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Vibration Analyzer (Vibration Control) equipment available in Burkina Faso

  • Model A4404 - Vibration Analyzer

    TheA4404 - SABmodule is convenient for service and analytical operations. The module is identical to the input part of theA4400 - VA4 Proinstrument, which is designed for processing of the measured signal. When the moduleA4404 - SABis connected to any computer by USB and the software VA4 Pro is running, you will get the same measuring system as ...

    By Adash Ltd. based in Moravska, CZECH REPUBLIC.

  • Vibrio M - Model A4900 - Vibration Analyzer

    The A4900 - Vibrio M instrument allows you to perform all basic vibro-diagnostics measurements such as bearing condition, lubrication assessment and identification of mechanical faults. Many measurement techniques are processed automatically. The A4900 - Vibrio M has a unique expert system developed by Adash, that automatically detects machinery ...

    By Adash Ltd. based in Moravska, CZECH REPUBLIC.

  • Model A4400 VA4 Pro - Vibration Analyzer

    TheA4400 - VA4 Prois a unique instrument for machinery vibration diagnostics. The latest version now contains a module for acoustic measurement. TheA4400 - VA4Pro has modules for analysing, data collecting and the recording of vibration signals. The instrument is enhanced by modules for dynamic balancing, measurement of run up and cost down, ...

    By Adash Ltd. based in Moravska, CZECH REPUBLIC.

  • VIBER - Model X5 MK III - Vibration Analyzer

    VIBER X5 MK III  is an advanced vibration analyzer, together with SpectraPro PC software it provides a complete package for redictive condition maintenance. VIBER X5 MK III is capable of measuring, processing, displaying and storing a wide range of measurement parameters. You can collect various types of field data; examples are vibration ...

    By VMI International AB based in Linköping, SWEDEN. from Portable Product line

  • Model 214 - Vibration Analyzer/Balancer

    Model 214 Vibration Analyzer/Balancer is an all-purpose vibration analyzer and a single- and two-plane dynamic balancer for fans, rotors, shafts, grinding wheels, spindles, and other rotating machinery. The 214 features a high intensity strobe light for phase detection and maintenance troubleshooting of belts, bent shafts, misalignment and other ...

    By Balmac Inc. based in Plain City, OHIO (USA). from Vibration Analyzers/Balancers Product line

  • Windrock - Model 6320/VA - Four Channel Vibration Analyzer

    Windrock’s four channel vibration analyzer. This instrument combines the capabilities of an advanced 4-channel vibration data collector, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and transient data recorder into one handheld instrument. The Windrock MD analysis software presents the transient data in industry standard formats including orbits, time ...

    By Windrock Incorporated based in Knoxville, TENNESSEE (USA). from Portable Analyzers Product line

  • Brüel & Kjær - Model Type 4447 - Human Vibration Analyzer

    An easy-to-use, rugged and portable human vibration analyzer, designed primarily for Health and Safety at Work applications, specifically risk assessment according to EU Directive 2002/44/EC. It measures exposure to hand-arm and whole-body vibration, and complies with the technical requirements of ISO 8041:2005. Type 4447 measures and displays all ...

  • Brüel & Kjær - Model Type 2250-H - Hand-held Vibration Analyzer

    Suitable for a wide variety of vibration measurement applications using one of a range of accelerometers - dependent on the level, position and environment in which the measurements are to be made.

  • DELTA OHM - Model HD 2070 - Three channel vibration analyzer

    Three channel vibration analyzer HD2070 is a portable vibration analyzer performing spectral and statistical analysis on three channels simultaneously. The instrument measures all parameters required by current regulations concerning workers protection from vibration related risks and is able to measure vibrations transmitted to both hand-arm and ...

    By Delta OHM S.r.L. based in Caselle di Selvazzano, ITALY. from Instruments - Acoustic - Vibration Product line

  • DELTA OHM - Model HD 2030 - Four Channel Vibration Analyzer

    The HD2030 is a portable 4 channel vibration analyzer able to perform spectral and statistical analysis. The instrument can supply all the measurement parameters required by the current normative concerning the operators protection from the risk connected with the vibrations and is able to measure in hand-arm and whole body modes. It is also ...

    By Delta OHM S.r.L. based in Caselle di Selvazzano, ITALY. from Instruments - Acoustic - Vibration Product line

  • SVAN - Model 979 - Sound & Vibration Analyzer

    The SVAN 979 Class 1 Sound & Vibration Analyzer is our flagship device. Your first impression will be the amazing OLED display which features excellent visibility in all light conditions. The instrument’s lightweight and durable aluminium housing not only gives a sense of a firm grip but also protects the valuable electronic device ...

