Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)

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  • Short Magnetic Locator
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    Short Magnetic Locator

    By SubSurface Instruments Inc.

    The ML-3 is a much-anticipated and welcome addition to the ML family of magnetic locators from SSI. ML-3 magnetic locators represent the best in innovation at work for the water/sewer industry, surveying industry and ...

  • Cost Effective and High Precision Overhauser Magnetometer
    Showcase Product

    Cost Effective and High Precision Overhauser Magnetometer

    By GEM Systems, Inc.

    GEM’s Overhauser Magnetometer system is a revolutionary geophysical instrument developed by GEM to offer a rugged, low power, and sensitive alternative to Proton Precession and some other alkali vapour ...

  • Locator
    Showcase Product


    By Novatest Srl

    The COBRA WIRELESS GPR collects data from hundred thousands of pulse reflections each second to help researchers identify objects below ground. It works in a multi frequency band from 100 to 900 MHz, thus replacing 2-3 ...

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  • Geosoft Inc

    Geosoft Inc

    Established in 1986, Geosoft stands for integrity and best practice in earth science mapping and exploration technology. Today, Geosoft software is ...

  • Geotech Ltd.

    Geotech Ltd.

    Geotech Ltd. is a mining, energy, engineering and environmental services company providing airborne geophysical survey services and instrumentation ...

  • Earth Resources Technology, Inc. (ERT)

    Earth Resources Technology, Inc. (ERT)

    ERT integrates full-spectrum science and technology solutions for Federal and State Government organizations tackling demanding projects in ...

  • Omega Thermal Technologies, Inc. (OTT)

    Omega Thermal Technologies, Inc. (OTT)

    Omega Thermal Technologies, Inc. is a team of specialists that have practical experience in the design, construction and operation of high ...

  • Geonics Limited

    Geonics Limited

    A Canadian-owned company, located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Geonics Limited is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of ...