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    Bird-X ProHawk UAV Bird Control Drone - Video

    Bird-X has created the first drone of its class outfitted with fully autonomous flight, carbon body, and patented bird control noise ...

    By Bird-X Inc.

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    Bird Netting Installation Demonstration - Video

    Learn best practices for installing bird netting. Great information for Pest Control ...

    By Bird-X Inc.

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    Stop It Gas Riser Rehabilitation Kit - Application Procedure - Video

    The STOP IT Riser Rehabilitation Kit is intended to strengthen the structural integrity of the riser nipple, or riser casing on non-leaking 3/4” and 1” standard anodeless risers. It is comprised of a strong knitted fiberglass tape coated with fast setting, water-activated urethane resins. The STOP IT Riser Rehabilitation Kit also includes FIX STIX, a steel filled hand moldable epoxy ...

    By InduMar Products, Inc.

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    IST AG Bio Sensors

    BIOSENSORS Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG offers biosensors designed to measure the concentration of glucose, lactate, glutamine and glutamate in aqueous media. The biosensors use the enzymatic-amperometric measurement principle. They rely on immobilized enzymes to detect the target analytes with high specificity and reliability.  ...

  • ProFlex C -- Quick and easy dismounting for cleaning and product change- Video

    ProFlex® C, Loss-in-weight feeder Optimised, zero-maintenance, flexible -- The new generation of feeders for the compound industry ProFlex® C offers proven Schenck Process quality and stability and is based on the experience of two generations of feeders with flexible troughs. Save space and time, adapt flexibly and improve quality The optimised design of the ProFlex® C pays off in ...

    By Schenck Process Group

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    Gutermann Intelligent Water Loss Management Video

    Smart cities use GUTERMANN's Intelligent Water Loss Management Technology to permanently monitor their water distribution network and detect and pinpoint leaks within days of their occurrence. The Zonescan Alpha is the only technology based on acoustic noise analysis capable of pinpointing leaks automatically using ultra-sensitive smart sensor, powerful communications technology and ...

    By Gutermann AG

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    Geotech`s Digital Approach to Measuring CO2 and O2 in Incubators Video

    This animation shows you how fast, efficient and accurate their portable G100 gas analyser is to use within an incubator environment. It compares and contrasts against traditional chemical based gas analysis, which can be time consuming, hazardous and ...

    By Geotech

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    Robotic Filter Weighing-Video

    The robotic filter weighing solution and the Excellence Balances equipped with a Filter Weighing Kit provide a state-of-the-art solution for emissions determination. The METTLER TOLEDO measurement system enables fast and accurate weight determination down to 0.1 μg, meeting strict automotive and environmental requirements. ...

    By Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc

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    Nor848A Acoustic Camera chain saw

    This video demonstrates the use of Norsonic Nor848A acoustic camera on chain saw at close ...

    By Norsonic AS

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    Harsco and Tetronics Plasma Partnership for Hazardous Waste Recycling Video

    This video provides an overview of the Harsco and Tetronics Plasma partnership for hazardous waste recycling. Harsco is the service operator, Tetronics is the technology ...

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    Dissolved Air Flotators Anaconda FRC30 + FLH - Video

    The Rectangular Coalescent Flotation Units (FRC) developed by TORO EQUIPMENT SL are designed for the optimum treatment and reduction of the concentration of solids in wastewater. The equipment is manufactured in PRFV, AISI316 Steel and PP. The wide variety of FRC products enables the user to treat different ranges of water discharges. ...

    By Toro Equipment S.L.

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    EOS BAC 9 How to - Video

    Bioremediation cultures are a low-cost way to optimize and increase microbial activity. For treatment of chlorinated solvents, cultures can be injected directly into the aquifer or applied to onsite bioreactors. BAC-9 is a microbial consortium of Dehalococcoides sp. enriched to degrade PCE and TCE completely to ...

    By EOS Remediation, LLC

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    Embracing a Green Future: 10th Eco Expo Asia Video

    What is Windarc? Ever heard of paper made of stone? Just a sample of the amazing green technologies and products offered by some 310 exhibitors from 18 countries and regions at the 10th Eco Expo Asia held 28-31 October 2015. Exhibitors on hand for the Hong Kong event are also keeping their eyes fixed on how mainland China’s new Belt and Road initiative can open doors for green tech across ...

    By Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd

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    MiniLab 53 Overview Video

    Overview of the MiniLab 53 oil analyzer for industrial machinery. Do it yourself oil analysis with alarm limits enables condition based monitoring of your valuable assets, minimizing equipment downtime. Combines with the Machinery Health Manager Oilview software module for route-based ...

    By Spectro Scientific

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    9630 Portable Power Probe Video

    A portable push machine designed for use in tight and confined ...

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    PEWE TM-1 Pilot Pilot Test DAF Aeration Video

    PEWE demonstrates the T-MAX TM-1 pilot test DAF. The video features close-up views of the MAX RGT regenerative turbine aeration 20-30 micron micro-bubbles, operating pressures and solids skimmer system in ...

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    Implico group company profile oil & gas 2016 - Video

    As an international consulting and software company we support our customers in the optimization of their business processes. Based on sophisticated industry know how the projects are realized in budget and in time. We offer competent and integrated consulting and implementation services from one ...

    By Implico Group

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    Gasmet DX4030 Demonstration Video

    The Gasmet DX4030 is a lightweight FTIR gas analyzer for ambient air analysis. It's designed for applications where a number of compounds need to be accurately monitored in ambient air. Examples include leakage detection and various industrial hygiene applications. It's also well suited for first response / HAZMAT type applications, thanks to its lightweight construction and fast response time. ...

    By Gasmet Technologies Oy

  • EcoNova `From Waste to Water in Minute Video

    No paper filters, or cartridges. A proprietary device cleans waste water containing multiple forms of contaminates in minutes. The device separates the particles leaving drinkable water, and reusable ...

    By EcoNova, Inc.

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