    By Svantek Ltd. based in Warszawa, POLAND. from Sound Level Meters Product line

  • 01dB - Model FUSION - Smart Sound & Vibration Analyzer

    FUSION, the sound level meter and analyzer from 01dB, is simply unique. With its compact, robust and practical design, FUSION is ideal for use in the field. FUSION offers an innovative solution for noise and vibration measurement, with high-performance features designed to facilitate analysis. It offers excellent connectivity, enabling you to ...

    By ACOEM based in Limonest, FRANCE. from Sound Level Meters Product line

  • Premium

    Norsonic - Model Nor133/Nor136 - Precision Vibration Meters

    The precision vibration meters Nor133 and Nor136 are designed in accordance with ISO 8041. In their basic versions, both meters are well suited for measurement of whole body and hand-arm vibration measurements. Optional upgrades allow for the measurement and analysis as vibration in buildings, ships, vehicles and public transport systems in ...

    By Norsonic AS based in Lierskogen, NORWAY. from Vibration Product line

  • Model VSA-1215 and VSA-1217 - Vibration Spectrum Analyzers

    The VSA-1215 and VSA-1217 Vibration Spectrum Analyzers are Datastick’s high-performance vibration analyzer / data collectors. Despite their low cost and ease of use, they have features and capabilities comparable to analyzers costing three times as much, or more. The VSA hardware module attaches to a Palm TX handheld computer and has a ...

    By Datastick Systems, Inc. based in San Jose, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Premium

    Model TGA-50/51 - Thermogravimetric Analyzer

    High-Sensitivity, Suspension Thermogravimetry Measurements. Shimadzu’s TGA-50 series and TGA-51 series thermogravimetric analyzers use a light-weight balance mechanism and taut band fulcrum to provide high-vibration tolerance and high-sensitivity measurement. High-temperature versions, H models, and large sample mass models, TGA-51 series, ...

    By Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc based in Columbia, MARYLAND (USA). from Thermal Analysis Product line

  • SVAN - Model 957 - Analyzer and Sound Level Meter

    SVAN 957 is all digital, Type 1 sound & vibration level meter along with analyser. Instrument is intended to general acoustic and vibration measurements, environmental monitoring, occupational health and safety monitoring. SVAN 957 is recommended for those who are looking for the Type 1 instrument for both sound and vibration measurements.

    By Sensidyne based in St. Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA). from Sound and Vibration Instruments Product line

  • SVAN - Model 979 - Advanced and Powerful Sound Level Meter and Analyzer

    SVAN 979 is a powerful and advanced real-time sound and vibration analyzer for use in acoustical engineering, high-priority monitoring, and safety applications. The SVAN 979 has features and sensitivity commonly found precision laboratory equipment but in a portable sound and vibration meter and analyzer.

    By Sensidyne based in St. Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA). from Sound and Vibration Instruments Product line

  • DELTA OHM - Model HD2110L - Integrating Sound Level Meter - Portable Analyzer

    HD 2110LIntegrating Sound Level Meter - Portable Analyzerthe HD2110L is a precision integrating portable sound level meter, with datalogging functions, performing both spectrum and statistical analysis. The instrumenthas been designed in order to offer high-performance analysis ofacoustic phenomena. Attention has been paid to the possibility of ...

    By Delta OHM S.r.L. based in Caselle di Selvazzano, ITALY. from Instruments - Acoustic - Vibration Product line

  • DELTA OHM - Model HD2010UC/A - Integrating Sound Level Meter Frequency Analyzer

    The HD2010UC is an integrating portable sound level meter performing statistical analyses. The instrument has been designed combining price competitiveness and simplicity of use. Attention has been paid to the possibility of updating the instrument, and the HD2010UC can be integrated, at any time, with other options to extend its application ...

    By Delta OHM S.r.L. based in Caselle di Selvazzano, ITALY. from Instruments - Acoustic - Vibration Product line

  • Model HI 803 - Portable Vibration Shaker

    Top-of-the-line portable shaker for transducer / accelerometer vibration, verification and calibration. This top-of-the-line Hardy shaker includes more operational functions. In manual mode, the vibration test level and test frequency can be set from 10 Hz to 10,000 Hz. In sensitivity mode, the HI 803 not only vibrates the transducer being tested, ...

    By Hardy Process Solutions based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Vibration Monitoring Product line

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