Water Radiation Safety

Equipment & Solutions

  • Basalt Cloth
    Showcase Product

    Basalt Cloth

    By Zhejiang Heading Filter Material Co.,Ltd

    Basalt cloth are woven from continuous basalt yarn (diameter under 9um) which can be custom-made to your needs. Basalt fiber fabrics are woven from continuous basalt yarn (diameter under 9µ) which can be ...

  • Glassfiber Reinforced Pipe
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    Glassfiber Reinforced Pipe

    By Greenfit

    Greenfit PP-R Glassfiber Reinforced Pipe PP-R/GF/PP-R consist of three layers where the inner and outher layers are produced of PP-R and the middle layer is produced of the special mixture of PP-R and Glassfiber raw ...

  • Safety Water Radiation Detector
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    Safety Water Radiation Detector

    By Continental Hydrodyne Systems, Inc.

    The MEDA-SP RATEMETER features an internally mounted 2 inch pancake GM detector with window looking downward from bottom of case and an external crystal scintillation probe for detection of low energy gammas. A sliding ...