week, autonomous operating cycle and requires a low level of skill for both ...

    By Modern Water - Monitoring Division based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Toxicity Monitoring Product line

  • CRUMA - Model 2010 - Vented Storage Cupboard

    Cruma 2010 vented chemical storage cabinet, with the same filtration technology used by Cruma in its fume cupboards during more than 38 years, allow the storage of liquid reactives, reducing the space used, and removing the inflammable, corrosive or toxic vapours by adsorption by means of a specific activated carbon filter, and recirculating the ...

    By CRUMA Material de Laboratorio, S.A. based in El Prat de Llobregat, SPAIN. from Vented Storage Cupboard Product line

  • Biomethane Plant

    On account of their particular features, biogas plants, waste recycling plants, sewage plants and landfill sites are often located in regions which make 100% thermal utilisation from the combined heat-and-power process economically impossible. Biomethane – the regenerative natural gas. At locations with regenerative gas generation of biogas, ...

    By ETW Energietechnik GmbH based in Moers, GERMANY.

  • Smart Pak - Bacteria and Heavy Metals Media

    AbTech’s Smart Pak is designed for use in new or existing stormwater vaults that experience hydrocarbon, heavy metal pollution accompanied by sediment, debris, and bacteria. Smart Paks help meet and/or exceed stormwater National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit requirements with effective filtration, absorption, life ...

    By AbTech Industries Inc based in Scottsdale, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Chemical Amendment Injection: Oxidation & Reduction

    With over 15 years of chemical amendment addition experience by industry-leading design engineers, ARS uses a wide range of materials/chemicals when designing remediation options involving chemical oxidation. ARS’ Design Engineers will select the chemical and an activator as needed based on site specific factors, including the target ...

    By ARS Technologies Inc. based in New Brunswick, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Environmental Injection Product line

  • Environics - Model ChemPro100i - Handheld Chemical Detector for CWA and TIC Detection

    The ChemPro100i is a handheld detector for field detection and classification of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) and selected Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs).  It provides industry-leading sensitivity and false alarm rejection in the most user friendly and low-maintenance package in its class.

    By Environics based in Mikkeli, FINLAND. from Chemical Detection Product line

  • SAFER TRACE - Toxic Release Analysis of Chemical Emissions

    SAFER TRACE (Toxic Release Analysis of Chemical Emissions) is our state-of-the-art hazard assessment tool.  One of the challenges of managing a chemical facility is the ongoing need for process safety improvements. Plants are continually required to revalidate major incident assessments and, as plants age, standards of compliance tighten. ...

    By SAFER Systems LLC based in Westlake Village, CALIFORNIA (USA).

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    DeconGel - Peelable, Safe Decontamination Solutions

    DeconGel™ is a proven, tough, professional, military-grade, safe to use and handle, water soluble, and environmentally friendly product for extreme, hard-to-clean contamination remediation challenges for any industry. If you can only take one product with you – this is it. It is exceptionally effective against radioactive isotopes but has the ...

    By KT Chemicals, Inc. based in Richardson, TEXAS (USA).

  • Advanced Water Purification and Innovative Water Sampling

    Municipal waste water treatment facilities and government agencies are increasingly concerned with the existence of bacteria, viruses and emerging contaminants such as hormones and pharmaceuticals in drinking water. To effectively concentrate these toxic constituents during sampling and rapidly remove them, WRI has developed a nano-structured ...

    By Western Research Institute (WRI) based in Laramie, WYOMING (USA).

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