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Havex - Hand Arm Vibration Meter

by Casella     Office in Sector 47, Gurgaon, INDIA

The HAVex Tri-Axial Hand Arm Vibration Meter has been specifically designed for Hand Arm Vibration Measurements. It‘s a simple to use meter allowing you measure the levels of vibration that can be transmitted to the hand from power tools.

Norsonic - Model Nor133/Nor136 - Precision Vibration Meters

by Norsonic AS     Distributor in CHINA

The precision vibration meters Nor133 and Nor136 are designed in accordance with ISO 8041. In their basic versions, both meters are well suited for measurement of whole body and hand-arm vibration measurements. Optional upgrades allow for the measurement and analysis as vibration in buildings, ships, vehicles and public transport systems in ...

Vibra-Check - Model VM2800 & VM3800 - Vibration Meter

by Metrix Instrument Co.,     Office in Seou, SOUTH KOREA

The economical and compact Vibra-Check™ Vibration Meter is an ideal tool for obtaining spot measurements of machinery vibration. All three useful measurements are possible. Displacement, velocity, and acceleration modes allow a user to perform basic vibration analysis. The robust high temperature accelerometer sensor has a removable magnetic ...

Kanomax - Model 4200 - Vibration Meter

by Kanomax USA, Inc.     Office in Osaka, JAPAN

Compact, Easy-to-Use Vibration Meter: The new Kanomax vibration meter is designed to be compact, lightweight and easy to use. The magnetic accelerometer attaches easily to machinery for increased accuracy and precise operation. It's the perfect tool to diagnosis problematic vibrations with your industrial machinery or manufactured products.

Model 5500 - Portable Vibration Meter

by Metrix Instrument Co.,     Office in Seou, SOUTH KOREA

Monitor vibration on your machines with this compact and simple to operate vibration meter. This intrinsically safe meter is ideal for obtaining spot measurements of machine vibration. Pressing the ON button activates the unit. A vibration reading is then obtained by simply holding the probe tip against the machine and observing the reading on the ...

Model HVM200 - Human Vibration Meter

by Larson Davis, a division of PCB Piezotronics     Office in Moscow, RUSSIA

The HVM200 is a small rugged vibration meter with built in Wi-Fi that can be used to measure hand-arm, whole body and general vibration. It includes the metrics and frequency weightings needed to measure human vibration. This 3 channel meter meets the requirements of ISO 8041:2005 and it is designed to measure per ISO ...

TPI - Model 9070 - Smart Vibration Meter

by Test Products International, Inc. (TPI)     Office in Subang Jaya, MALAYSIA

9070 Smart Vibration Meter. Vibration analysis at the touch of a button. Analyze and Interprets readings; incredible performance at an unbelievably low price. Overall machine and bearing conditions: vibration values are displayed with color coded alarm levels for ISO values and Bearing Damage (BDU).

Sound Level and Vibration Meter CESVA

by LSI-LASTEM srl     Office in Singapore City, SINGAPORE

Sound and vibration level meters.

Vibration Meter Unit UV-15

by RION Co., Ltd.     based in Tokyo, JAPAN

UV-15 provides connectivity for piezoelectric accelerometers, accelerometers with integrated preamplifier, and TEDS compliant accelerometers. Each unit has its own display showing settings, measurement values, and a bar graph indication. Adding the Interface Unit UV-22 allows connection to a computer for control of settings and operation and ...

Revo - Vibration Meter for Hand-Arm, Whole-Body & Machinery Vibration Monitoring

by Cirrus Research plc     Distributor in CHINA

The Revo, like the rest of the Cirrus product range, boasts the same easy functionality to make vibration monitoring simple. You'll be able to capture vibration data for any application easily. The Revo is ideal for monitoring hand-arm vibration and whole body vibration exposure, as well as vibration from passenger and merchant ships, machinery, ...

3-Axis Vibration Meter VM-54

by RION Co., Ltd.     based in Tokyo, JAPAN

VM-54 is designed for various vibration measurements with tri-axial accelerometer. Three kinds of optional program cards help you make three types of measurement below. VM-54 with VX-54WS system: for measurements and evaluation of vibrations in living spaces of ship for human suitability and comfort Applicable Standard : ISO 6954:2000. VM-54 with ...

Brüel & Kjær - Model LDS PA Series - Linear Power Amplifiersr for Vibration Test Systems 25 W to 1000 W

by Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S     Office in Singapore, SINGAPORE

The PA series of linear power amplifiers ranges in power output from 25 W to 1000 W and are designed to support LDS vibration test system's power both permanent magnet shakers and small electrodynamic shakers. These amplifiers are also used extensively to power 3rd party shakers.

Brüel & Kjær - Model Type 2250-H - Hand-held Vibration Analyzer

by Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S     Office in Singapore, SINGAPORE

Suitable for a wide variety of vibration measurement applications using one of a range of accelerometers - dependent on the level, position and environment in which the measurements are to be made.

Norsonic - Model Nor150 - Sound and Vibration Analyser

by Norsonic AS     Distributor in CHINA

The sound and vibration analyser Nor150 sets new standards in user-friendliness. Featuring the largest colour touchscreen in a handheld meter on the market today, the Nor150 provides the user friendliness of a smartphone. Further features include, built in web server, camera, GPS and advanced voice and text notes bringing the sophistications ...

Metering Feeders

by General Kinematics     Office in Ram Murthy Nagar, INDIA

GK metering feeders collect, weigh, and evenly distribute castings to blast machines. By combining vibratory feeders with weigh cells, gates, and modern control systems, GK metering feeders can accurately dispense the right amount of castings to your blast machines for optimal cleaning.

01dB - Model FUSION - Smart Sound & Vibration Analyzer

by ACOEM     Office in Bangkok, THAILAND

FUSION, the sound level meter and analyzer from 01dB, is simply unique. With its compact, robust and practical design, FUSION is ideal for use in the field. FUSION offers an innovative solution for noise and vibration measurement, with high-performance features designed to facilitate analysis. It offers excellent connectivity, enabling you to ...

01DB - Model dB4 - 4-Channel Portable Noise and Vibration Analyser

by ACOEM     Office in Bangkok, THAILAND

dB4 is a portable noise and vibration analyser consisting of a USB2.0 4-channel acquisition unit combined with one of the software program of the 01dB range (dBFA or dBENV). Connected to the computer through the USB port, the dB4 system offers 4 synchronised 24-bit ICP inputs for performing operating, both in portable and fixed mode.

Weiber - Model ACM-DSLM-2561 - Digital Sound Level Meter

by Acmas Technocracy Private Limited     based in New Delhi, INDIA

Weiber Digital Sound Level Meter is designed to measure and monitor sound level pressure in different industrial environments. It can measure sound level ranging from 35 db to 130 db with frequency ranges from 31.5Hz to 8000Hz. This laboratory equipment is equipped with micro computer LSI circuit which helps to acquire high accuracy in less time. ...

SVANTEK dealer for Thailand

by Geonoise Thailand Co., Ltd.     based in Bangkok, THAILAND

Distributor for all Svantek sound level meters and vibration meters in Thailand.

Model APD - AT55 - Mobile Generators

by AKSA Power Generation     Office in Changzhou New District, CHINA

Stand-by Power (Maximum): Power available at variable load in the event of main power network failure. No over load is permitted. Prime Power: Power available at variable load in lieu of a main power network. Overload of 10% is permitted for lhour in every 12 hours of operation. The above ratings represent the engine performance capabilities to ...

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