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Model Type 3680 - Vibration Monitoring Terminal

by Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S     based in Nærum, DENMARK

Measure unattended vibration related to structural damage, sensitive machinery disturbance and human response with our Vibration Monitoring Terminal Type 3680. The robust Vibration Monitoring Terminal provides real-time data that enables users to prevent harm to buildings, ensure regulatory compliance and meet social license obligations.

Model HI 5800 - Electronic Vibration Monitoring Switch

by Hardy Process Solutions     based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Hardy HI 5800 The HI 5800 Switch provides high-end vibration protection in a small, lowprofi le package. When you mount it directly to your rotating or reciprocating equipment, it monitors signs of vibration and activates onboard relay when a high-level is reached.

Havex - Hand Arm Vibration Meter

by Casella     based in Kempston, UNITED KINGDOM

The HAVex Tri-Axial Hand Arm Vibration Meter has been specifically designed for Hand Arm Vibration Measurements. It‘s a simple to use meter allowing you measure the levels of vibration that can be transmitted to the hand from power tools.

Model HVM100 - The Human Vibration Monitor

by Larson Davis, a division of PCB Piezotronics     based in Depew, NEW YORK (USA)

The Human Vibration Monitor 100 is a hand-held instrument for measuring human exposure to vibration, performing relevant calculations and providing overall metrics on its LCD display. Detailed vibration levels are easily stored in its built-in data logger, which can hold up to 100 separate time-history test files including all required metrics. ...

Construction Vibration Monitoring System

by Caption Data Limited     based in Worcester, UNITED KINGDOM

The RDL//Vibe is a robust self powered remote vibration monitoring system ideal for monitoring vibration levels arising from construction activities such as piling, demolition, blasting and other works that generate ground vibrations. With online reporting and real time email and SMS alarms when vibration levels trigger threshold limits, you can ...

RDL//Vibe - Building Vibration Monitoring System

by Caption Data Limited     based in Worcester, UNITED KINGDOM

A building’s response to ground-borne vibration is affected by various different factors and while a concern doesn’t always mean that there’s potential for damage, without an auditable trail of vibration data it can be difficult to link damage with a particular cause. A building vibration monitoring system such as the ...

RDL//Vibe - Ground Vibration Monitoring System

by Caption Data Limited     based in Worcester, UNITED KINGDOM

The number of tender guidelines and risk assessments requiring remote vibration monitoring continues to grow. In addition to tender requirements, a range of international, national and corporate standards exist to inform project managers and contractors on the best practice for measurement of shock and vibration in buildings. By using the ...

Model TAD 302 COP - Turbine Vibration Monitor

by Windsens GmbH     based in Munich, GERMANY

The vibration sensor for operational monitoring of tower and drive train acceleration. This sensor is developed to operate as a simple data collector for the turbine PLC. All relevant algorithms are running on the central intelligence of the turbine PLC. The device is only handling the communication requirements of the bus system. In this case it ...

TROMINO - Model 3G - Seismic Surveys and Vibration Monitoring System

by MoHo - Science & Technology     based in Marghera - Venezia , ITALY

TROMINO® is the first ‘all-in-one’ instrument for passive and active seismic surveys and vibration monitoring. Its small dimension (1 dm3, < 1 kg) and unique user-friendliness make single station seismic prospection a sheer entertainment. Powered by 2 AA batteries, TROMINO® can record for several days. In association with ...

VIBRA - Vibration Monitoring System

by Profound BV     based in Waddinxveen, NETHERLANDS

Continuous and online vibration monitoring according to a large range of standards such as DIN 4150-2 and -3, BS 5228-2, BS 7385-2, SBR A and B, SS 460 48 61, blasting standards SS 460 48 66 and AS 2187.2 and is according to DIN 45669-1:2010.

Sinus - Model Swing™ - Web-based Vibration Monitoring and Diagnosis

by Sinus Messtechnik GmbH     based in Leipzig, GERMANY

The economic importance of permanent vibration monitoring of combustion engines and other machines, as well as decentralized generators such as wind power stations, is continuously increasing. The availability of units can be improved by permanent online monitoring and technical diagnosis because dates for service and maintenance can be optimized. ...

ABEM - Model Vibraloc - Ground-Borne Vibration Monitoring System

by ABEM Instrument AB     based in Sundbyberg, SWEDEN

Ground-borne vibration monitoring in one easy-to-use standalone unit. Optimized for blast monitoring. Support for any vibration monitoring. ABEM Vibraloc is a continuous full waveform vibration monitor with an integrated tri-axial set of geophones. An additional 4th channel allows monitoring of air-pressure from blasting using an optional ...

Brüel & Kjær - Model LDS LASER USB - Vibration Control System

by Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S     based in Nærum, DENMARK

Combining convenience, performance, flexiblity and safety, LASERUSB is the ideal controller for your test lab. It has 24-bit precision with wide control dynamic range, and fast loop times to provide superb control for your most challenging tests. LASERUSB provides full capability controller for random, swept-sine, resonance dwell, classical shock, ...

Revo - Vibration Meter for Hand-Arm, Whole-Body & Machinery Vibration Monitoring

by Cirrus Research plc     based in Hunmanby, UNITED KINGDOM

The Revo, like the rest of the Cirrus product range, boasts the same easy functionality to make vibration monitoring simple. You'll be able to capture vibration data for any application easily. The Revo is ideal for monitoring hand-arm vibration and whole body vibration exposure, as well as vibration from passenger and merchant ships, machinery, ...

Brüel & Kjær - Model Type LDS HPA-K - Power Amplifier for Vibration Test Systems 5 kVA

by Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S     based in Nærum, DENMARK

The HPA-K Amplifier is a dedicated 5 kVA unit optimised for use with the LDS V650 and V780 air-cooled shakers to deliver greater force than if using the PA1000 amplifier.

Brüel & Kjær - Model LDS SPA-K - Switching Power Amplifier for Vibration Test Systems 8 - 56 kVA

by Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S     based in Nærum, DENMARK

The SPA-K switching power amplifiers can be used to power legacy LDS air-cooled vibration test systems from the V830 to the V8 and third party shakers and include a unique remote control capability that allows the user to control the amplifier remotely via a PC.

Brüel & Kjær - Model Type 2250-H - Hand-held Vibration Analyzer

by Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S     based in Nærum, DENMARK

Suitable for a wide variety of vibration measurement applications using one of a range of accelerometers - dependent on the level, position and environment in which the measurements are to be made.

KONCAR - Model EMCM - Expert Motor Condition Monitoring

by KONCAR - Electrical Engineering Institute Inc.     based in Zagreb, CROATIA

EMCM is a compact monitoring system that detects key motor faults such as damage of stator and rotor windings and shaft and bearing damages. It also monitors key motor values - vibration, current and temperature. The solution uses high resolution patented method for fault detection which enables predictive maintenance and so significantly expands ...

KONCAR - Model SCVP - Shaft Current and Voltage Protection

by KONCAR - Electrical Engineering Institute Inc.     based in Zagreb, CROATIA

The solution in form of an easy-to-install protection relay provides measurement and analysis of shaft voltage and current which may damage the generator bearing. Monitoring of shaft currents and a quick response to increasing amplitude of these currents is an easy way to protect the expensive power generation equipment.

Model HI 813 - Portable Vibration Shaker

by Hardy Process Solutions     based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Mid-level portable shaker for transducer / accelerometer vibration, verification and calibration. Used for testing from 25 to 10,000 Hz, the Hardy HI 813 Shaker offers adjustable frequency and adjustable vibration level. This provides a reference source for verifying the accuracy of vibration transducers, connectors, cabling and instruments or ...

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